5 Steps To Launch A Successful Home Furnishing Business

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From investing in a creative home and furnishing logo designs to calculating the estimated start-up costs, there’s a long list of things to consider before starting a home furnishing business. However, if you have a flair for renovating homes through creative decorating skills, your home furnishing startup is sure to give boost to your passion and earn you rewarding remunerations.

Here, we present to you 5 easy steps to start a home decorating business of your own. However, before you follow these, try practising these steps in the homes of your friends and family. This exercise will help you build up a portfolio which in turn will help you to get a licence quickly.

Step 1: Develop A Plan & Licence Your Idea

To begin with, jolt down your business ideas on a piece of a paper. Ask yourself whether you are inclined towards being a product-focused designer who likes conceptualizing the design and then sell the concerned products, or just a consultant who does not deal with products selling.

Product-driven designers are generally those with less experience. Keep a close look at other decorating business to know market specializations, market charges and their respective design calibre.

Be competitive by offering better or different designs from your counterparts at a relatively low charge.

Write down a list of all equipment and services along with estimated amount of capital you will need to start the business. Before creating website, create your home furnishing logo.

Once it gets done, go to your local city hall and fill out an application for license. You need to trademark licence for your company as well. Do not start designing clients home until and unless your license is approved.

Step 2: Nourish Your Dream

The idea was just a starting. Now begins the tough part. Collect all the equipment and supplies necessary for designing. Acquire specialized software that can be used to show your design ideas to your clients.

Your physical store would also be a kind of your portfolio, so invest in office supplies, computers, wallpapers, best carpet designs and other design elements that showcase your business philosophy.

Feed your office with things that impress your clients. Do not purchase unnecessary fabrics and things that require you to pay the companies each month.

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Step 3: A Solid Portfolio

A portfolio is the first thing your clients will ask from you. Decorate your own office or home and start taking their pictures to include it in your portfolio. Do not shy away from experimenting with various techniques to create an all-round portfolio.

You can also ask your close family members or friends to click you while you are working. This gives a professional feel to your portfolio. Put the best pictures in your portfolio. Manage a guest book too, which will record the experience and recommendation of all the people you have worked for.

Step 4: Create Contacts

For a person in home furnishing business, it is important that you connect with local suppliers. Knock on the doors of companies who manufacture fabrics, wallpapers, carpet, flooring and furniture.

Be in close contact with painters and carpenters to figure out the rates for designers. A study from Chron reveals that home decorators can get as much as 50% discounts from certain manufactures, so do a steady market research. You can save a lot with right contacts.

Step 5: Spread Your Business Idea

It is important to showcase yourself in the market. Start networking with other fellow professionals like real estate agents and architects along with other home furnishing businesses who might help you to attract clients with your kind of taste.

Business referrals are must for any business owner. Source a creative logo design and invest in a highly-efficient, professional website design. Do well to get an inspiring social media page design to summon the attention and interest of your target audiences on the social media.

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Like any other business, home furnishing business too involves a lot of complexities in terms of office setup, online presence and client-handling. Start with what is possible and soon you will be doing the impossible.
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