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How To Redesign Your Product Packaging Design Effectively

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Packaging

Product Packaging Design

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Is your sale volume not going up to your expectation mark despite having a fantastic product?

In this scenario, you may want to reconsider your product packaging design. More than often, it has been observed, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product is absence of an effective packaging design which is often overlooked.

Even if your product has a good packaging design, you need to redesign it after a time to attract more customers and show your old customers that you are actively involved in making things better for them.

Redesigning keeps your product updated and winning customers’ confidence that help establishing your brand identity.

You already know packaging plays a very important role in creating the sales volume of a product as it is the first impression of your product to the consumer.

In the present era, there are so many brands and products in the market that you need to put extra efforts in various ways to attract customers and keep them loyal for your brand; product packaging is one of them.

That’s why product packaging has become an ever-growing graphic designing discipline in itself.

There are companies like Designhill that provides you with amazing product packaging designs for your company. Here you can get your package designed by launching a design contest for the designers all over the world.

But for selecting the best design for yourself, you too need to know what type of packaging design would be effective for your product.

Because design is not only about catchy graphics rather it is about protecting the product from any kind of damage and presenting it in the best possible way.

Here Is A List Of Things That You Need To Have In Your Product Packaging Design

01. Clarity About The Product

The best product packages are those that don’t play ‘tell-me-who’ game with the customers.

Your package should give the required information to the customers at the very first glance. Don’t expect customers to apply their intelligence in finding clues about the content of the package or even your brand identity.

Even if your product packaging is the most beautiful design on earth, customers are more likely to keep it back on the store-shelf if it is not providing the required information at the first sight.

Product Packaging

Your product package should announce loudly what is its content and who is the maker of the product. Customers are always interested in knowing the brand name for judging the product quality beforehand.

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02. Creative Design That Can Make It Stand Out Of The Crowd

Many studies have proved that customers are more visual than logical while shopping.

If your product package is such that it can catch the customer’s eye and give them the basic information (what is inside the package?) about the product then be sure it is going to increase the load of your customer’s shopping bag.

Isn’t it exactly the same what you want. Loading a customer’s shopping bag and taking the load off their pocket?

Your Product package should be unique enough to catch people’s attention in a good sense. Unique and creative package designs work as a magnet that attracts customers.

Packaging Design

03. Practical Design For Safety And Usability Of The Product

Safety of the product is the foremost purpose of any packaging. The package should be such that it keeps the product safe and usable throughout its life.

A blend of practicality here can do magic. The best example of a practical design can be taken from the Heinz tomato ketchup. Its innovative upside-down package witnessed a skyrocketing increase in the sales.

Product packaging

A product package should be self-sufficient in holding and keeping the product safe. An innovative design that makes handling the product easier can prove to be the cherry on the cake.

No one would like to buy hand-wash packed in a can with a big lid or in a paper bag. Similarly, it is really a bad idea to sell cold-drinks in a tube similar to toothpaste.


04. Keep It Clean And Simple

With so many brands and so many products being bombarded, customers are always dealing with a lot of visual noise. A simple and clean design can give the customers their much-needed calmness.

A clumsy packaging with lots of graphics and designs creates a distraction. Too many colors or excessively artistic typography also puts a negative impact on the customers.

Clean And Simple

‘Less is more’ is the perfect slogan when it comes to package designing. Simple graphic designs with sober typography and not-so-loud color palette are the best choices a package designer can make.

05. Be Honest While Telling About The Product On Package

It is quite tempting to present the ideal picture of your product to the customer but keep yourself away from this trap. Be honest with your customers and tell only that you are actually serving.

The package is obviously the first impression, but the last impression would only be made by your product. You can lure customers into buying your product once by presenting an ideal image or description of your product.

product label design

But you won’t be able to create a loyal customer base. Presenting ideal picture may even backfire.

By presenting an exaggerated picture, you are increasing customer’s expectation, and if your product is not at par with the expectation, you’ll not be able to build a loyal consumer base for your brand.

06. Don’t Forget The Informative Label

The label that gives a proper description about the product is an integral part of the packaging design and cannot be ignored. It provides the end user with all information that they may seek.

Using instruction of the product (if required), price, manufacturing date, and expiry date are some of the necessary components of a label design.

But, it is recommended to go further and provide much more information like ingredients or components. This gives the customer a feeling of transparency which is must for building trust.

Obviously, the customer is not going to scrutinize your label while shopping, but they will surely do it afterwards. Labelling of a product is not only for customers, but it is also mandated by certain laws which are different for different state/country.

Informative Label

As per law, it is the right of every consumer to know the details of products they are using or wish to use.

And, yes don’t forget to give information about your company’s website and its presence on social media. Besides, having an innovative label design can surely make your product stand out in the pool of other similar products.

07. Scope Of Extensibility

Don’t be over-specific about your product while designing package. Even if you have only one product, your package should be designed in such a way that it allows extensibility.

Scope Of Extensibility

Suppose you have candy or juice to sell that is of orange flavor and your package of the product is exactly in the shape of an orange. Now if you want to launch some more flavors. Would it be a good idea to sell mango juice in an orange shaped package?

A good package always allows an easy extensibility of the product line. A new product in the similar package is easy to market as there is a ready-made base of customers who trust you.

Similar packaging for a range of products helps build your brand name. Different packaging for different products in the same line cannot build a brand image.

08. Be Environment-Friendly

Creating an eco-friendly package is not only your duty towards the environment but is also a strong tool for marketing your product.

Environment-Friendly packaging

Customers today are more educated and conscious about their duty towards society and environment as compared to their ten years’ back counterparts.

If your packaging shows your concern towards environment customers can connect to you on an emotional basis. Once they feel connected, they are sure to buy your product and be loyal to your brand.

There are all options available for eco-friendly packaging. Choose the one appropriate for your product and go green! You are sure to increase your sales volume and creating a positive brand image for your future products too.

Environmentally conscious customers do not only buy eco-friendly products, but they even persuade others to do so.

09. Keep On Designing And Redesigning

Last but not the least your product needs to be redesigned over and over again. Even if your old packaging is doing well in the market, you need to redesign to keep up with the growing and changing market.

Obviously changing your package too frequently is not a good idea but neither is relying on the same packaging for ages.

Redesign Product Packaging

With changing time customers taste and preferences change. Moreover, it is human nature to get bored and seek for some change. If you don’t provide the change yourself, the customers are likely to migrate to other brands for having the cool breeze of change.

This is the reason big brands too keep on redesigning, modifying and altering their product packaging and the style of presenting their brands.

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Now that you know why redesigning of product packaging is important and you also know the best practices for an effective product packaging. Get in contact with a creative package designer who knows the nitty-gritty of package designing and the changing market demands. Or better get designers all over the world to design product packaging for you in a competitive manner. This would give you a big bunch of designs to choose from.Redesign your product packaging to redefine your product and brand!

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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