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7 Steps To Developing A Video Marketing Strategy From The Ground Up

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing

Last updated on February 4th, 2023

Static visuals have long been used in marketing campaigns but they have a limited hold over people when it comes to engaging them with a brand. This is where video marketing has shown and proved its worth. Because of the moving pictures, a video becomes a powerful tool to tell a brand story. In fact, that is the chief reason for more businesses resorting to videos to enhance their audience reach.

Videos are new hot favorites of people and marketers alike. Along with the use of still pictures, business owners are exploring the unlimited potential of videos to send across a brand message.

The power of videos for marketing lies in the fact that we all love to watch moving pictures. We can relate with a moving figure as it can reveal its characteristics by its gestures and speech.

Therefore, besides the still images, most websites and social media sites have videos to depict products or services.

An Effective Tool For Brand Promotion

The trend of using video marketing for brand promotion is only rising. This is evident from various surveys conducted by different agencies in this regard. Here are some of the key survey results:

i. Reports say that 54% of consumers want to see video content from a brand.

ii. 87% of marketing professionals use video to promote brands.

iii. 88% of video marketers said they were satisfied with the ROI when using this medium on social media.

iv. In terms of lead generation, 66% of video marketers said they got more qualified leads per annum.

v. When it comes to engaging people with a brand, the average user spends 88% more time with the websites that have videos.

vi. Chances of viewers recalling a brand are 95% higher after watching a video, which is only 10% when reading about a brand in a text format.

Types Of Videos

With the gradual progress in the use of videos for business promotion, marketers are posting different types of video content. Most of the marketers prefer creating an explainer video. These are short videos that explain how to use a product or service.

Then, there are many other types such as video blogs known as vlog, video presentations, and recordings of live streams, video testimonials, video ads, video interviews, tutorials, product demos, and product reviews.

You should be exploring most of these video content types for your video marketing plan. But you cannot engage your audience just by posting a video without first formulating a strategy.

Marketing requires you to adopt a careful approach. Also, there are now dedicated video hosting sites such as YouTube that you can explore for marketing purpose.

Keep These Top Video Marketing Strategies In Mind To Engage An Audience With Your Brand

01. Know Your Goals Precisely

What exactly is your purpose behind creating your video marketing strategy? You should come out with a convincing answer to that question.

A typical response is that you want to increase sales to improve revenue. But that is a broader goal. In order to create an effective marketing strategy, try to narrow down the objective.

Video Marketing strategy

So, ask some questions that require specific answers about your goal. For example, do you want to make videos to drive more traffic to your website? Or, is it for generating more awareness of your new brand?

It may be that the video should aim at building a strong following on social media. You may be more interested in building up an email list. Your marketers may like to create videos with the objective of improving the conversion rate.

Keep the goals in mind as one of the ways to benefit from video marketing.

If you have multiple goals in mind, then it would be good to create dedicated videos for each of the objectives. However, you can also think of video content that connects all the goals.

02. Find Out Your Target Audience

After determining your objectives, now it is the time to know who is an ideal customer of your brand. Before attempting video creation for business, answer some questions. Which is the audience that you intend to reach?

In other words, find out the market that you want to target with your videos. You should specifically know the demographics of the audience. Find out which age group of people you wish to target.

Are they males or females, or both? Where do they come from, and what are their common interest, etc.? Get precise answers to such questions to know more about your target audience.

Your Target Audience

To know the answers, do some market research via polls or questionnaires and understand the current trends in your industry. Besides this, know how your competitors are using video marketing to their advantage.

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03. Pick Your Video Types And Topics Carefully

Once you are done with knowing with your goals and audience, now focus on the types of video content you wish to produce. You should also decide on the right topics. Do you want to create “how to” videos to guide people on the use of your products?

Or, are you interested in telling your brand story? It may be that some case study videos will interest your audience. An effective strategy is to make videos on each content type.

Pick Your Video Types

Then give an attractive and relevant topic to the videos. When selecting the topics, pick them which can help you achieve your marketing goals.

At this stage, use the data you obtained during your market research. Just keep in mind that the audience should be able to respond to the topics.

Also, do not forget to put your logo design in your videos so that people can recall your bra easily and can trust your content.

04. Put The Logistics In Place

For video marketing, you need to have the logistics to set up the equipment. You will need equipment for recording, editing, and producing videos. But consider the type of videos you wish to create in mind.

If you are looking to create animated videos, you can also use Vyond’s platform for easily making your own animated videos. Moreover, if you are not an expert on handling the video making job, then you will be hiring a professional for it.

Logistics In Place

You will also be creating multiple videos to schedule them in advance for your audience as part of your video marketing plan. The number of videos you need and their frequency will also be a factor in picking the logistics.

05. Decide Where To Publish And Promote Your Videos

A point to consider for video creation for business is to know where to publish your video. Plenty of video publishing platforms are accessible to marketers. In your next step for video marketing, choose the right platform.

You can opt for self-hosting videos or publish them on social media. Another option you can explore is to distribute your videos through video sharing platforms.

Promote Your Videos

Then, you will also be promoting the published videos. In fact, publishing and promoting are the two aspects that go together. Remember that video sharing platforms and social media are known for having a considerable amount of their own internal traffic.

You can benefit from this traffic. Therefore, the focus should be on creating promotional strategies to target viewers within that particular platform.

But if you opt for self-hosting of videos on a business website, you will be doing the extra needful to promote the content.

06. Define Your Brand Tone And Language

Another video marketing strategy is to make sure that your potential customers remember your brand after watching your videos. For that to happen, videos should speak in a specific tone that suits your brand personality.

For example, if your videos have a playful tune, the viewers will remember it. Make sure that each element used in your video marketing gives value to the audience and is fun.

Define Your Brand Tone

When deciding on the tone, consider the current video marketing trends as well. You can find out which trends marketers are using to impress viewers.

07. Test Your Videos For Performance

Merely creating your business promotion videos and putting them on the web is not sufficient for effective video marketing. You must run a performance test on the videos.

Plenty of analytics and optimization tools like FunnelDash, Needls, and AdEspresso are available to marketers. With their help, you can track your videos’ performance in terms of reach, clicks, and sales it is generating.

Run these checks again and again. This is the way to find out what is working best for engaging your audience with your brand.

Test Your Videos

If you are putting your videos on your website, then hire a professional graphic designer to create a user-friendly website which displays your videos.

These are the key video marketing strategies you should be considering. For the best results, focus your resources well on each of the steps you take. You should always be prepared to make any changes in the plan to create and promote your videos.

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Wrapping Up

When developing your video marketing strategy, some of its crucial aspects matter a lot to engaging of an audience with your brand. Make sure that you have researched your niche market and target audience. You need to create videos that tell your brand story. So, pick the right tone of your videos. The logistics and testing of your marketing performance are other vital points you should consider for better brand engagement.

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