How To Set Up A New Document In Illustrator

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Last updated on November 6th, 2017

Setting up a new document in Illustrator is an easy task that you can perform without any complications involved. However, since there are many features to address your requirements, you must specifically set up the parameters for document to suit your needs.

Start by going to the File menu and click on the ‘New’ button to get New Document profile page. Write the title of the document at the top and then fill other requirements such as size, width, height and other settings. You can choose a profile for print web devices, film and video or Flash Builder and others.

Now, if you choose video and film profile, you have a list of presets that you need to change in keeping with your work requirements for the document. Here, you will fill the width, height, size as well as top, bottom, left and right settings. Make sure that you set the correct height and width measurements and pixels. You can choose a color mode also. For instance, you choose RGB color mode and fill Screen [72ppl] in Raster Effect. Select a color of your choice for Transparent Grid.

If you choose Print as your profile, then you need to select the size of paper from Letter, Legal and Tabloid options. Then, set width, height and size parameters according to your document requirement. Select Bleed also for top, bottom, right and left of the document. Here also, you select the Color Mode and Raster Effect. You should select the default or pixel preview mode.

In case you choose the default mode, you can move back to video and film profile and select HDV 1080. You should also align objects to Pixel credit, especially if you are designing for the web or designing icons. You also have access to templates and click OK to get the new document.

In Illustrator new document in the form of an Artboard is automatically set up for film and video profile. You can select the number of Artboards for work. You get your action title and safe guides which you can see as you double click on the artboard to access a wide range of settings you made. Here, you can make display settings to show or hide center mark, cross hairs, and video safe areas.

You can also go to File menu and select Document Setup. Then, you have some other options to set up your document to make necessary changes. As you click on OK button after filling all the parameters on different pages, you have the New Document to work on.

We present here various screenshots of the steps that you will take to set up a new document.

Step -1 illustrator

Click on the File Menu and select New

illustrator step 2

You have New Document. Name the document and fill the setting requirements that meet parameters of your documents and click OK when satisfied.

illustrator step 3

Name your profile, which is Video and Film in the above case.

illustrator step 4

Choose a size of your document. Here the selected size is ‘Letter’.illustrator step 4
Then set width, height and bleed parameters.
illustrator step 5

Ensure pixel setting in Units.

illustrator step 6

Select ‘inches’ selected

illustrator step 7

Select ‘Points’ setting

illustrator step 8

‘Orientation’ setting

illustrator step 9

Another ‘Orientation’ option

illustrator step 10

Color Mode, Rastor Effects and Preview Mode settings

illustrator step 11

Once you have finalized all the parameters for New Document, click OK.

illustrator step 12

Now you have the New Document as per your settings for a profile of your choice.

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