Reproducibility – A Key Issue In Logo Design

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The designers should keep versatility in mind while creating a logo. Since a logo is a corporate identity of a company, it also becomes a visual brand, which means that a logo must have the property of  reproducibility  in variety of formats and processes. Logos are printed on varied surfaces and in different sizes such as small business cards, pens and larger sizes of billboards and signage design . They must look great an equally impressive in all sizes.

Now Have a Look At Reproducibility – A Key Issue In Logo Design.

The importance of versatility of a logo can also be gauged by the fact that a logo is printed with the help of traditional print methods like screen printing and offset lithography for T-shirt, stickers, rubber stamps and embroidered golf shirts. A logo must also look impressive on websites and other media that is based on pixel. So, a designer must test a logo file at different resolutions ranging from the smallest to the largest one.

To make your logo design versatile and easy to reproduce, make sure that you incorporate fewer details. Avoid creating lots of skinny lines and small shapes as they will disappear on print or will be broken badly when reproduced to small sizes.

You should ensure that your logo has consistent white spaces or negative spaces between shapes. Avoid creating white spaces too close together as doing so can make the objects unrecognizable.

Ensure that your selection of gradient is careful and enhances the design. Too light tints can disappear when printed and show up only as white. Similarly, dark tints may appear as muddy when printed and make the logo look unclear, especially when printed on newspaper. Note also that gradients do not work with some reproduction process.

To conclude, you should remove all the clutter that is a hindrance in reproduction of your logo. Keep the elements only to the extent up to which they are necessary to convey your client’s business message.

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