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10 Similar Sites Like Fiverr For Both Business Owners And Freelancers

by Designhill Tweet - in Freelancers

Sites Like Fiverr For Both Business Owners And Freelancers

Both business owners and freelancers look for sites like Fiverr to hire professionals, explore more opportunities and earn. While entrepreneurs browse for sites that are a source of cost-effective but high-quality design concepts, freelancers search for credible sites to enhance earnings. But, only a few of these sites can be rated high given their services for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike. Here’s the list of 10 best Fiverr alternatives for both entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Fiverr comes to mind instantly for its popularity regarding getting work done at the lowest possible cost. But, what about the quality of the work? Since the cost is so low, it is unfair to expect excellent quality. This is where sites like Fiverr become essential for business owners and freelancers.

Today, business owners and freelancers have access to plenty of Fiverr alternatives. But these sites are specifically created to address the quality issue. Modern-day entrepreneurs want a design or other work done with the assurance of high-quality.

So, they look for experienced and talented designers or other professionals to work on their briefs or projects. At the same time, most such businesses want to get the work done at competitive prices.

However, picking a few sites like Fiverr out of hundreds of them becomes even more difficult and confusing as well. Therefore, you need to browse and compare them extensively to know which one of them is best suited to your needs.

Here Is Our List of Top Similar Sites like Fiverr

01. Designhill

Designhill is the best alternative when browsing for Fiverr alternatives as a business owner or freelancer. Today, this marketplace is widely recognized as the number one creative platform that is well equipped to meet freelancers and businesses’ creative requirements. Businesses can access high-quality designs such as logos from skillful professional designers or independent artists.


Designhill has over 150,000 graphic designers and artists from nearly 52 countries. The site has helped businesses and freelancers create over 10 million creative design and illustration concepts.

At this marketplace, business owners launch their design contest with attractive prize money for freelance designers. While design contests are a major attraction and a way to source design works, businesses can also hire individual freelancers on a one-to-one basis.

Access Hundreds of Gigs Daily

Designhill is the best creative platform where entrepreneurs worldwide launch their design contests in different design categories. As a result, freelancers have plenty of work opportunities to explore.

They can pick any design contest as per their skill sets and expertise to earn. Since the prize money is always significant and attractive, Designhill becomes a source of major earnings for talented freelancers.

Another way to make money at Designhill is even more lucrative. Businesses can hire a freelance designer of their choice to work on a project exclusively.

Also, freelance artists and designers can open an online store at Designhill’s PrintShop to display and sell their design and illustration work at their prices. This also becomes a major source of earning.

Source Creative Design Concepts

Designhill offers many unique opportunities to source designs such as logos, brochures, business cards, and plenty of others for businesses.

They can easily have unique visual identities created as per their design brief at a reasonable price. All they must do is start a design contest, and hundreds of designers will start creating designs based on your brief.

Business owners can browse this marketplace also to hire an experienced designer. They can use filters such as designer skill level, project type, industry, or keywords to find the best designer to work on a project.

02. Outsourcely

Outsourcely sets itself a little bit different as compared to the other such marketplaces. It positions its services as useful in staffing and managing your startup. You do not have to hire freelancers to work on your one-off projects. Instead, this marketplace manages your startup with remote labor.


The focus here is on reducing the costs for startups when they want to work with global workers. Outsourcely is also well equipped with special features for remote workers, which sets them apart from many other sites like Fiverr.

Best For A Long Working Relationship

You should prefer Outsourcely if you want to settle for a long working relationship with your choice freelancers. Any startup which wishes to have a team of remote workers should first try Outsourcely

Keep All Of Your Payments

An excellent attraction for freelancers at Outsourcely is that it lets them keep 100% payment, which is unusual. Other marketplaces take their cut out of the earnings of freelancers.

But here you have all of your earnings in your pocket, which surely is a unique perk not found in sites like Fiverr. You get your payment directly from the employer, which is great for the freelancers.

However, note that you will be joining an ongoing work as one of the remote workers. So, do not expect to get a single project. Moreover, the pricing can be lower as you need to compete with other remote workers worldwide.

Targets Specific Business Model

Your business should prefer Outsourcely when looking for specific teams. You can find small teams, remote teams, or international teams to work for startups.

You can search for the teams as per your specific requirements of a startup or any other business. You can also have great communication features, such as live video and voice messaging with this marketplace.

But all these services come with a price. The pricing plans start at $19 per month, with the highest plan being $229 / month.

03. Upwork

Upwork is amongst the largest and popular marketplace for freelancers who wish to find work online. This is a site where you can find professionals to hire.

All you need to do is to tell them about your project, and the Upwork team will suggest experts suitable to do the job. The site has many profiles that you can browse and match to find which people are better equipped with your project’s skills.


A big advantage of Upwork over Fiverr is that it has plenty of gigs that you search from hundreds of job categories. You have access to a large pool of clients. With this site, all of your payments are secured. However, most freelancers could be a disadvantage because Upwork takes away about 10% of your freelance earnings.

Compete Through Bidding

To get work on Upwork, you have to go through the bidding process. Businesses post their jobs on this platform. Then, freelancers compete to get those jobs by posting their bids. One who posts the lowest bid usually wins the assignment.

In this way, a business owner can get graphic design work done at the lowest possible cost and a much cheaper cost than elsewhere. But businesses will have to manage the quality aspect of the design. Usually, quality freelancers do not participate in the bidding war.

From the freelancers’ point of view, we can say that Upwork is a great marketplace for different services. They can find work in various fields such as logo design, software development, structural engineering, etc.

Detailed Search Process

Another beneficial feature of Upwork is that it has a detailed search process. Businesses can precisely find out what they want and focus on their job search by fine-tuning your searches. However, for some, the search process can be time-consuming and daunting.

Overall, we can say that Upwork is great for those who are sensitive about pricing as its bidding process allows you to settle for the target price.

04. Freelancer

When looking for Fiverr sites, you come to know about freelancers, which is a huge platform with over 29 million users. Freelancers can access thousands of new jobs in different categories, such as web development, copywriting, and translation.


Secured Payment Structure

Freelancer is an ideal platform to form a relationship with freelancers in the same profession. The payment structure is secured and it lets you set your hourly rates.

You can also settle for partial payments as you complete a certain milestone when working on a project. This is especially useful when working on a long-term and complex project.

One of the most useful features of Freelancer is time-tracking. You will be made accountable for all the hours you worked on a project.

A desktop app will monitor your work activity to record the time you spend on the project at hand. This is particularly helpful for freelancers who prefer getting payments on an hourly basis.

A Bit Costly For Freelancers

Another key feature of Freelancer is that both businesses and freelancers can get premium memberships. You can submit only 8 bidding proposals per month. For more bidding proposals, you need to sign up for a paid membership.

However, this site is usually known for clients who look for low-cost freelancers. Therefore, skilled and expensive freelancers may not get to work too frequently.

For businesses, freelancers are useful only when they get paid memberships to submit more projects and get more access to workers. But they should be aware of some hidden fees such as currency conversion charges. This site is surely one of the best alternatives for Fiverr.

05. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another marketplace to explore when searching for sites like Fiverr. As is clear from its name, freelancers are paid based on per hour. Anyone can join this platform, but it gives you more security when compared to Fiverr. This place gives you security, affordability, and talent but does not expect any specialized services.

But all the freelancers have first to pass a quality test. This means businesses will get qualified freelancers, while freelancers also get paid more. With this platform, you can find jobs in content creation, design, and promotion.


You access an easy dashboard that allows you to have control over the events. This makes the marketplace transparent for both the freelancers and business owners. Both of them can also reduce their operation cost to a larger extent as the marketplace is budget-friendly.

One of the advantages of PeoplePerHour is that it locks client deposits. This means that freelancers’ payment is fully protected and secured. We can say that this platform is user-friendly for freelancers with a variety of skill levels.

06. Guru

Guru is amongst the popular sites like Fiverr, where you access the best gigs. You will have the jobs from this platform without paying anything as it is free.

This is the reason for its popularity amid freelancers. Small companies particularly find Guru more useful as a hassle-free marketplace, helping in a faster closing rate for your project.


When compared to similar other sites, Guru is more or less like Upwork. With this platform, you can expect thorough professionalism and security in delivering its services.

The safety and protection standards of Guru for buyers and sellers both are excellent and trustworthy. This makes the platform dependable to work with.

Reputation for Non-Design Works

Guru is a popular marketplace with non-design freelancers and business owners. Mostly, serviced providers such as programmers, translators, and copywriters use this platform, while designers do not prefer it much.

A freelancer may not confront a tough competition while at Guru, but do not expect clients to contact you for your services.

Costly For Freelancers

A little drawback of working with Guru is its high membership fees for freelancers. They also are supposed to buy one of four membership plans that range from $8.95 / month to $39.95 / month. With these plans, they can make more bids or link to an external portfolio site.

This may prove to be costly for many freelancers. As far as businesses are concerned, they can use Guru to work with multiple freelancers to handle a project well.

Project owners can have a dashboard to manage projects from one place while dealing with freelancers. The dashboard is a huge advantage, especially when you are outsourcing a lot of work.

Business owners can also communicate in a time-saving manner with freelancers using this platform. They can also receive invoices and pay securely through their security system.

07. Codeable is a marketplace dedicated to freelance developers. This is the one-window site for all works related to WordPress. A key feature of Codeable is that instead of browsing for freelancers all by yourself, the site will choose them as per your project requirements.


Codeable has a wide range of freelancers whom businesses can find for different coding and development jobs. Right from a minor fault such as fixing an error on your website to developing a custom plugin, the site makes the right freelance developer professionals meet your work requirements.

Refund Policy

One of the advantages and motivations to work with Codeable is that this site has a refund policy for the clients. If a project owner finds a freelancer’s work unsatisfactory, the site will return the client’s money. So, you will pay the freelancer only when you are completely satisfied with the job done.

Another helpful feature is that a client support team is always available to attend to your complaints. You can reach out to them via phone or email. However, note that this site is useful only when your website runs on WordPress.

08. FreeUp

FreeUp is a top-notch marketplace if you are browsing for Fiverr sites as a business owner or freelancer. At this platform, independent contractors can offer their services to clients. In this way, they can build their freelance earnings.

Business owners are assured of access to qualified freelancers. The site pre-vet all the freelancers before joining the network. Freelancers have to go through a strict but unique interview process before they get a FreeUp marketplace account.


Once freelancers become part of the network, they are free to contact clients personally without any site interference.

They can view clients’ new and old projects and apply them to start work on a project immediately. After that, the job of FreeUp is to ensure that payment processing is transparent and without dispute.

Moreover, freelancers can get help over an issue from other freelancers daily at this site. You have a large gathering of fellow professionals who are willing to discuss and help you to resolve a problem.

Secured Payment

FreeUp is a fully secured marketplace where the billing process is transparent. Freelancers are paid every week on your FreeUp account. The freelancers can record their hours you worked with clients.

Freelancers can set their hourly rate in the FreeUp network. So, the pricing is an issue between you and the client when you decide to work on a project.

09. Truelancer

Truelancer is amongst the most sought-after sites like Fiverr for its cheaper costs for business owners. It has freelancers registered with it from across the globe, making it a reservoir of talent in every field.


A key feature of this marketplace is that it has skilled professionals who are willing to offer their services at lesser fees. This is because such highly skilled workers come from regions where the cost of living is much lower. So, in this way, while freelancers get new gigs, businesses also can save money.

Covers A Variety Of Jobs

Freelancers can find various jobs in most categories such as multimedia and design, programming and IT, admin, finance, content and transaction, SEO, accounting, marketing, etc. You can thus find a job that matches your specialization and skill sets.

However, you need to pay fees to access the services of Truelancer. The marketplaces charge a service fee of 8% to 10% of your work.

Truelancer comes with many similarities with Fiverr. Both these platforms are known for offering a wide range of services along with skill levels. Also, both the platforms give preference to keeping the costs lower for the businesses. Their main concern is low prices and not high quality.

However, Truelancer gives you more room to personalize the workflow or gigs. Such flexibility is unavailable to the businesses at Fiverr.

Face A Tough Competition

Freelancers have to compete hard at Truelancer to get the new assignments. They will compete with freelancers willing to work at a low fee and come from regions where labor is cheap.

They can undercut your fee. Moreover, you will pay a project fee and buy membership plans as a freelancer. You should also be prepared for some strict rules such as if your project is refunded 30 days after, you will be charged 5%.

Truelancer is useful to businesses in finding out less costly freelancers in a wide range of assortment of fields. So, besides graphic design, you will get freelancers in fields such as finance, marketing, accounting, and SEO.

But when outsourcing your project work overseas, consider only those workers who understand your target market and business’s subtleties.

10. Toptal

Toptal is short for “top talent,” and this very name indicates their specialty. It is a marketplace where only top-class talent is available to business owners. So, do not worry that any ordinary worker will do the job on your project.

The community of workers in this marketplace consists of only the top 3% of freelance talent in any industry. Therefore, you will be paying greater prices to these top professionals.


Great Earning Platform For Freelancers

Since 97% of freelancers are already out of your way at Toptal, only 3% of them you need to compete with. This increases your value as a freelancer for businesses even more. Whichever project you will get from business owners, you will be paid handsomely as you are an exceptional talent.

Know that freelancers have to go through a strict selection process to get registered with Toptal. They are required to pass a 5-stage examination process, including written tests, live video interviews, and language proficiency tests.

You need to pass these exams with high flying colors to be a part of the select freelancers’ community in this marketplace. Since business owners are already assured of the workers’ high qualifications, remuneration is also exceptionally higher.

Expensive For Businesses

Businesses have to pay high fees to the highly talented freelancers at Toptal and may find this marketplace expensive due to the higher outgo towards the workers’ fees.

Businesses are thus connected with a small community of freelancers for a higher cost. But businesses can keep away from low-quality work and scam workers, which is a risk.

Bonus Similar Site like Fiver


Flexiple is a premium, tech-only (developers & designers) online platform that springs the best freelance talent who have formerly worked at top tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, among others. Freelancers are onboarded into the platform after a multi-stage screening process.

This is to help understand the skill-set that the freelancers would bring in and suggest projects that are more relevant to them. Post that, professionals can easily apply for projects that interest them.

Furthermore, Flexiple provides a smooth hiring experience by offering personalized recommendations and flexible time-based payment models.

So, these are the major sites like Fiverr to help you as a freelancer and business owner in your endeavor to create or own design. While picking the one platform, compare these marketplaces and settle for the one that suits your individual needs.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of online marketplaces available to business owners and freelancers, but few are considered the best. This list of top sites like Fiverr is useful to explore. Sites such as Designhill, Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, and Guru are surely the most reliable in terms of their payment security and a lot of modern features for freelancers and clients.

Register On Designhill

Designhill is the most reliable and fastest-growing custom graphic design crowdsourcing marketplace that connects a thriving community of graphic designers from across the globe with clients looking to source high quality graphic designs such as logo designs, banner designs, packaging designs, merchandise designs, web designs and many other designing works at affordable prices. In just six months of going live, the startup has helped more than 1500 businesses source unique graphic designs and has paid out more than $70000 to its ever-growing community of 29,000+ graphic designers, logo designers, visual artists and illustrators from all over the world. Facebook | Twitter | Google+

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