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7 Simple Yet Important Things To Remember About Custom Invitation Design Ideas

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Invitation Design

Custom Invitation Design Ideas

Last updated on November 29th, 2021

With the ever advancement of technology, human life is changing significantly—the way we communicate, shop, and almost every aspect of our everyday lives has changed to a large scale. Easy access to the Internet has fuelled this transformation. We can experience everything happening digitally. Be it an everyday communication or invitation card for a special event—a touch of digital transformation is prevalent. The digital revolution has made it incredibly seamless to custom-create invitations, receiving which one gets excited. A personal touch lets you feel special; it gives you a breath of fresh air. But it takes time to create the right invitation, address it, and mail it, right?

But with the use of Designhill’s invitation templates that are professionally created by some of the great talents across the world offers you complete flexibility to personalize invitations on your own—no matter whether you’re a pro-designer, beginner, or novice.

Be it a wedding, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, official bash, family reunion, or any other event; take your pick from our invitation templates online, and custom creates to wow your recipients. You can also design your custom invitation for a wedding in a custom wedding invitation size that suits your requirement.

Here Are 7 Simple But Inspiring Ideas For Online Invitations For Every Occasion

01. Your Special Day Deserves To Be Memorable

Wedding invitation cards are one of the most popular types of invitations worldwide. On a special occasion like this, invitations are all about creativity. The ‘save the date’ invitation design template below from Designhill can get your imagination running.

Wedding Invitation

You can create wedding invitations by using an invitation maker tool and choose the illustration that genuinely represents you and your partner.

An image that epitomizes this event, a cursive font and balanced utilization of space works well in such templates. The right combination of these elements can deliver a simple yet memorable look to your invitation design.

02. Your Birthday, Your Style

Birthday invites allow the person to align the birthday invitation template with the person’s personality. It can be either simple, colorful, crisp, or elaborate— the choice is all yours.

Birthday Invitation

Sometimes, even a simple design can transmit a powerful message. So, create one that best narrates your personality. Here’s an example from one of our Birthday invitations’ pages. Visit Designhill’s website today, and take your pick!

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03. No Matter The Event, Complement Your Design With The Occasion

Events don’t necessarily have to be always holidays, weddings, or birthdays. A regular family gathering or a reunion can also call for an invite. Why spend hours drafting long emails and formatting them when you have access to excellent DIY templates.

Party Invitation

04. The Power of Contrast

Enhance your designs through the use of contrasts. Excellent and readable contrast between background and text can be a good starting point. The combination of dark backgrounds and a white font can deliver a quick and compelling message.

Take the example of the invite template below. The white font against the purple background is not only eye-catching but also draws full attention to the text of the invite that uses the right invitation dimensions for the invitation.

Power of Contrast

05. Grab Attention With The Right Mix

The quickest way to attract the reader’s attention is by using not only contrasts but also using the right set of colors. A good example, in this case, is shown below.

Invite for Bridal

The color peach, paired with a readable font against the classic black band, and a bouquet of flowers, give an effective and elegant look without fading any information.

06. Ensure Illustrations and Text Stand Alone

Many a time, the invitation template places images that ultimately fade out the text. You can avoid this scenario by dividing your invitation into two parts—message and visuals. Wondering how that’s going to work out? Below is a bowling party invitation template that precisely shows how to do this.

Bowling Party Invite

You can see, the invitation is clearly divided into two parts— right for the text and left for the illustrations. Such a template design draws the viewer’s focus on the intended message. Remember, both sides serving a purpose! So make sure to choose a style that complements both.

07. When Nothing Else Works, Go Classic and Traditional

In the end, if you experience creativity block and running out of time, go for a classic design. Traditional looking invitations never disappoint you, especially when you invite people to an event, such as weddings.

Wedding Invite

The above wedding invitation template uses two classic colors— black and gold — that never go out of style. The typography has been kept straightforward.

When going for DIY templates, it’s easy to overlook such designs. But well-established color tones and backgrounds can sometimes be quite advantageous in delivering your message.


If you are looking for an online invitation template design, Designhill is the right place for you. Be it a graduation party, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, birthday, wedding, a social or formal event, there is no dearth of suitable invitation templates online. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Start designing the invitations you need for your life events.

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