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Rebranding Strategies for Your Communication Business Domain

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Small Business - 2 min read


Last updated on March 7th, 2016

Many communication businesses from around the globe go for a domain name change to rebrand their business and lease a new life to their brand. Changing domain adds a dash of freshness to your otherwise overused communications brand. But the change of domain name may also adversely impact your SEO campaigns. Plus, it may also dramatically affect your site ranking on the search engine result pages, no matter how much you invest in a professional website design and SEO campaigns for your communication business.

This article discusses some secret tips to ensure that your website’s visibility remains the same on search result pages when you’re changing your communication business’ domain name.

Get 301 Redirect

Make sure that your each page of your website gets a 301 redirect to tell the search engines that your old domain has permanently moved to the new one. Hobo-web.co.uk says that 301 redirect allows you to keep the high visibility of the site intact despite domain name change.

Report New Domain Name

It is vital to let Google know when you change your domain name. This helps Google index your updated domain name quickly and efficiently.

Alert All Concerned About the Change

Since your old domain name was with your customers for a long time, they may be baffled to see the change. So, let them know about your new domain via social media channels and emails much in advance. Ensure that you contact all the websites that have links to your site. Request them to update links with your new domain name.

Revive Ranking

Change of domain name also may lower your website page ranking. A useful tip from Savypanda.com to improve rankings is to keep URL structure same when switching domain name.

In addition, to restore your site’s previous rankings, set up a PPC campaign. Targeting the most popular keywords relevant to your communication business will help in revitalizing the rankings. Also, do well to take advantage of Display Select Keywords tool to display your ads inside websites that have content relevant to your communication business.

Do well to ensure these vital aspects of domain name change so that your rebranding strategies bear fruitful results for your communication  business. If you’ve got some other ways to ensure a smooth transition when rebranding your business domain, please share it with us in the comments box below.

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