Rocky’s Recherché T-shirt Design Wins $159 in Design Contest

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Last updated on November 15th, 2018

A leading apparel brand wanted to tap the ever-increasing numbers of young fashionistas and tempt them into buying their ultra-chic T-shirts with catchy slogans. In their endeavour to get some of the most stylish T-shirt designs within a short span of time, they launched a guaranteed T-shirt design contest on Designhill’s crowdsourcing platform.

The apparel brand submitted its design requirements and also closely supervised the entire contest. They offered timely feedbacks and reviews and answered questions put up by designers in a timely fashion.

Around nine expert designers participated in this design contest and submitted their creatively inspiring T-shirt Print designs. And the one who proved to be crème de la crème was Rocky from Burgenland in Austria. He was crowned the winner of the contest and was awarded with a whooping cash prize of $159. In addition, he was also accredited with a five-star rating for his fabulous T-shirt design.

The contest poster, Smara Linco, was rather delighted to have received a contemporary and fun T-shirt design with the intended slogan “Once a Wild Cat Always a Wild Cat“. According to the contest poster, Rocky’s recherché T-shirt design submitted for the contest had all elements that would make a design catchy, fun, contemporary, yet professional. The winning design will now appear on the T-shirts manufactured by the contest poster that they are specifically tailoring for the youth.


The contest poster was clear of what they wanted as they had specially provided standing instructions and requirements for the intended design in their rather elaborate design brief. Red, Black, Grey, Blue and Purple were the choice of colors that they wanted for the t-shirt design. They had specifically mentioned that they wanted the design embossed in the front side of the T-shirt with a circle featuring the slogan “Once a Wild Cat Always a Wild Cat“. However, making it a little easy for the participating designers, they had mentioned that they would accept both, type with a graphics and type only designs. Making it clear that they wanted to catch the fancy of men, women, boys and girls through their Custom T Shirts, the contest poster ensured that designers were able to move from the stereotypical and think out-of-the-box.

The contest was well received by the designer community on Designhill and around 9 erudite designers submitted as many as 46 design entries to prove their mettle in the contest. Some of these expert designers submitted more than 10 entries. However, Rocky from Burgenland in Austria was awarded the first position as his design proved to be the one that matched best with the requisites and specifications posted by the client.

Rocky’s chichi and young, white colored circular T-shirt design with fiery claws and the slogan “Once a Wild Cat Always a Wild Cat” in fancy fonts was indeed bewitching and enough to inspire awe. This T-shirt design is sure to strike a chord with young men and women. Subtle color combination makes the design even more eye-catching and attention-grabber. Overall, the design is striking and modish, in equal measures.

This contest organized on Designhill, one of the largest crowdsourcing platforms that bring together design-seekers and designers under one roof, helped the contest poster get fun, catchy and contemporary T-shirt design, without much hassle and at an utterly affordable price. The participating designers got an opportunity to showcase their talent and ensure their chances to pocket in some serious cash.

Indeed, this amazing tshirt designs competition was one of the most memorable experiences for both the designers and the design-seekers.

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