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5 Signs To Spot A Cool Logo Design

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on February 26th, 2022

A unique logo design is powerful tool for businesses when it comes to drawing customers’ attention. This is the reason that global companies have memorable logos. Your business too needs a cool logo design that can spell out your business attributes and brand message.

A logo represents a company and its business in the market. But more than the representation, a cool logo design is a way to convey business messages to its targeted customers and the market. Small businesses need great logo designs for reaching to their target audience.

Success of a logo in meeting its purpose and target, however, depends a lot on the extent people can relate to and interact with the logo design. If a logo can communicate with the people, then such logo can help in bringing more customers to the business it represents. Logo designers from across the borders aspire to create such cool logo designs that interact with the audience.

Here Are 5 Signs To Spot A Cool Logo Design

01. Simple Design Is Cool

Simplicity is a foremost cool quotient of a logo design. By a simple design, we mean that it does not have clutter of many design elements which only confuses the viewers. An ideal logo has few, preferably one or two, colors and fonts. The lines, curves and other elements are also drawn in a minimal way.

Moreover, every element has a purpose and so the designer knows its limitations in the logo design. So, the designer will not overuse the colors, fonts, lines and space etc., so that the logo looks as simple as it possibly can be.

Nike logo

Look at the global sports shoemaker, Nike’s logo. The logo is just a simple swoosh, though it has some purpose and message. There is just a quick swoosh that says all about the sports company’s quality products and the faith it generates amongst the buyers.

So, the logo seems to be saying that everything about the sports shoes Nike manufactures is right and dependable. Please note that this sports logo is so simple that it does not require company name or brand name.

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02. A Cool Logo Is A Long-Lasting Design

A logo must continue to represent an organization for years and even decades. This is important as people establish a relationship with a logo as it becomes symbol of quality, trust, faithfulness and other attributes. They keep the logo in memory, which builds the brand identity for the organization and helps the business in many ways.

Coca-Cola logo design

If the logo design has to be changed routinely, the people get a wrong message that the organization is not dependable. You are also playing with their memory by consistently changing the logo. So, a cool design of logo is the one that does not require frequent alternations.

We can cite number of company’s logos which are more or less unchanged for many decades. The Coca-Cola logo design is one of them. It keeps almost the same lettering and style from the times when it was first designed in 1885.

03. Versatility Is A Sign Of Cool Logo Design

Businesses launch many marketing strategies and products and so the logo should fit into all of them as part of the marketing campaign. This versatility of a cool logo design is essential due to varied marketing strategies put in use to sell products or services. So, a cool logo design will look equally great and pleasing on a business card, website, brochure, stationery and other related stuff.

Such a logo will not lose its colors, fonts, shape and size, whether it is printed on large billboards or used on small products such as pens. Also, the design will pass the versatility test if it looks equally impressive in black and white when it is photocopied or faxed.

Cool Logo Design

Apple’s logo is a great example of versatility. The company has used this logo in varied colors starting from rainbow colors and then changing the colors to solo ones such as black, then bluish and now silver white. In all color schemes, it looks impressive and conveys the intended business message. It looks great if printed in smaller or greater size on varied media platforms.

professional logo

04. Unique Logo Design Is Always Perceived As Cool

A logo design exclusively created to represent a company is unique and stands out. The designers take into account the company’s business, its clients, customers, market and many other aspects. This helps in selecting the right elements so that the logo molds into a unique shape with specific colors, fonts etc. representing the business.

Therefore, the business logo stands out in the market for its unique shape, appearance, looks, use of colors, fonts etc. People can easily keep the cool logo design in memory and recall the company and business it represents.

Unique Logo Design

The wave logo is an excellent example of a unique logo design that looks cool. This logo was designed for Slovenian media agency. The design was created with calligraphy. The wavy typography character spells the company’s name ‘Wave’. The logo uses the meaning of the name and creates the shape of a wave to give it a unique identity.

05. It Has A Purpose

Another sign of a cool logo design is that it has some purpose behind the use of different elements. We can illustrate this by example of the popular car manufacturer Toyota’s famed logo given below. The logo is in a distinct oval shape. Toyota logo design represents a steering wheel.

It has three oval spheres and a fancy ‘T’. The company says that the central oval represents the trust and faith between the customers and the company. The outer oval represents global expansion plans of the organization. The overall design looks like a steering wheel of a car.

cool logo design

So, examine your company logo and find out if it is a cool logo design. You can visit one of the many popular online logo design sites and compare many such great logos for their simplicity and other design attributes.

If you are having low budget or you think that you are that much creative that you can make your logo then you can use an online logo maker, else a professional logo designer is a great help in creating a cool logo for your business.

You can access dozens of professional logo designers at popular online design crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill, which carries a high reputation for delivering the design projects in no time and at affordable rates.

All you need to do is to launch a logo design contest and take your pick from the crème da la crème designs created by thousands of expert designers on this biggest designing battlefield.

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A cool logo design is the one that is based on a unique concept and has one or two colors and typefaces. Such a logo is essentially a simple design that catches the attention instantly.

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