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Step By Step Guide To Promote A Transportation Business

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Starting A Business

Transportation Business

Last updated on December 4th, 2019

Are you planning to launch your trucking business or any other transportation business? The first thing to note is the competition. Many new and established transportation companies are already in the market. You will compete with them to grab a market share. But it is never easy to survive in a competitive market and it’s also true for the transportation industry.

You may be a great trucker but that does not automatically make you an equally good business owner. You have to learn the tricks to run and grow your transportation business.

Transportation Business

Here Are Step By Step Guide To Promote A Transportation Business

Step 1. Buy Equipment

First, you should focus your time and funds for purchasing the right equipment for your transportation company. However, it is also an expensive decision you will be making. You have to arrange for funds. You can also look for sell/lease as an alternative route to have the equipment for your company.

To buy the equipment, just make some down payment and then get a loan for paying the rest of the money. You can pay the remaining amount in installments. Once the last payment is made, the equipment is all yours. You can also get equipment on the lease but that is a complicated process. It involves paying a monthly fee for using the equipment.


Step 2. Get A Nice Business Logo

A logo serves many purposes. It is an identification mark for the customers to know that they are buying products or services from a particular company. A logo is also a business symbol of a company. It also helps build a brand identity of a company. However, all such benefits from a logo are ensured only when your transportation business company’s logo design is unique and it stands out from the crowd.

If you are not sure how your logo should look like, then simply send the work to crowdsourcing sites. Designhill is one such leading graphic design platform where hundreds of logo designers will work on your logo design contest. You can get a logo for your company shortly as per your design brief.

Company logo

Step 3. Start Making Sales Calls

Many new transport operators depend on load boards to get their first shipping customers. However, load boards are expensive, as you have to bid for the lowest price, which lowers your profits as well. A smart step is to make sales calls on your own. You should build your own customer list, which is a hard work but it will eventually help you build a list of shippers.

Many of these shippers may become your royal customers. For example, you can secure contracts with your grocery stores in your locality to earn thousands of dollars per month per truck.

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Step 4. Create Business Cards

Whenever you meet your potential customers, hand out your business cards to them. That is your best bet to share your contact information. If your business card design is attractive in terms of its design, concept, and style, it will lure your customers to your business. Moreover, giving out your card to your clients is a sophisticated and professional way to introduce your business while providing them your contact details of the company.

business card

Step 6. Take Care Of Cash Flow Issues

One of the major problems faced by small entrepreneurs is cash flow. Many small companies close prematurely as they have no cash left to meet urgent expenses such as purchasing of raw material and paying salaries of employees.

If you want to run and promote a transportation business successfully, have some cash in reserve to meet urgent personal and business needs. Many shippers pay in 40 to 60 days. So, keep a good amount of cash always in hands until your business is finally on its own.

Step 7. Create A Website

You must think of putting your transportation business online since most of your prospective customers will search for your services on the web. Your website must hold all the relevant information about the types of transportation services you provide to your clients.

Make sure your website design is user-friendly. The website should not be too heavy. It should not have too many heavy images and other elements that increase its load time for users. Keep the web design simple. Its navigational features must be unique and attractive for taking your users across your web pages effortlessly. The website must have crucial pages such as About us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions so that your customers take your business and services seriously.


Step 8. Keep Brochures In Your Office

When your clients visit your office, one of the first things they look for is your brochure to find out silent features of your transportation business in a nutshell. They will take your brochure with them back to home as a reference to your business.

Therefore, create a professional brochure design that can present your trucking services in a pleasing and memorable way. A brochure that stands out in design concept is capable of luring the customers toward your business. Make sure that there is a judicious combination of images and text in the brochure design.


Step 9. Use Flyers For Promotion

Flyers are perhaps the most cost-effective way of business promotion. This one page marketing pieces will attract people’s to your business. Just stand at one place in a street or marketplace of your city and deliver your flyers to the passerby.

Those who are looking for transportation services, they will surely notice your flyers closely. Others may pass the information to the peers who are in need of the services. To draw people’s attention, your flyers design should be unique and attractive. Try to deliver select details and images of your transportation company in your flyer.

flyer design

Step 10. Promote Your Business On Social Media

Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the best bet to enhance the reach of your business. Create a dedicated social media promotion page for each of the social channels. Then, start posting text based content along with some visuals on these pages regularly.

transportation business
Create videos on YouTube like platforms to engage your potential customers. Write interesting short messages on Twitter page of your business regarding your special offers and services. You should have a dedicated Facebook page and post your promotional content on it regularly.

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So, these are the steps your transportation business and company must take for promotion. For a steady growth, dedicated your energy, time and finances to market your services and explore all available platforms to your advantage.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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