Is Redesigning Of Famous Logos Right?

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Many famous logos have gone through phases of redesigning. Most of such famous logos are of global companies. So, why they opt for creating a new look of logo which represented the business and the company for decades? Burger King, Firefox, Pizza Hut, Discovery, The Science Channel, Fanta, KFC, MSNBC, BBC and many more – all have redesigned their logos to represent business in the changed circumstances.

In fact, there is a huge risk in redesigning a successful logo that people already recognize very well. Still if global brands make regular changes in their logo design, there must be some genuine reasons behind this. Any unpleasant redesign can ruin a business as the targeted customers will not like it and it will harm the business also.

Still, famous logo designs have undergone changes mainly due to many changes happening in society and fashion has changed a lot. Mindset of people also does not remain the same after few years. With changed mind set and fashion, the design elements of colors, lines, fonts, space etc. too changes and it should reflect in a logo design as well.

We think the redesigning of famous logos is right especially when a new generation has emerged in the market as your targeted audience. New generation comes with different values, trends, fashion that is usually different from previous generation. Therefore, new design of a logo must keep pace with new design trends that represent the changed world.

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By Henna Ray

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