Simple Steps To Design Geometric Poster In Photoshop (Part-1)


Geometric posters are an impressive way to convey a business message or just a piece of information. These posters have some elements that need to be shaped geometrically.

Here Are Some Easy Steps To Show You How To Design A Geometric Poster In Photoshop

Go to File and open a new document in Photoshop.
As you get the New menu, fill the requirements such as poster size, width, height, color mode etc.
You get the blank document as per the specific design requirements. The document serves as background for the design.

Go to the Layer button on the right bar to get the menu and create layer 1.

Click on the View on the top bar and reach to the New Guide.

Work on the Layer 1 and create boundaries at the edge of the document.

Go to the Marquee Select Tool and create boundaries in dotted lines on the document.

Step -8
Working on the Layer 1, pick a color from the Color Picker for the background layer.

For Layer -1, we have selected yellow.

Now using horizontal type tool [T] you can type any word or number of your choice. Here, we write number 139. You can set the point size of the number from the Character menu.

In Part-2 of this tutorial, we will complete the design. We will show how to create the geometrical design perfectly out of the numbers given for the poster.

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