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How to Write Logo Design Brief for Small Businesses

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How to Write Logo Design Brief for Small Businesses

Last updated on February 15th, 2018

If you run a small business that very few people know and need to create a logo design to market your products and services, then you should approach a logo designer well prepared. You may be interviewing a logo designer face to face or outsourcing the design work to some professional sitting in other country. Or, you may be simply crowd sourcing the logo design work to many designers. In all such cases, the designer will demand a written logo brief from you in order to know your specific requirements and also your business and customers.

See how to write logo design brief for small businesses.

 You should be presenting an overview of your company in the logo design brief. The designer does not know your company and business. So, specify the category of your business and industry, and tell also about the products or services you produce. Give a clear picture of what your company does.

Your logo design brief must clearly mention your target market. The designer must know about the customers who are buyers of your products or services. The logo designer will keep your market and the customers in mind in selection of design elements of colors and fonts etc. to please and represent your audience.

Tell the designer about anything that is unique about your business. This is important to create a brand through your design. The designer will use this information for selection of elements so that a unique logo can be ensured for your business.

Make sure that your logo design brief provides necessary information about your competitors. This is crucial information since you need a unique logo that stands out. You can market your business and compete with others through such a unique logo that does not resemble with logos of your competitors.

To conclude, give as much specific information as you can in your design brief for business logo. The details are of great use for the designer to come out with a unique logo that helps your business grow in the competitive market.

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