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Top 5 Rules for Freelance Logo Designers

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Freelance Logo Designers

Last updated on January 16th, 2018

Learn the Top Heedful Rules for Freelance Logo Designers:

Many freelance logo designers are  looking to get into a logo design. You probably already know a thing or two about design as a whole. Most of the freelance logo designers understand the composition, the basic color theory, and probably know how to use the software pretty well—but that’s not all there is to logo design. Logo design is less about what the logo looks like, according to JUST Creative, and more about what the image represents. Logos are shorthand for everything that a company represents, from their corporate policy to their most recent contribution to industry news and beyond; this makes a logo the most important aspect of corporate identity design, and that means there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

1. Concepts Must Be Broad And Plentiful

When it comes to logo design, freelance logo designers may have something very specific in mind from jump. However, without any alternatives against which to compare that concept, there’s no way of knowing if it’s really the best for the business in question. This means that when you design a logo, you need a minimum of three wildly different alternatives, with up to five moderately different variations within each design, and in turn, that means that preliminary work is a must.

With some areas of graphic design it’s easy to just jump in and get started, taking the same file from preliminary to final

Freelance Logo Designers-1

2. Every Design Should Be Scalable

Freelance Logo Designers-Scalable

When freelance logo designers are going to design a logo, remember that it’s going to appear on everything from signage to business cards, making scalability a major priority. Designs with too much detail diminish a logo’s definition and meaning at smaller sizes, while designs that are lacking when it comes to composition, color, and other aspects can become less engaging when appearing on larger billboards. Your logo design needs to be recognizable at any size, from any angle, and on any media, so routinely print scaled copies of the logo throughout the design process to make sure that you’re not losing anything important. Recommended scales at which to print these test logos are 100 percent (usually no more than 10 inches square), 50 percent, 25 percent, and 10 percent. You can also scale it down to as small as a half-inch and see how much detail is preserved to help you figure out what needs to stand out more from the design as a whole.

3. Palettes Must Be Consistent

Maintaining a consistent palette doesn’t just mean using the same color swatches every time you work on anything related to your client’s corporate identity, but also maintaining a palette that’s consistent with the image and industry of the company.

Freelance Logo Designers-Consistent

According to Web Designer Depot, working with color in a logo should follow these guidelines:

  1. Use no colors bright enough to be considered painful on the eyes. You need a logo that’s eye-catching, but not obnoxiously so.
  2. Use colors that are both complementary and analogous; maintain a warm or cool palette, and keep splashes of complementary hues to a minimum.
  3. Make sure your logo looks good in grayscale, straight black and white, and in a simplified two-color process. Again, this is going to be printed and stamped on everything, it needs to be presentable in any form.
    Remember your basic color theory knowledge as you get into the design process, but don’t be afraid to bend a couple of rules.

4. Follow Professional Guidance

Talking to other pros in your field can be helpful, but just as useful is keeping up with the current trends among large companies in your client’s industry. Freelance logo designer has the opportunity to both utilize current trends and to buck the norms entirely, but in order to be different, they must first understand what works for the top logo designs in the field. Once they know what works, what doesn’t and what personally like the best about current trends in design, they can choose exactly how much they want to implement in their own design.

5. The Client is Not Always Right

Freelance Logo Designers-Right Client

Go over your client’s design brief with a fine-toothed comb and, instead of taking his or her image and building upon it, find what message they want to convey and create a logo that really speaks for them. Make your client define what they mean when they ask for something “iconic” or “memorable” in order to set realistic goals that both you and your client can be happy with.

Remember, as stated by Creative Bloq, even the best logo isn’t iconic right out the gate—it becomes that way over time. Making sure you’re creating exactly what your client needs through research, practice, preliminary work and the guidance of the industry leaders. It will help make sure that, no matter what kind of design you end up with, it has the ability to become as classic and memorable as your client needs. So, “Logo designers freelance” projects should be memorable and as per the client needs.

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