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Bakery Logo Design

Last updated on July 11th, 2018

Running a bakery business is usually profitable as the demand from people is rising by each day. This is because bakery products are favorites of people of all ages and every home has a place for them. However, the business still has to deal with the tough competition.

There are thousands of small to medium and well-established bakery companies fighting to grab a market share. But the companies who promote their business aggressively are the ones who survive. For them, logo is one of the most effective means of taking their bakery business to the masses as the logo is printed and displayed everywhere from bakery shop to the advertisements.

However, success of bakery logo design largely depends on its ability to connect with targeted audience. The design must be simple, elegant and should have a purpose. The logo must convey the intended message to the targeted market in quick time and must leave an impression that lasts many a lifetime. But it is the use of colors in a bakery logo that makes it stands out from the crowd.

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Use Only Few Colors
The first and foremost consideration to make while designing bakery logos is the use of only a few colors. Do not try to insert rainbow colors in such logos. Some graphic designers give excuse for using many colors that the bakery products are for some happy occasion. But do not forget that you are confusing the viewers with use of all those different colors.

A negative impact of using many colors is that the viewers are usually overwhelmed by the prolific use of many colors and may lose sight of your logo easily. You should focus on bringing their attention to the design of your logo. It has been noticed that people at large lose interest and fail to focus on designs that have many colors. Therefore, it makes sense to create a logo only by using just 2 or 3 colors.

The following bakery logo gives a festive look. But it uses only two colors – pink and chocolaty with hints of red in the dots.

Bakery Logo

[Source: blog.logodesignguru.com]

Use of just a few colors is also less expensive. Most often than not, you will be required to print out your logo regularly for advertisement purpose and many colors in a logo will increase your printing cost manifold. Even two colors in a logo prove to be expensive for small businesses. It is smart to opt for a logo with one color to minimize the advertising and printing costs.

Bakery logo

So, Which Are The Perfect Colors For Bakery Logos?
Logos in bakery industries come in varied colors. A majority of bakery logos have pastel or natural colors. These are the logos that wish to convey a message of traditions associated with making and enjoying of bakery products. However, modern bakery companies are experimenting with non-traditional colors in their logos. The emphasis today is to create a logo that stands out amid the crowd of the logos. So, many such logos incorporate unconventional colors too.

Still, you should avoid some colors. It would be a good advice to avoid use of dark colors. They usually do not suit the mood of enjoyment that we link with consuming bakery products. Dark colors are known to represent some serious emotions. To help your logo stand out, it will be good to use brighter colors so that you can enliven the spirit of onlookers. Many candy and cake shops use lighter and brighter colors in their logos. So, prefer the colors that are associated with gaiety and enjoyment.

Popular Colors Use in Bakery Logo Design
Some colors are given preference over others to design bakery logos. For example, green is a frequently used color. This is because the color represents nature, good health and freshness, which is the way the consumers of today want to look at the bakery products. If you choose green, then pastel green is an appropriate choice for the logos.

However, green should not be forced on your custom logo if the color does not stand for your bakery theme. For example, if your bakery business’ goal is to make the best baked goods despite greater fat content and calories, then green should be avoided as it will give a false impression that your products are relatively healthy and are devoid of fat contents and calories. So, base your preference for the logo colors on the type of bakery products you sell or are planning to sell in the market.

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The logo below uses green, but it is only in the background. The designer created the logo with colors red, pink and chocolaty color.
Bakery Logo

[Source: blog.logodesignguru.com]

It makes sense to compare online bakery logo design to know about their color choices. The comparison will surely help you arrive at the right color preferences.

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