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Single Or Multiple Letter Logo Design- Which Is Better For Your Business?

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on December 11th, 2021

A thoughtfully created logo is also a great help in generating faith and trust in a company’s business. If it is a letter based logo, then, select the typeface carefully to give your logo design a desirable personality and if it is a symbol based logo then you need to come up with a meaningful and creative symbol that reflects company in the best possible light.

Logos can be mainly categorized as letter based and symbol based. For example, Coca-Cola logo is entirely designed using letters, while Apple logo is a symbol logo that uses a bitten apple as the symbol of its company and business.

When it comes to sending out a message to the audience through a logo, graphic designers can choose any of these categories. Both are equally impressive depending on the skills of the designers.

However, an advantage of letter-based logo design is that it has its company name. When a logo has a company name, people recognize the company right away.

Often, startups or small business find such logotypes suitable in terms of marketing. You do not have to spend additionally on marketing your company name as the logo itself is spelling it out to the people.

Many business owners prefer a logotype that has a symbol or image also. In fact, most of the logos fall in this category. These are called combination logos. While people get a brand message from the symbol or image depicted in a logo, there is company name also. So, there is an advantage of both the symbol-based and letter-based logos in one logo.

If you have decided to create a logo or logotype letter based for your business, consider its many aspects too. One of the dilemmas that designers usually go through in creating logo design is deciding over the use of letters.

The decision becomes even more difficult to take if the client has not made the choice known to the designer. It is up to the creative thinking and skill of the logo designer when it comes to creating a single letter or multiple letter design for the logo.

There are shining examples in both the categories of single and multiple letter logo design. If we take a brief look at both the examples, we come to know that there are excellently designed logos.

For instance, McDonald’s logo design has the capital letter M in the logo and it has successfully communicated the business message of the company to the targeted audience.

In the multiple letter category, Coca-Cola logo is a famous example of many letters creating the design. New Wave, Perfect Crowd, Chameleon and many others can be cited as multiple letter logos.

Here Are Single Or Multiple Letter Logo Design

Advantage Of Single Letter Logo

Simple Design

01. Single

Letter logos are more impressive for their simple design. Since there is one letter, the viewers can easily recall the logo when properly designed. The targeted customers do not have to remember many letters.

Simple Design

02. A Single

Letter logo gives liberty to the designer for being creative. The designer can creatively mend and bend a single letter into an effective business message. This the reason that single letter design is the most popular also.

Moreover, single letter designs are usually very attractive and memorable. This is because the designers can take creative liberty to mold that one letter in whichever suitable way.

Such a logo gives the brand message of trust and authenticity. These logos appear as an impressive representative of a company on different marketing materials including your website design.

Advantage Of Multiple Letter Logos

Full Company Name

01. Multiple

Letter logo design has the advantage that customers can easily memorize the company’s full name. The designers use these types of logos to make the company’s name popular with the customers. Since there are many letters involved, the designer has to express his creative wisdom in a judicious way.

Full Company Name

There is not much need to spend on advertising your company name. This is because logo itself has your complete company name. People can know the name just by looking at your company’s logo.

You do not have to specially tell people what is the name of your business. This means that as you put your such a logo while creating your business card design, your client remembers your company.

How To Design Letter Logos

There are many ways to creating letter based logos. But the designer will take into account a brand message that the company wishes to convey. An ideal way to create letters in a logo is to find out who the target customers of the logo are.

Here Are Some Of The Tricks

01. Interlocking Of Letters

If your logo design has one or two letters only, a way to design is to interlock the two letters. They can be interlocked like a wedding lock or Olympic rings.

Interlocking Of Letters

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02. Lay One Letter On The Other

Many designers like to use this tactic. As an alternative to interlocking, overlapping of letters is used to link the two letters, which are usually the initials of a company’s name.

Lay One Letter

03. Bridge The Two Letters

Another way to create two letter based logos is to put some elements between that bridges them. The graphic designer can put some decorative graphic on the space between and upon the two letters.

Bridge The Two Letters

For example, you can place some attractive dots on the space that connects the two letters. Similarly, if you want to use A and H letters, put a dot at the center of A, and place a bar like shape as connecting line in the letter H.

professional logo

04. Transparency Technique

When overlapping the multiple letters in your logo design, an attractive style is to make them look transparent. But do not make whole of the design transparent. Instead, design only the overlapping place as transparent.

Transparency Technique

05. Color The Negative Space

A useful and attractive technique is to color the negative spaces in your business logo design. The letters have many spaces between them. Color all those spaces as per your choice. Pick the brand colors of your client’s company and use them to paint the vacant space.

Color The Negative Space

Some stubborn letters just won’t link physically. So try linking the background! Put the letters in a box, and color the negatives spaces; you can get all kinds of energetic results!

So, which of these letter logo design style suits to your business?

Now, the question is which of these two logos will suit best to your business? To answer that, we will say that first evaluate your business requirement. Find out your business personality. Remember that a typeface adds personality to a logo.

For example, if you are in the business of selling products for children’s, a comic font will be an ideal choice. But if your firm deals with legal issues, a formal looking serif font will be perfect. This shows that letters create a brand personality.

Therefore, when picking a single letter or multiple letters for a logo design, keep your company’s or the client’s brand personality in mind. For expressive authenticity, genuineness and authority in your field, prefer a single letter logo. Such designs are sophisticated in look and give a classic touch to your brand.

Also, you will save money when printing your single letter logo. There are usually fewer colors used as there is just one letter. The space used in the logo also is very small. This all saves your printing cost.

As far as multiple letters logo as a choice is concerned, go for it if your company is a startup. You want to tell your new company’s full name to everyone. So, the logo has the name already. You do not have to tell it loudly to your audience. Such a logo on the top of your leaflet design, for instance, will tell your company’s name right away.

Chose a multiple letter logo design when you want to have a full impact on your company on your target audience. Take for example, the Coca-Cola logo. It has the company’s full name and it appears to announce its name proudly every time you see the logo. Such a logo evokes a feeling of pride from consumers. Such logos convey a brand message of confidence and firmness.

multiple letter logo design

Pick a multiple letter logo also when you want to use more than one letter in the logo. Even two letters make multiple logo. So, you do not have to have your full company name. Even two letters of the name will make a great design. Allow the designer to create multiple letter logo to help you build your logo and brand identity.

So, these are our key points when you are considering a choice between single or multiple letter logo design. Make sure that you get feedback to find out which one suits better to your business.

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As you launch your logo design contest along with your design brief, they will come out with unique design concepts. You can then pick the one that best suits to your business. But if you are not happy with the design, do not worry. You can either upgrade your design contest to attract more designers or get the refunds under Designhill’s 100% Money Back Guarantee policy.

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We can say that while single-letter logo design is more attractive due to the simplicity of the design, multiple-letters have their own attraction too. The designer should choose the one that suits your company’s business and its message to the customers.

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