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Social Media Page Design Tips For Placing The Images

by Gaurav Kumar Gupta Tweet - in Social Media - 1 min read

Social Media Page Design

Last updated on July 5th, 2016

Social media is an integral part of life for many people as they share information with thousands of others from across the world. They can present themselves as individuals, promote their business or create awareness about social issues through social networking sites. But success of social media page design depends a lot on the way you use images on the pages.

Studies have proved that the brain processes pictures several thousands faster than it processes written words. Therefore, your social media page will generate more re-tweets if more content is image-based. Choose an expressive picture as cover photo and give only relevant content about your business on the photo.

Make sure that your cover image and profile photo interact with each other. To ensure this you should treat the images as if they are part of one continuous image. But ensure that you place the crucial information on to the right side of your cover image. Do not forget that the purpose of your social media page design is to interact with your target audience and encourage  them to share the content. So, while you exercise creative freedom, make sure that all the visuals on your social media page are consistent with your company’s branding so that you can showcase your products.

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