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Rebranding Strategies For Your Communication Business Domain

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Small Business

Communication Business Domain

Last updated on August 21st, 2023

As businesses grow, many of them change their domain names to give their brands a new identity. Communication businesses are no exception to this trend. Sometimes rebranding your communication business domain name becomes essential when you need a more straightforward name to drive traffic.

There is no doubt that your domain name contributes to the growth of your business in many ways. If your communication business domain is a simple name and spells out your business cleanly, it has immense potential to drive customers to your website and business.

An essential thing to keep in mind is that a simple, unique and memorable domain name sounds like a brand.

But if you complicate it by inserting numbers, hyphens, or any other element, your potential customers may find it unnatural, which becomes a hurdle in turning your business into a brand.

Growing number of businesses are seeking domain names to put their new brands online. In fact, massive amounts of domain names are generated across the world annually.

There were 330.6 million domain names across the globe by the end of the first quarter of 2017. This shows that the Internet is growing by adding a massive number of domains each year.

But businesses are no longer buying domains just to put a website on the Internet. A domain also has become a part of branding and rebranding plans.

As the business grows, it revisits its old branding strategies and renews them wherever necessary.

But most businesses, including a communication business, face problems when rebranding of their existing domain names or multiple domain names. One of the issues here is that people have been using the old URL and, therefore, trust it.

So, when businesses rebrand their domain names, some changes have to be made in it. It might lead to some confusion for the customers. The challenge here is to maintain the trust level of your customers’ trust when rebranding your domain.

What Is Branding?

Branding is not something which you should strictly associate only with your company logo or colors or slogans. Branding is all about how people experience your products or services. It is about their perception regarding your company.


So, to create a brand, you need to build relationships, trust, and expectations. While marketers use many tactics to build a brand, your domain is an effective way to accomplish it in an online environment.

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What Is Rebranding?

When it comes to the rebranding of your products or services, it simply means that you want to create a different perception of your business amid your customers.

Most companies feel that the existing branding tactics are not sufficient to make products palatable to the new generation of customers.

If a business has grown over the years and new developments have taken place, there is a need to change the identity of the company. This is where the companies adopt rebranding strategies.


So, businesses not only take up a new domain name strategy for rebranding but they also redesign their visual identities.

When a new domain is acquired as part of the rebranding, the business owner mostly creates new graphic designs to build a strong identity of the domain and brand.

Domain As A Rebranding Tool

To use the domain as your tool for rebranding your business, you should choose it carefully. It should be memorable, descriptive, and concise. So, make sure a domain name relevant to your business is available to you for easy recognition.

Before starting your business, the domain name is the first thing you should get. If you are not careful and settle for any casual name, you will be reworking on it later, which will be a waste of time and money.

Rebranding is tried as a marketing tactic by businesses when their products are popular with the customers.

In that case, they can give a different identity to those products with a rebranding plan which includes creating a new business logo design.

They will secure a new domain name for each such product so that it stands out and has an identity of its own.

Rebranding Tool

Once a domain name has been acquired for products, the company then creates a specialized landing page for such products. Then, advertisements and other marketing tactics direct the customers to those landing pages.

The domains can also be directed to those specific pages. For example, has a subdomain which is its landing page for iPods.

So, if your communication business domain needs rebranding, you need to use your domain in such a way that it creates a new good perception for your services or products. 

Here Is How You Should Set Out For Rebranding Your Communication Business Domain

01. Be Clear About The Purpose Of Rebranding

Before setting out for rebranding your communication business, know its purpose. After all, rebranding is a significant exercise, which will determine the future direction and growth of your business.

So, know why precisely you want to rebrand your domain name, which is a kind of identity of your business. Once you clearly know your reasons for rebranding, you must also let your customers realize those factors. This is important to win the trust and loyalty of the customers.

Purpose Of Rebranding

Most businesses have multiple domain names, and they create a logo separately for a new product. They want to grab customers from different regions of a market.

So, businesses want to have different domain names to capture several niches of a market and to target customers as per their needs from a product. It seems that having one domain name is not enough for businesses in the competitive modern world.

Your communication business has one or multiple domain names but, at some point, when the company grows, you would like to rebrand the name. So, a rebranding strategy plays a crucial role in driving the customers.

Also, if you’re looking for a guide on setting up a domain and doing SEO, then you can look forward to reading extensive guides on Cloudspotting.

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02. Rebranding Strategy For Single Domain Names

Most brands have a unique domain name and want to rebrand it as their business has been growing over the years. They now want the customers to view their company, its products or services, from a new angle.

They want to build a new brand identity. So, naturally, they want to change their brand name to convey a new message and build trust in the changes introduced in products by the company.

If you have a single communication business domain and thinking of having a different unique domain name, find out a name that exactly matches it. So, first, you need to see if the exact offshoot of the older domain name is available or not.

You would like to acquire the best domain name. A problem here is that the keyword you are looking for in a new domain name may not be available as many other businesses are fighting out for it.

Find out a name that is closure to your brand and make a logo from graphic design services for that.

Domain Names

Here are some examples of how businesses with single domain names rebranded their new name. When wanted to rebrand its company, it opted for a more natural new brand name.

So, it shortened its domain name and made it simple. Its new domain name is now a simple

Similarly, rebranded its domain name to also is now known by its simple domain of

Your communication business domain also should be rebranded into a simple and easy to remember the name. Your customers can remember such short names to interact with your business.


03. Rebranding Your Multiple Domain Names

Some brand adopts a different marketing strategy. They have multiple domain names for their various products. So, there is one primary domain, but different products have separate subdomains.

If your communication business offers multiple services and you want different web identities for each of them, you should think of acquiring separate domains. Another advantage of multiple domain names is that you can convey a unique marketing message for each product.

This way, the new message can be identified quickly by the users, and they do not confuse it with your primary company message.

Mostly, marketers use multiple domains and other tactics such as a new logo design to ensure customer focus and a better product selection.

Many companies choose the route of acquisitions to have multiple brands and domains. For example, Walmart acquired,, and but these brands will have a separate identity from the main Walmart brand.

Multiple Domain Names

Take another example of, which has multiple domain names like,,,

Sometimes, a company chooses a domain name just because it sounds good and it is simple. For example, is the main site, but the company acquired the domain name just because it is an attractive and user-friendly name.

Now, this new domain is used by the company for advertising purpose and also to forward traffic to the original Bedroom

04. Microsites As A Domain Name Rebranding Strategy

Microsites are smaller websites that are built specifically to bring focus to a product, campaign or subject. For example, we can see that most construction companies build a microsite for its new project.

Your communication business can also have a website for any new service or product it launches.

Microsites are built for increasing awareness about a product and delivers more focused content. People can easily search for such products on the web due to a specially build a website or even a social media page for them. 

You can highlight a particular campaign related to your communication business. Your company can show its leadership for a particular product or service.

Rebranding Strategy

Most of the microsites are built with the purpose of information and also to engage the potential customers. Global company General Mills has microsite, and IBM has its microsite Resilient to focus on its specific products.

Similarly, Procter & Gamble has its microsite, which is built solely for the purpose of interacting with the customers. At this site, the customers can get coupons for a wide range of P&G brands.

So, microsites are an effective domain name strategy for your communication business. You can easily showcase that you are the leader in your niche market by providing relevant information about a specific product.

When rebranding your communication business, get a new microsite and its domain name.

05. 301 Redirect

301 Redirect tells that a page has been permanently moved. These pages are created to tell the search engines that they should index only the new page and not the old one anymore.

By creating 301 Redirects, you can tell search engines and your users to go to a new domain name, and they will find the information there.

But 301 Redirect can also be used as a domain name strategy. When you are rebranding your communication business, you can create the redirect to pass your link rankings to the new redirected page.

This also means that when buying a domain that is ranking for a keyword, you can redirect that site to your main site. In this way, you will get the traffic from the old site.


One more thing to remember here is that you should never take your 301 Redirect page lightly concerning its design. After all, people first come to this page and then redirected to your main site.

But you can convey some brand message through the design of this page.Many such pages are professionally designed to make some impact on the viewers. So, ask professional graphic designers to make this page for giving a good impression of your brand in quick time.

06. Get Your Domain Name Early

Once you have decided on your domain name strategy, you should get the name first. Good domain names are always in demand and are lapped up quickly whenever they appear for sale.

If you find one such name for your communication business, acquire it as soon as you can before it goes to someone else.

Domain Name Early

07. What If A Domain Is Not Available?

Sometimes a domain name you are seeking is already registered. In fact, most quality domain names are not readily available as they are assigned to some owner. But that does not mean that you should lose heart.

There is still a possibility that you get the name you desire for your communication business. The chances are that the owner of the domain name you are looking for is willing to sell.

All you need to do is to visit a domain auction platform like to find out if your preferred domain is available for sale. Your domain broker can also identify the domain owner.

The broker can even negotiate the domain price on your behalf. You should also assess domain traffic to see if it is worth buying.


So, these are some of the critical points to consider when rebranding your strategies for your communication business domain. Do not forget to get a domain that matches your business.

It should be a killer domain name that is at the same time simple and memorable. The domain name you select should be synonymous with your brand. Keep the domain simple and make sure that it helps in your SEO strategies as well.

Along with domain name, if your communication business will need unique design products such as logos and business cards to build your identity of the company.

You can crowdsource the design work to Designhill, which is a prominent platform to access affordable design solutions.

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As your communication business grows and adds new products or services, it needs a new branding strategy. Your communication business domain also should be rebranded so that it reaches to more potential customers. But you should adopt rebranding strategies differently for multiple domain names and single domain names.

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