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Must-Know Rules For Acquiring Effective Photography Logo Design

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

A professional and creative photography logo is essential to making your photography business successful. The logo will become a business symbol and identity of your photography startup. Hence, creating a memorable logo is necessary as it helps you build a credible brand identity and tie it together with all your branding materials.

Photography is a highly competitive business. According to a study, 60% of photographers give up their business in the first year. The rest of the photographers leave their businesses in the 2nd or 3rd year. These stats show that you must be prepared for facing tough competition. However, you can make a name for your photography business and connect with prospects with good branding.

To start with the basics, your photography business needs a professional logo design to convey your brand message effectively. Your photography logo is more than a business symbol and identity mark rather it reflects the face of your business. Your target clients will identify your expertise by looking at your photography logo.

But more than that, your logo also sends the right signals to your potential clients. As they look at your logo on your business cards, websites, other branding material, etc, they get your brand message.

You may be a freelance photographer or an owner of a crowdsourcing photography website or an ad agency, a perfect photography logo design is needed to beat with old and new photographers in your business.

Importance Of Having A Photography Logo Design

Before you create your photography logo, know why you should have it for your business.

Here Are Some Of The Key Reasons:

01. Watermark Your Photos

For a photographer, the photos are valuable properties that must be saved from any infringement. In these days of digital media, anyone can misuse photographs and you get nothing for that, neither money nor name.

But if you have your photography logo, you can use it as your watermark on the photographs you took as a professional. This is an easy way to keep your photographs from copyright infringements. No one will think of using a photo with a watermark.

02. Market Your Photography Business With Authority

You would be promoting your photography business using all the available marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, websites, blogs, trade shows, social media, promotional products, etc.

With an impressive photography logo in place, you can then print it on various marketing materials. When people see your logo, they can identify your photography business.

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03. Build Your Brand Identity

Who are you as a photographer? That is the question everyone will ask when you introduce yourself. But when you use your photography logo on your marketing materials across different online and offline platforms, people do not have to ask you the question.

They already know your business by your beautiful logo design. Gradually, over the years, the logo will be your strong identity for your photography brand.

04. Evoke Trust For Your Photography Business

One of the major reasons why global companies have great logos is that they use their unique and impressive logo designs to evoke trust for what they do. We all have this tendency to believe in something attractive.

A uniquely designed logo does that for a business. When people like a logo design and see it repeatedly on products or services everywhere, it tells them that this business seems to be trustworthy and could be tried for once. After that, your professional photography service will win them over to make them your loyal customers.

Photography Logo Design Ideas

Before you set out to create your photography logo, it would be good to first look at the different logo ideas for inspiration.

Here Are Some Of The Ideas You Can Explore For Your Logo Design

01. Handwritten Signature Logo

A handwritten signature as your photography logo will be a great idea since it will evoke trust and authenticity about your business. In fact, signatures have been used as a logo for centuries. These days, script fonts have replaced the traditional signatures but the impact is the same on the viewers.

Here Are Two Of The Photography Signature Logos For Your Inspiration.

James Hardy

Photography Signature Logo

Stacey Spencers

photography logo


02. Circular Logo

Circular photography logo is an attractive design as circles have always been used in many designs and architecture. Even social media profile pictures and logos in a circular shape.

Take A Look At These Circular Logos

Circular photography logo

Circular Logo

03. Bold Typography-based Logo

How about creating your photographic logo in bold typography? It can be short of the full name of your photography business but make it look big to drive the attention immediately. The big letters will overwhelm the entire logo space. Such logotypes are known for adding a character and personality to a brand. Take a look.

Typography logo

photography business

04. Logos with Elements From Nature

If you love to take pictures of nature, then use nature as the main element of your logo design. With nature incorporated, your photography logo will stand out. You can use branches, leaves, flowers, and other natural things to highlight your photography business.

Nature-based logo

05. Logos with Photography Equipment

Using a piece of photography equipment as the main design element is a good idea to create a photography logo, and it can still look impressive. The camera is already present in most such logos, but you can try other equipment instantly conveying your brand identity. In the logos below, you can see that the camera icon and drone camera are the pieces of equipment used.

photography equipment

Aerial Photography

06. Initials as a Logo

You can also experiment with your initials and see how they look as your photography logo. Your initials can become a striking icon, which you can incorporate in unique ways. Here are two examples.

Shane Allen

Shane Allen

Giddens and Co. Visuals

Giddens and Co. Visuals

There are, in fact, many more photography logo ideas. Compare them from the web and logo design marketplaces. Then, settle for the one that can best convey your photography brand’s message to your target audience.

Must-Know Tips To Create A Photography Logo Design

Now that you are ready to create your photography logo design, consider these helpful time-tested tips:

01. Go Bold & Pour In Your Creativity

Nothing should be stopping you from offering a platform to your virtual picture imaginations. Just go bold, craft what you think would be best, and get it designed. But make sure that it is a professional and unique logo design. You can choose any shape, size, or design frame that you find appropriate for your logo design.

Make sure that the logo has a perfect blend of bright, striking colors. This will be useful in creating a compelling photography logo design. However, things are not as easy as they sound. You need to put a lot of effort, do testing, sketching, and experimenting with the ideas. You may need to recreate numerous photography logo designs. Then, pick up the one design that is worthy of representing your business.

Ensure that your logo carries the individualistic spirit of your photography domain. Like, if you are a wedding photographer then your wedding logo design and color should be able to spell the magical essence of a wedding in a subtle form. Whereas photography logo design requirements for a wildlife photographer defer completely, you have to be careful here.


02. Go For Judicious Mix Of Motifs And Emblems

Even though motifs and emblems are found on many popular photography logo designs, they retain their own place. However, the trend has now shifted to more angular designs and less ribbon-like as compared to their earlier counterparts.

03. Choose The Right Type Of Photography Logo

There are many types of photography logos. But major types are vintage, clever, line art, fun, and wedding photography logos. Clearly, the type of photography you do is the type of your photography logo.

Most types of photography logos are commonly found. These include camera-themed logos and signature-like logos. You can also experiment with these types and see if these can reflect your photography business. Or, a nature-inspired logo is your type of logo since you like to click nature’s wonders. If you are interested in photographing newborns, opt for logos that can represent this photography niche.

Other popular types of photography logos include wedding photography logos and logos pertaining to nostalgia or retro images.

04. Pick The Right Colors

Your photography logo can evoke the intended emotional response from the target audience if it has the right colors. Colors arise our passion, aggression, love, hope, and other emotions and feelings. For instance, red will arise love and passion, while yellow is the color for hope. So, pick colors depending on the message of your photography business for your customers.

When choosing the right colors, it is tempting to use many hues when choosing the right colors if you are not an experienced designer. Instead, use only 2-3 hues that go well with the main color. Do not get carried away by a good range of shades that attractive modern color palettes offer.

05. Choose The Right Font

Most photography logos are predominantly their business names, so typography becomes inevitable. But the impression of such a logo will depend on the careful use of fonts. The use of elegant and straightforward fonts will ensure that your photography business can make an impression.

You can choose from a wide variety of classy or trendy fonts but make sure that they add a personality to the logo and your business. For instance, a handwritten lettering style should be the choice for a wedding photography logo. Such a font gives the logo an elegant personality.

Also, the font choice should go well with an icon that you want to add to your logo. If the icon is bulky, use a heavy and thick font for the business name.

06. Use Of Camera Image

It is up to you to explore your imagination and see if the camera fits in your logo shape and design. Don’t think that since someone else has already acquired it you do not have the right to do so. Here, you have to explore your creativity to its extremes to see how your camera image can be placed in your photography logo design.

There are still several 3D camera images that have never been explored. So, you can try a 3D image for your logo design. However, if you do not find a camera picture an exciting idea for blending with the logo, you still have other options.

You can borrow the images from somewhere else. But before you get your design work started, do check and be doubly sure that your image is not copyrighted or trademarked by any other photography company. Do keep these rules in mind.

07. Arrange The Logo Elements Perfectly

While you pick colors, fonts, and icons strategically, that is insufficient to create a unique photography logo. You need to arrange those elements judiciously to maximize their impact.

One of the key things to consider while arranging the element is using the logo to watermark your photos. Therefore, you should arrange the elements horizontally so that the logo spreads across your photos to discourage its use without your permission.

Also, make sure that the main element of your photography logo is in the focus. Other elements should not overshadow the central element and divert viewers’ attention. For that to happen, keep a good distance between different elements. You should create the main element a bit bigger to catch the attention.

So, when using an online logo maker tool, customize your logo design until you have all of the elements well arranged.

Different Ways To Create A Photography Logo Design

When designing your photography logo, you can explore two options. These are using a logo generator or crowdsourcing your logo design work by launching a design contest for the designers.

Use A Logo Generator

Since your photography business is still in its infancy, it should not hire an expensive logo designer. This is especially when a logo maker tool can do the job quickly.

Steps To Create A Photographer Logo Using A Logo Generator

A logo generator is a helpful DIY tool that lets you create a logo with no experience. The AI-powered tool guides you with its design template, which lets you place the design elements at the right spot. It has many templates, colors, fonts, and icons related to a field of work such as photography.

You can complete the entire photography logo designing process in a few quick steps.

Step 1: Give Your Company Name

When using a logo generator, first enter your company name.

Step 2: Choose A Template

Then pick a logo design template that best suits your photography niche. There are plenty of design templates that a logo generator lets you access plenty of design templates, but not all of them can work for your field of work. So, compare those templates to see which one will help you create your photography logo.

Step 3: Pick Design Elements

Then, you need to pick colors, fonts, icons, and styles from the vast treasure of the logo maker tool. Here, you should know which elements will go well with the photography logo you want to create.

Step 4: Customize

The logo generator comes with an editor tool that helps you customize your logo design as many times as you want until your satisfaction. So, use mockups and see what font or color looks like on it and if not satisfied, try some other fonts, colors, etc.

Step 5: Save Your Logo

Designhill Logo Maker is the best logo-making tool to explore and have your emblem in minutes. This tool also comes with additional benefits. You get high-resolution logo files that are ready to use.

Step 6: Download Your Customized Logo

After you are delighted with your final version of the photography logo, click on the download button and get it on your computer for its use.

Know that with Designhill Logo Maker, you get your full logo copyright/ownership over the logo you created using this tool. Also, you will have 50+versions of your logo for social media, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This helps in building your photography brand.

Designhill Logo Maker gives you color variations of the photography logo that you created with this tool.


We suggest that your photography startup should not spend too much money hiring a professional logo designer. Most startups run on a small budget and do not have enough money for marketing purposes. Keeping that in mind, it would be good to explore crowdsourcing as a practical option.

There are many benefits of crowdsourcing for startups and small business owners. You can easily get many logo design ideas from different logo designers. You won’t have limited options. This is a huge benefit when selecting a crowdsourcing platform over a dedicated logo designer. You have access to a lot of new design concepts to choose from. This means that chances of getting a unique logo design are much higher with crowdsourcing.

You can get these benefits from a leading graphic design crowdsourcing site like Designhill. This site has thousands of talented graphic designers. Many of them carry expertise in logo designing.

A good number of these designers will show interest in your logo design contest on Designhill. This means that you will have dozens of new design concepts. This will help you pick a winning logo for your photography startup.

Another major benefit of crowdsourcing is that the site offers affordable pricing. You can start your logo design contest at a meager price. You get a unique logo design from these sites at a starting price.

Or, Work with A Designer Of Your Choice

You can also invite a particular logo designer from this site to work on your logo project. For that, you need to go through the design profiles of several designers and see which design style appeals to you.

Then, you can select a designer to work with. In this way, there is no need to start a design contest for all. You can explore Designhill in many ways to acquire your photography logo design.

Ensure that you interact with the designers when crowdsourcing your photography logo design work. Respond promptly to their design queries so that you can guide them and endorse their quality work. You should also ensure that you have all the legal rights over the design when getting it from a crowdsourcing site.

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Crowdsourcing is your best bet to get a unique photography logo design at an affordable price. By this, you get many logo design options, and you can pick the one that reflects your photography business the best. You can also explore a logo generator to design your photography logo on your own in a few quick steps. But make sure that you have first compared different logo ideas and considered some helpful tips to design the emblem.

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