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Deliciously Memorable: Snack Logo Design Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Deliciously Memorable: Snack Logo Design Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Starting a snack business needs more than what pleases the taste buds. It requires a logo design that gives people a reason to trust your newly launched brand. Even if you choose the midnight snack segment or go full-fledged with a comprehensive snacking business idea, you need the right strategy to capitalize on it.

You may ask why there is a midnight snack logo or any other business logo. Well, here are the simple reasons — your business needs to build its identity, and a logo helps in that. Also, the logo will appear on all of your marketing campaigns and be utilized on your business cards, website, and many other promotional materials.

Therefore, creating a relevant brandmark is crucial for your snacking business. Look at all the global brands and you’ll find their snack company logos easily identifiable. Consider these snack logo design ideas to stand out. 

Brilliant snack logo design ideas to boost identity 

Use bar shapes 

If you want your snack food logos to be simple, give it a bar shape. The bar shape resembling your snacking product will resonate with the target audience. They can easily identify your brand from afar. To make it more relevant, you can put your business name just below it. 

Use bar shapes 

You can take inspiration from the logo of the famous USA snack brand — KIND Snacks. Its logo features 4 colorful bars and its brand name, making it a simple but memorable brandmark. 

Place your wordmark inside a circle 

Circles are the symbol of completeness. Brands use circles in their visuals including logos to convey that their products or services fully meet customers’ requirements. Your snack logo can also be in a circular design. But do not forget to place your brand name inside of the circle. That will also help drive attention to your snack business.

Place your wordmark inside a circle 

You can take the logo idea from KitKat’s brandmark. Its brand name is inside a circle that not only looks cool but also reflects its identity. 

Write the brand name in a simple way 

A time-tested idea to design your snack logo is to simply write your brand name. When a logo has just the company name, it looks straightforward design. It announces the brand name, which everyone can know just by glancing at the logo. 

Write the brand name in a simple way 

You can choose to have a wordmark or a lettermark. A wordmark will spell out your complete snack food company name. But a lettermark will showcase only the initials or an abbreviated form of your brand name. 

Brands like Oreo, Cheetos, and Planters logos are all about writing their names in a simple but striking way. 

Explore geometrical shapes 

Geometrical shapes such as squares, triangles, circles, etc. are impressive design elements. Graphic designers use these shapes to create unique visuals that look different from competitors’ brand identities. An advantage of such a shape is that you can mold it in your distinctive way. 

Explore geometrical shapes 

Take for example the Dorito logo. This chips-making company has its logo in a fury triangle, indicating that the chips are energetic and fun for kids. So, experiment with different geometrical shapes. Find out which snacks food logos look unique. 

Think of using a playful but modern font 

Since your target customers are kids, use a font that gives your snack logo a playful and fun personality. There are plenty of playful fonts available online for free. Choose the font that looks unique and matches your brand personality. You can pick a playful font in a modern or retro style. 

Think of using a playful but modern font 

Similarly, think of using block letters that kids especially like to draw. Such juvenile letters will also give snack company logos a unique personality.

For ideas and inspiration, you can check out M&M’s logo. Its font is playful and simple, which people can easily relate to. 

Use bright and bold colors 

Use bright and bold colors 

Since your snack food business has young people as its target customers, therefore, think of using bright and bold colors. Such a color palette represents youthful energy. Red, yellow, and blue are usually the favorite colors snack logos have to evoke energy and hunger. 

Brands like Lay’s, Ritz, Snickers, and Fritos are great to take inspiration from. 

Choose a retro style 

How about a retro-style snack logo design? An advantage of a design style from the bygone eras is that it evokes trust. People usually like to remember the past era and so they usually connect well with a business that reminds them of those memories. 

Choose a retro style 

So you can choose a retro style such as a ribbon-style banner logo or any other style from the past. 

You can consider brands like Twix, Reese’s, and many others for logo ideas and inspiration

Create 3D effect 

Create 3D effect 

The three-dimensional effect gives a logo a new and unique look. With a 3D logo, your snack business will look modern. You can especially target youngsters with such a design as they are usually charmed by gaming activities. They will easily connect with a three-dimensional logo and your brand.

Tips for designing a snack logo

Now that you have some inspirational snack logo designs, it is time to start with the design process. Here are some key tips on how to design your snack logo to make an impact on your target customers:

Consider your customers and brand identity 

The first step is to take into account your target customers and brand identity. That will help you pick the right design elements for your snack logo. Whether you’re an urban snack-selling business or target only kids, having the exact idea of your audience and identity can help you make a relevant logo. 

Use the right color

Pick the colors that evoke the right emotions from the viewers about your snack brand. For instance, green expresses freshness, health, and natural ingredients. Bright yellow is generally the color for kids’ brands. 

Use the right typography

The right fonts in your snack logo will help build your brand’s personality. For instance, a comic font can add some fun elements to the logo design. With such a font you can easily target kids as your main consumers. 

Your snack brand will look playful with rounded and bubbly fonts. Similarly, clean sans-serif fonts give a more modern personality. Even the misalignment of the fonts give the logo a quirky and dynamic look.

Make it adaptable

Another characteristic of an impactful logo is that it should look impressive in all sizes and surfaces. Your snack logo will appear on different packaging, including a paper wrap, a popcorn bucket, big billboards, and a small candy wrapper. 

The snack logo will also appear on your packaging website and business cards. Therefore, design the logo in such a way that it not only looks good but also adapts itself well according to different sizes and surfaces. 

professional logo

How we can create a snack logo with the Designhill logo maker

Do not worry if you are not a professional logo designer and still want to design the logo all by yourself. You can access Designhill’s logo maker quickly and start creating the emblem that represents your snack business impressively. 

Designhill is a leading creative graphic design marketplace. Here is how its logo maker works.

First, visit the logo maker and enter the name of your snack business. Then, choose a logo style from hundreds of styles and templates from its library. You should also pick the right font and color from hundreds of these elements available from the logo generator. Once you have picked a suitable template, color, font, and image, you can customize the design as many times as you want to your satisfaction. The software also can generate lots of AI images of your design brief. Save the logo you like and download it after paying a nominal charge. 

So, these are the key tips to consider when designing your snack logo. Do not be obsessed with a particular color, font, or other element. Instead, play around with them and see which combination of colors and fonts looks the best. Make sure that the logo you create has a desired impact on your target customers. 

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Wrapping Up 

Your snack business needs a logo that customers can relate to and find impressive such a brandmark should be a simple but unique logo that targets kids and grown-up young people. Choose playful colors and fonts to express the joy of consuming snacks. Make sure that the design scales well without losing its proportion. 

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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