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Role Of Brochure Design In A Startup’s Success

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Brochure Design


Last updated on January 30th, 2023

As the business world has evolved, new and innovative marketing mediums have gained popularity. One traditional medium of marketing that has not lost its charm is a ‘brochure.’ An effective brochure design can be the key to a successful marketing strategy for a business. In the case of a startup, the role of brochure design is even more significant in creating a brand and building an image in the minds of customers. Just as logo design is the first aspect a customer notices, a brochure design reinforces the identity of the brand.

Here Are The Key Roles Of A Brochure Design In Success Of Startups

Why Is Brochure Design Crucial?

Even with the prolific spread of digital marketing mediums and tools, marketers consider brochure as a golden tool. Brochure marketing is one of the well-proven types of below-the-line marketing.

Here Are Some Of The Compelling Reasons Why A Startup Should Opt For Brochure Advertising

01. Affordability

As prime space media is expensive, brochures offer an affordable printed marketing medium. These can be included in magazines and newspapers for distribution while targeting their audience. This helps cater to a broader customer base without incurring the exorbitant costs.


02. Visibility

The ability to reach a vast audience makes brochure a favorite amongst marketers. As a large set of customers can read and view your brochures easily, it gives the business unmatched visibility. The intensified visibility results in a powerful boost to a startup.

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03. Informative

A brochure or promotional booklet has the capability of delivering detailed information to the potential customers. Including the business plan and core values, its offerings can influence prospective and existing customers.


The key is to add relevant and crisp information in the form of interesting content and eye-catching graphics. A well-designed brochure using a brochure maker can act as your business pitch even in your absence and also help the branding strategy of your startup.

04. Versatile

One of the reasons behind its effectiveness is that the brochure design is adaptable. Printed marketing material such as flyers, product guides, and newsletters and menus, all are kinds of brochure designs.

Brochure design can be used for promotion of any product or service to be handed out at different venues such as reception desks, exhibitions, meetings and other promotional events.

A brochure can be designed for a specific set of target audiences such as dealer distributors or a large customer base residing in a particular area. The versatility of a brochure helps small businesses and startups through the various stages of their marketing strategy.

05. Cost-Effective Marketing

Earlier brochure design used to be an expensive quest considering the costs to hire a professional graphic designer. With artificial intelligence based online graphic design services and tools, the costs have reduced considerably. As the printing of brochures is done in bulk, it becomes a budget-friendly marketing medium for a startup.

Cost Effective

06. Easy To Access

A printed brochure is easy to access and read as compared to the digital mediums such as website or email. This helps customers spend more time and undivided attention to the information provided in a brochure.

In a small space, a brochure can pack a lot of information for the customer. In this day and age, the capability of a brochure to emerge to light and relay a message while at the same time making an impression in the customer’s mind makes it invaluable.

07. Customer Interaction

When it comes to marketing, it is all about customer interaction. Brochures offer a great way of interacting and following up with the customers while informing them about the business, its functionality, and offerings.

Customer Interaction

When customers can hold and feel the material in their hands, it imparts a sense of something tangible. This conveys a sense of professionalism in your interactions and goes a long way for any startup.

08. Visual Aid

Customers retain 70% more information when presented in the form of images as compared to text. Brochures provide an exceptional medium where information can be provided to the customers with the use of graphics and interesting content.

09. Consistent Branding

An effective and well-designed brochure can boost a startup’s branding strategy. If the brochure design is in harmony with the brand message to be conveyed and the logo design adopted by the startup, it reinforces the identity of a business. This helps customers recall and recognize the business easily.

Consistent Branding

10. Credible And Reliable Source Of Information

A lot of thought and effort is put into creating a powerful brochure design. This conveys an air of authenticity and believability, unlike many new online endeavors that are launched each day. The tangible nature of a printed material imparts additional credibility to the information included in the brochure design.

11. Engagement And Feedback

In the nascent stages of a business, engagement, and feedback play a crucial role. Brochures are a great way of engaging new and potential customers. As a customer handles your brochure and even gives it a cursory look, they can still be involved.

Often when the information is readily available to the customer, you can receive instant feedback and make modifications accordingly.


How To Make A Brochure Design That Works?

In today’s fast-paced world, the audience has a fleeting attention span, and as a startup, it is essential to grab the potential customer’s attention to build a brand or conclude a sale.

As a reader judges a book by the book cover design, your customer can make a perception about the brand based on your brochure design. Therefore it is pivotal to include the critical information in a brochure to leave a lasting impact.

Here Are A Few Compelling Elements That Contribute To The Effectiveness Of Brochure Design

01. Stick To The Basics

In all the hype and trends of brochure design, the basics often get neglected. Keep in mind to stick to the marketing goal and branding message when creating a brochure.


Another critical component that should not be missed is the company information, right from the logo and tagline to contact details. Create a strong “about the company” so that the users unaware of your brand can also be familiarized and converted to customers down the line.

02. Use A Powerful Headline

A compelling and attractive headline is what will result in the customer opening your brochure and spending time on it.


The headline must generate curiosity in the minds of the customers so that they move beyond the front page of the brochure. Your brochure headline could be a promotion, new launch product or even a call to action.

03. Keep It Short And Simple

When you are designing your brochure using a brochure template, you may be tempted to add as much information as possible. This is not only confusing the reader but also results in them losing interest in the brochure too soon.


Therefore, it is considered to be a good practice to keep the content short and use bullet points to present the information.

04. Avoid Using Technical Jargons

Unless the brochure has been specially designed for a particular set of people, the use of idioms should be minimal. Easy and straightforward language can be understood by an extensive collection of audience helping you get the desired message across.


05. Present A Confident Design

The brochure design should be minimalist with the clever use of white space. This helps to bring to focus certain critical elements of the brochure design for the customer while presenting an elegant and confident image for the business.

Confident Design

06. Add Engaging Graphics

Graphics are essential to add a visual element in a brochure as they add an aesthetic appeal to the overall design. These graphics could be lines, designs, and backgrounds. It helps break the monotony of text in design and also keeps the user engaged.


07. Incorporate A Call To Action

A brochure can be your startup’s sales pitch in your absence and just like any good sales pitch it requires a strong and impactful call to action. Often coupons or promotional offers are used as a call to action to result in immediate business.

Call To Action

What Should Be Included In A Brochure Design?

As the business world grows more complex and dynamic, the competition is increasing by manifolds each day. When designing a brochure especially for a startup, certain components play an instrumental role which makes the brochure effective.

Although the goals and purposes of a brochure may differ for different businesses at different stages, certain elements are requisite in making the brochure more powerful.

Here Are 5 Such Vital Elements Which Should Be Included In A Startup’s Brochure Design

01. Core Ideas

In the case of a startup, the business is still in an introductory phase. Therefore, it is pertinent to share the business’s core ideas and concept to a user. Consider this as your startup’s handshake and making a lasting impression with your introduction can help beneficial in the long run.

Core Ideas

02. Services And Products

Make sure that you include the services, products, and offerings such as after sale service, etc. in your brochure. This can help generate leads and even convert users to potential customers as well as potential customers to new customers.

Services And Products

03. Offer And Promotions

Offers, discounts, coupons and other forms of promotional gratification are great in generating prompt action from the user. The key is to place the promotional information prominently in the brochure design.

Talking about the promotion, do not forget to put your brochure on your website for your potential customers. Your website will promote your brochure everytime a user comes to your site. When you get a free website, make it more useful to the audience by placing your brochure in it so that they can download it.

04. Call To Action

A call to action conveys the desired goal behind a brochure design, whether it is to bring awareness, generate leads, etc.

05. Contact Information

Often the contact information is left out of the brochures, but these details are essential for the customer to reach and interact with you.

Brochure And Book Cover Design Maker

Online designing tools have made the task of brochure designing simpler. There are many AI-based tools such as Designhill that offer a plethora of online graphic design services such as Book cover design, social media page design, professional website design, logo design services and much more.

Design Maker

Small business owners with little or no graphics designing expertise can use such tools and with the assistance of the artificial intelligence. This can help cut down the designing costs considerably which is essential for startups and small businesses.

AI-based tools even provide pre-made templates that make the task easier and provide a proven framework for you to design your brochure using their step by step instructions.

Choosing The Correct Design And Dimensions

Brochures can be created in a variety of designs and format. While the most popular are tri-fold designs which can hold concise information in five sections, you can create brochures with multiple pages as well.

Choosing the right paper for printing and the appropriate brochure sizes based on your target audience and the nature of your industry is equally significant.


Another aspect that can help you select the design and dimensions of the printed tool is the mode of distribution. Do you plan to mail your brochures, have them distributed by hand or included in the newspapers/magazines?

Each method requires a particular dimension of the brochure for it to be effective. Factors such as the texture and finish of paper and the quality of printing can make a difference in how well the brochure is received.

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Keep in mind that no matter how hard you try, there can only be so much you can do and so many places you can be. Brochures are a budget-friendly marketing tool that can reach the masses and pitch to a broad customer base quickly. It acts as a real marketing aid which imparts credibility regarding the business while also providing information about the various aspects of the company. A carefully constructed brochure design conveys the values and core ideas behind the conception of business and sheds light on what all it has to offer. This can help influence potential and existing users while contributing to your branding strategy.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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