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50 Spotless Housekeeping Logos

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Housekeeping Logo

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

Cleaning and maintenance is now an industry with a diversified portfolio. Many jobs have emerged to cover the wide-ranging needs of keeping homes and the environment clean and hygienic. But a new entrant has to face tough competition. They usually find it challenging to drive the target audience’s attention toward their business. Here comes the importance of having a great logo. A simple housekeeping logo works well to catch customers’ eyes to get your cleaning brand message.

Are you thinking of starting cleaning and maintenance? Your rich experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and an army of professionals will help you do a roaring business. But all that will now work if people do not get your brand message and brand personality. You need to connect your business with your potential customers visually. Make sure that you engage them through your visual identities so that they can recall your business.

Your housekeeping logo is the top visual that works as your brand identity. Remember that the logo will also appear on your marketing materials. For example, it will appear on your business cards, websites, apps, social media, review sites, flyers, cleaning vehicles, etc.

But when designing the logo, you must consider its basics and see which colors, fonts, and icons best express a brand message in this sector. You may use a housekeeping logo maker tool to design a logo yourself without outside help. Still, first, take a look at some inspirational housekeeping logos.

Here Are 50 Impressive Housekeeping Logos For Your Inspiration

01. Maid In America

The logo of “Maid In America” cleaning services is undoubtedly amongst the most unique and attractive designs. Its key feature is the floor cleaning broom created in the shape of the letter ‘M’ of the company’s name.

Cleaning logo

This design immediately tells viewers about the company’s cleaning expertise. The designer used typography in sans-serif with a contrasting effect of the big and small sizes of letters.

02. Royal Alliance

Since the company has the word Royal in its name, the designer thought it fit to create a sophisticated logo design for the brand in purple. This typography-based logo has the letter ‘R’ at the top and the company name in the capitals beneath. The slogan at the bottom conveys the brand message.

Royal Alliance

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03. Southern House Wash

This is an attractive logo for its wise use of the American flag colors to evoke patriotism and a sense of belonging. The slogan ‘We value our community’ helps engage viewers with the company. A dog is in every household and a symbol of loyalty, and so its use conveys the brand message. The red color is also of the passion of the company’s cleaning experts.

attractive cleaning logo

04. American Pro

This is another housekeeping logo using the features of the American flag to connect with the target audience in need of cleaning services. The company is in the can-clean business, which is evident from the waste container in the flag color scheme.

housekeeping logo

05. Bin Busters CT

The Bin Busters CT logo is a unique design in its use of the personified bin, a proud one in delivering its service. Such symbols convey a message instantly. This logo also has the slogan ‘we ain’t afraid of no gross!’ to emphasize the cleaning message further. A Green and blue color scheme is suitable for a cleaning logo.

Bin Busters CT logo


06. Money Laundry

Some safety logos are a combination of company’s name and equipment. Such is the logo of Money Laundry. It uses a washing machine image and the company’s name in bold typography. The blue and brown color scheme makes the design attractive.

combination logo

07. H. M. Professional

This distinct logo uses the company’s initials as a feature to build a visual identity. In contrast to white and grey, the red color instantly drives the design’s attention.

H. M. Professional

08. The Bin Genie

Genie is a mythical character who can do whatever he wants instantly. This logo design uses the genie to convey that the company can do the bin cleaning job best for the subscribers.

The Bin Genie

09. Spartan Enterprises

This housekeeping logo shows a warrior helmet in red, conveying that the company provides its cleaning and maintenance services effectively with a passion.

cleaning and maintenance services logo

10. Essential Touch

The Essential Touch housekeeping logo is an elegant design based on typography. It uses the classic handwritten font to signal that the company’s cleaning and maintenance service is elegant and high-end. The logo looks impressive in black and white as well.

Essential Touch housekeeping logo

11. Priority

Priority is a company providing window cleaning services. Its logo has a piece of cleaning equipment, and the brand name is in big letters with the company’s business mentioned underneath. A few sparkling stars are uniquely placed in the design to symbolize cleanliness.


12. Damas Cleaning

This is another impressive housekeeping logo using only two colors — blue and light green. A small cleaning broom in blue is another attractive feature that drives our attention.

impressive housekeeping logo

13. Pool Service Ninjas

The Pool Service Ninjas logo design gets inspiration from the word Ninja and depicts a cleaning workwoman in a cleaning pose that looks like a ninja in action. Here, the message is that the company is as passionate and aggressive in providing its services as a ninja.

Pool Service Ninjas logo design

14. Maids On A Mission

‘Follow your dream while we clean’ is the slogan and message of the cleaning service Maids On A Mission. The red cleaning broom and blue and green colors help convey the message effectively. Being a combination logo, it uses the power of the image and typography to drive potential customers’ attention.

cleaning logo design

15. Complete Carpet Cleaning

A carpet cleaner’s figure in action is the key feature of this logo design. It is blue, which is the color for cleanliness and friendliness.

Complete Carpet Cleaning

16. Maverick One

The designer used a triangular shape to create an elegant logo for Maverick One, a cleaning service provider company. It is a logo in blue and white, which expresses friendliness, cleanliness, and elegance.

Maverick One cleaning logo

17. Cynara’s Cleaning

The Cynara’s Cleaning housekeeping logo features a star at the top of the circular design. The company name appears nicely in the middle in stylish lettering with a flourish.

Cynara’s Cleaning housekeeping logo

18. Commercial Cleaning Services

The tall multistory buildings in this logo represent the commercial aspects of the big cities and, therefore, the company’s name. This logo also uses blue and green as its primary color scheme.

Commercial Cleaning Services

19. The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet logo is for a carpet cleaning service providing company. The designer chose to design the logo in red as it expresses the brand name. There is a cleaning professional with a piece of equipment as the main feature. The company name and the carpet image convey the brand’s business.

Red Carpet logo

20. Ace Apex Ceiling

This is another typography-based housekeeping logo that uses a mix of fonts to create a unique design. The designer cleverly created the ACE letters to give the impression of ceilings, which the company cleans.

housekeeping logo

21. Cleaning One

Sometimes a multicolor logo also looks impressive, and this is one example. The designer used blue, green, and red to convey the happiness of keeping a surface neat and clean. The red sun image is for driving the attention, and it also stands for hope and a great future.

Cleaning One

22. Spark – L

The Spark-L housekeeping logo is a unique design for its depiction of a man shown in the action of cleaning a window. Viewers know what the company is all about by glancing at the logo.

Spark-L housekeeping logo

23. Sunshine Cleaning

The designer incorporated a sun image in yellow and created the brand name in pink to make the company’s logo stand out. The bold and clean arrangement of the letters also gives the design a unique look.

Sunshine Cleaning

24. On The Spot

The On The Spot logo designer incorporated a water drop with a leaf to symbolize purity and growth. These elements signal a neat and clean environment, which is the message of this cleaning and management brand.

On The Spot logo

25. Innovation

The Innovation housekeeping logo also has a water drop as its main feature to symbolize cleanliness and life. Typical use of the stars and the water drop and big fonts are critical elements designed uniquely to make this logo stand out.

Innovation housekeeping logo

26. Integrated Janitorial

Another impressive housekeeping logo shows a professional doing the cleaning job. Big fonts and a color scheme of blue and green make this simple design stand out. It is a versatile design that looks great on all marketing materials, including a van.

impressive housekeeping logo

27. Funsch

Funsch is in the pressure washing cleaning business. Its housekeeping logo has elements of a roof and a piece of cleaning equipment.


28. Cleaning Credentials

This logo design is also an example of how to convey a message through design. The logo has buildings and a piece of cleaning equipment that tells us about the company’s business.

Cleaning Credentials

29. Platinum Pressure Washing LLC

Green and blue usually are the colors used in cleaning and maintenance logos, and this logo also does the same. But it looks unique as a combination of the elements of a circle and a piece of cleaning equipment. Can you see a boot in the design?

Platinum Pressure Washing LLC

30. Genesis

Square is a symbol of completeness and this housekeeping logo design uses this element to depict the company’s complete cleaning services. Green and black colors help this design stand out.

housekeeping logo design

31. A Maid 2 Order

Since this company is in the cleaning and maintenance business, its housekeeping logo depicts a well-made house. The logo designer incorporated conventional elements of stars, circles, and a house to convey its message of keeping homes clean and orderly.

housekeeping logo

32. Cansal Safety

This cleaning and maintenance logo is unique in its use of red and blue colors. While the flame, company name, and equipment are in red, just the water in blue catches the eye and drives our attention.

cleaning and maintenance logo

33. TG

The Gleem Team housekeeping logo is green and black but looks equally impressive in white against different backgrounds.

Gleem Team housekeeping logo

34. Protex

This logo could be seen as a clichéd design with a conventional green and blue color scheme. But it still is unique due to its clean and simple way to convey its brand message.


35. Carpet Maids

The carpet is a mythical element that is known for its magical qualities. The designer of this housekeeping logo uses the company’s name to create a green carpet for the brand message of dream cleaning and maintaining properties.

Carpet Maids

36. Castle Keep

Since the company name is Castle Keep, the designer thought it fit to design a castle in the background in this housekeeping logo. The conventional green and blue design still looks impressive and sends out the right message.

Castle Keep

37. C & O Window Cleaning

The designer created the C & O part of the brand name in the shape of the infinity symbol, making it a sophisticated design piece. The designer created the business logo in dark green and contrasting white to evoke the high-end quality of services.

C & O Window Cleaning

38. Nature Clean

Often the logo designer takes inspiration from the brand name itself to come out with a unique concept. This logo design has a girl wearing an apron with a broomstick and a flower in her hands. That image, along with leaves, conveys the nature part of the company’s name.

Nature Clean


39. L A Clean Pros

The designer used the protection imagery by creating two hands and a home in between to signal that the company offers to keep homes safe from dirt and damage. The designer used dark green, blue, and white to create a sophisticated look for the design.

L A Clean Pros

40. Shore Tidee Cleaning

Shore Tidee Cleaning logo is another unique and impressive logo that uses imagery and symbols to express its message. The anchor image symbolizes customers’ trust in its high-end cleaning services. The company name itself is the inspiration behind the design.

Shore Tidee Cleaning logo

41. Top Dog

This housekeeping logo features a cute dog happily holding pressure washing equipment. The company used the dog image to make its washing service appealing. Pet dogs are everywhere, and people like to have them around, so this logo cleverly incorporates a playful dog.

Top Dog Housekeeping logo

42. Resilience

Resilience is a cleaning and textile restoration company. The designer used bold typography to come up with an eye-catching logo design. The company’s initial R is at the top of the brand name, shaped like a stamp, symbolizing trust and authenticity.


43. Be-Clean

Be-Clean housekeeping logo has only two elements of wavy lines and twinkling stars to convey the message of a happy and clean environment.

Be-Clean housekeeping logo

44. Nix Pressure Washing

The Nix Pressure Washing logo uses traditional elements of a rooftop and a circle for its cleaning message. Still, this logo looks unique due to its simple arrangement of elements. The color scheme of blue, yellow, and green also is conventional.

Nix Pressure Washing logo

45. Get The Grit

The Get the Grit logo is one of the unique but straightforward housekeeping logos that drives our attention quickly. Its design features a house cleaning broomstick, rooftop, and stars. White and blue color schemes make the combination logo stand out.

Get The Grit

46. Wass

Wass is in the exterior cleaning business. Its housekeeping logo is typography-based with a rooftop element giving it a unique look. The navy blue and light green color scheme looks good to the eyes.


47. Cleanse Solutions

This logo design expresses its brand message by using a leaf which stands for growth associated with a clean environment. It is a simple design with an impact on viewers.

Cleanse Solutions

48. Turtle Beach

The Turtle Beach housekeeping logo is unique for using a turtle doing the cleaning job. The company name is the inspiration behind the design.

Turtle Beach housekeeping logo

49. Double Impact

The yellow and light green color scheme gives the Double Impact logo a unique look. Along with the impressive design, the company’s slogan, you name it, we have it, conveys the brand message.

Double Impact

50. Scooty’s

Scooty’s housekeeping logo stands out because of the design of the steam cleaning equipment and the use of grey color. The designer used typography to convey the company’s message to the target customers.

Scooty’s housekeeping logo

So, these are the inspirational housekeeping logos that indicate what a cleaning and maintenance logo should look like. You can then proceed to create a logo for your upcoming cleaning business.

If you want to avoid hiring expensive logo designers due to your budgetary constraints, you can even create a logo on your own, even without any design experience. All you need to do is visit the Logo Maker by Designhill.

This AI-based DIY software tool lets you pick your colors, fonts, and other housekeeping icons from its vast library. Then, the software automatically comes up with dozens of logo ideas. Pick one of them and customize it further to suit your cleaning and maintenance brand’s personality.

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Wrapping Up

If you are planning to enter a cleaning and maintenance business, make sure that your housekeeping logo is impressive and conveys your brand message. These inspirational housekeeping logos are simple but impressive designs for their use of colors, icons, and typography. They all successfully speak for their brand’s cleaning business using only a few elements.

Create Your Own Housekeeping Logo

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