Reversal Logo – A Versatility Test Of Your Logo Design

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Last updated on June 20th, 2018

A client would like to use a logo on different media and surfaces in order to ensure that marketing strategies work well for the company. When designing a logo, one of the considerations that professional designers will pay attention to is that the logo looks great on black or dark colored backgrounds. The designers put a logo on this test by creating a reversal logo, which is simply a version of a logo file.

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The need for reversal logo arises since mid-tone level colors or dark colors of some logos are not visible when they are printed. So, the designers create an another version of the logo. Reversal logo is thus for the sake of versatility so that the client can use a logo design anywhere.

The designers create reversal logo design usually by changing all the logo colors to white. By making the colors white, it is easier to keep them neutral so that they can be used across a large spectrum of dark colors.

Reversal logos are also an option for the clients when they wish to have a 1 color version of the logo. Therefore, if the clients do not wish to use a solid black version, then they can opt for the reversal logo design. Some clients prefer reversal logo due to their one solid color which makes these logos useful as watermarks. The logo is also a reference for a foil stamp or die-cut.

One of the mistakes many designers make is to create a colored box which is set behind a design. Their apprehension is that no one will see the design when it is printed since the logo is all white and the document is also in white. But remember that at the time of uploading your white PNG file, it will be printed on a black background supplied by iStock and your reversal logo design will be easily seen by all. Reversal logo design can be placed onto any color of the document.

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