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Top 71 Stunning Photography Logos For Your Inspiration

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on March 1st, 2024

Photography is all about telling a story through visuals. Being a business symbol, the logo becomes a visual representation of the strength and values of a brand. Few photography logos become more than a business symbol. These remarkable logos inspire us due to their unique design concepts.

Small photography business owners can access those themes and templates for free by using a logo maker tool. It is a do-it-yourself (DIY) software design tool with dozens of logo ideas reflecting the type of photography you do and the business you run.

The term aesthetic appears more generic since photography is nothing but art when it comes to professional photography. Over the years, artistic visuals have gained momentum in almost all fields. This paved the way for their use in a wide range of graphic designs. As a result, many aesthetic WordPress photography themes and templates are available online to the users.

A photography logo should be able to communicate with its audience. The logo should be clear. One of the top qualities of a great logo is its memorable design. It must be a visually appealing design.

Most importantly, a logo designer must know how to design with emotion. Do not forget that emotional response is essential in building a relationship. This is true for making personal as well as business relationships.

So, check out if your existing photography logo design is good enough to make an emotional connection with your target customers. If not, then you should consider redesigning it.

But do not worry about your small budget when creating your photography logo. You can do your logo design on your own without any prior experience.

How to create a photography logo on your own?

All you need to do is use logo maker software, and it will guide you to designing your logo in a few minutes. Such a DIY tool comes with hundreds of design elements of colors, fonts, images, icons of the photography industry. Just drag and drop them as per your choice and design requirement and get your logo immediately without spending much.

However, designing or redesigning a logo needs some inspiration to charge a designer’s creative mind and soul with new ideas. So, to inspire you, we have prepared a list of great photography logos. These logos have perfect colors, typefaces, symbols, concepts, and other design elements. Please take a look at some photography logos for your inspiration-

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Here Is A Curated List of 71 Stunning Photography Logos

01. Kamara Photography Logo

Kamara Photography logo design in twin colors is fantastic. The logo designer has deliberately kept things subtle and yet has achieved success in delivering the essence of exceptional photography services.

Kamara Photography Logo

The use of yellow color gives the logo its identity. People can identify this logo quickly due to the color, which dominates the design.

02. Trina Koster Photography Logo

Trina Koster Photography logo portrays the subtle image of 3 girls holding the camera, exposure meter, and flash lamp, summarizing the firm’s specialty in the photography arena worldwide. This logo is unique for girls showing their eagerness to click pictures.

Koster Photography Logo

The color scheme, including pink and black, conveys that Trina and her team of dynamic photographers specialize in weddings, events, and portrait photography.

03. East-West University Photography Club Logo

East-West University Photography Club’s brilliant camera-shaped logo is one design that never fails to inspire. With three boxes of red, green, and blue, the designer has essentially incorporated the RGB color scheme in the color palette. The right color scheme is one of the basic principles of logo design.

East-West University Photography Club Logo

Moreover, the photo’s letter ‘O’ has been illustrated as the camera lens. No wonder this brilliant logo has long been an inspiration for many.

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04. Judith Rae Photography Logo

Judith Rae specializes in wedding photography, and her company’s vintage camera-shaped logo reflects how she and her team can make one’s wedding grand and classic.

Judith Rae Photography

There is a touch of classic lettering in this logo. This is for giving credibility to the company’s photography business. Undoubtedly, this photography logo design is a stroke of a masterpiece!

In addition, the use of fancy, handwritten logo fonts further adds glittering stars to the overall appeal of this effectively creative logo.

05. Blue Water Photo Photography Logo

Bluewater Photo is a famous underwater camera store, and what could have been a better way than to surround the company name with a whirl of sparkling blue water, glorified with a tint of purple.

Blue Water Photo Photography

Note that the designer has used blue in its shades to break the monotony. Graphic designers should use one or two colors only for the simplicity of the design.

This logo spells out the artistic creativity and leaves onlookers mesmerized. A unique business logo helps the growth of a brand.

06. Deanna McCollum Photography Logo

The aesthetic and straightforward logo design of Deanna McCollum Photography entangles the flower petals and the grass beneath in a string form.

Deanna McCollum Photography

This symbolizes that they deal with wedding and family photography. In addition, the simple color scheme and fonts add to the glitter of this superb logo design. This versatile logo design can easily fit everywhere due to its simplicity of design and use of one primary color.

07. Luna Curran Photography Logo

Luna Curran’s Photography has an artistically spelled initial of the company, which truly reflects the team’s creative potential. In addition, the camera-shaped ‘O’s in the word ‘Photography’ further adds to its appeal.

Luna Curran’s Photography

This brilliantly conceptualized and crafted logo is undoubtedly praiseworthy. It is no wonder it makes our handpicked list of some of the world’s best photography designs.

If you are looking for an impressive logo design for your company, crowdsourcing is one of the best options.


08. Captivating Art Photography Logo

Art comes in many forms, and Captivating Art Photography’s exceptional logo captures the very essence of designing art. The initials ‘C’ and ‘A’ are beautifully placed inside a circle of various floral patterns and unfailingly emit an aesthetic appeal.

Captivating Art

You can also note the lettering, which has a classical tone. The designer chooses handwritten letters to give authenticity to the business. Two contrasting colors draw the attention of viewers instantly to the logo.

09. Hercules Photography

In the Hercules Photography logo, we can see bright colors. The logo contains a camera with spread wings attached to it, which captures every moment in the camera to create a beautiful memory.

Hercules Photography logo

10. My Fine Heart Photography

The font used in this design is fantastic, but the image used has so many beautiful elements. In the image, one can see a multicolored camera, and the lens of the camera shows sea waves, birds, and a family.

My Fine Heart

This symbolizes the photography services available for families on vacation, which would be a significant target audience for My Fine Heart Photography.

11. James Hardy Photography LLC

James Hardy Photography has a target audience in the entertainment industry. So, the logo designer created this logo in red and black to make it look dramatic. The handwritten style of lettering and a tilted camera icon drives the attention.

James Hardy Photography LLC

12. Jamie Gray Photography

The Jamie Gray Photography logo is an elegant and classy design. It has two conventional elements of the hills and a moving circle that doubles the camera focus. The golden color of the letters and hills give this logo a unique look.

Jamie Gray Photography

13. Dan Zimmerman Sports Photography

This company is in sports photography. A unique feature of this photo logo is that there is no element of sports included in the design.

Dan Zimmerman Sports Photography

Still, the logo looks impressive due to its wise use of typography with a combination of big and small sizes of capital letters. The blue and grey colors give a sophisticated look to the design.

14. Perfect View Studios

A unique feature of the Perfect View Studios logo is that it has a camera icon in the middle with a big red focus mark.

Perfect View Studios

The handwritten style of lettering stands for the art aspect of photography. It looks like a sophisticated and professional design.

15. Qiana Nicole LLC

Qiana Nicole rents out photo booths, and the target audience is event planners, weddings, and adults. Its photography logo has every element oversized to make the design stand out. The logo looks impressive in black and white.

Qiana Nicole LLC

16. JB Photography

The JB Photography logo has a butterfly design made of the letters J and B, which is a unique attention-grabbing feature. Its golden color evokes sophistication.

JB Photography

17. Snapshot Photo Albums

Snapshot Photo Albums is a photo album service that allows users to choose their album style and deliver it. Its logo is a straightforward design using typography mainly to convey its message of quality and sophistication of the service.

Snapshot Photo Albums

18. FlyBy Aerial Services

The FlyBy Aerial Service logo is for a brand dealing with aerial photography and videography customers.

FlyBy Aerial Services

Since this service for the clients is mainly through drones, the designer incorporated a stylish drone element in the design to convey what they expect from the business.

19. Indulgence Photography & Videography

The logo of this photography and videography company shows a couple standing close to each other, which signals that it offers services for weddings, portraits, and other such occasions. As the company targets high-end clients, the logo has a touch of elegance.


20. Fringe Imaging

The Fringe Imaging logo evokes interest and creativity due to some abstract design elements combined with the company’s name in bold letters. Its steely looks build trust about quality services from the company.

Fringe Imaging


This is an outstanding logo as very few cool photography logos have rooftops since the company is in the real estate photography business.

cool photography logos

The logo is in blue and black, and a touch of white further gives the design a unique look.

22. Photography by MCJ

This is one of the photography logos that use liner art to create a modern design. This minimalist logo has the camera icon drawn in a few thick lines which drives our attention. The company is in the business of making family portraits.

photography logos

23. Light Brigade Photography

Light Brigade Photography deals with landscape, architecture, and minimalist images. The designer incorporated a lantern-like icon because of the company’s name Light Brigade. It looks impressive in black and white.

Light Brigade Photography

24. 202 MEDIA

The 202 Media photography logo targets high-end real estate agents, architects, and home builders. It is a simple logo that spells out the company name with a touch of blue and white colors.


25. Craig Vitter Photography

The Craig Vitter Photography logo is one of the eye-catching and straightforward photography logos. It has a photo camera icon that conveys that the company works professionally in capturing the images.

Craig Vitter

26. Thunder Ridge Images

A dog, a cat, and horse images in a circle make this logo stand out amid a line of photography logos. This company targets an audience that loves animals and nature.

Thunder Ridge Images

27. Haro Digital Media

Haro Digital Media does videography, photography, and drone footage for companies, homes, and events. Its logo has a camera to represent the company’s business and message.

Haro Digital Media

28. Superior Real Estate Photography & 3D Virtual Tours

Superior Real Estate provides real estate photography services to realtors, architecture firms, and home sellers. Therefore, the logo has a rooftop element in the design.

Superior Real Estate

29. Sunmarie Photography

The Sunmarie Photography has a giant sunflower in the middle, part of the camera icon. Its target audience is small families, children, and wedding photography clients.

Sunmarie Photography

30. Rosa Angelica Photography

The Rosa Angelica Photography logo design has a classic touch to it, which signals the trustworthy services of the company. It has a handwritten lettering style to express the elegance involved in the art of photography.

Rosa Angelica

31. KodachromeIO

KodachromeIO provides free film and photography content. It also sells apparel and accessories merchandise. Its photography logo is a minimalist design with just a circle and K letter in handwritten style with the company name underneath. The logo is dark and light blue, which gives it a distinctive look.


32. Arra Photography

Sometimes just a few lines can make a logo look unique and impressive. The Arra logo is among the best photography logos we can appreciate for its minimalist design. Just a few thick and thin lines are enough to create an impression on the audience.

Arra Photography

You can do one such logo design for your small photography business completely yourself by using a logo maker. Such a DIY software tool guides you in designing the logo in a quick few steps without any experience.

33. Recapturing Memories

Recapturing Memories targets high-income families, mainly retired family members, parents, and children. It is one of those photography logos that make an impression instantly. The blue camera icon and handwritten style of lettering make this logo unique.

Recapturing Memories

34. J. Route Photography

The J. Route Photography logo is an impressive design due to a large and stylish camera icon with a touch of green. The company’s name is in bold capital serif font that evokes the authority and professionalism of the business.

J. Route Photography

35. San Diego Productions

San Diego Productions offers full production services to the photo and video industry. Its logo has a conventional camera symbol, two stars, and some eye-catching elements. The logo that looks good is also in black and white.

San Diego Productions

36. Times Treasured Studios

Times Treasured Studios is in nature photography. So, its photography logo conveys that message by incorporating a tree on the top of the camera design. Multiple colors in the design represent nature and its joy.

Times Treasured Studios

37. Amanda Roy Photography

The Amanda Roy Photography logo is amongst the most memorable photography logos. It looks impressive due to the use of a finely designed camera figure with liner art plus handwritten lettering style. There are only two colors to keep the design simple.

Amanda Roy Photography

38. Maverick Solutions

Maverick Solutions does aerial photography and videography with drones. Therefore, the designer incorporated a bird at the top of the circular design to represent the drone photography business of the company. This is one of the fantastic photography logo ideas.

Maverick Solutions

39. LimeLight

LimeLight serves its audience with real estate and landscape photography. You can notice that these two elements are well within the logo design. Both the L letters look like roads, buildings, and landscaping.


40. Lora Grant Photography

Sometimes just a signature can make a camera logo stand out, and the Lora Grant Photography logo is one excellent example. The signature style of the design is such that it immediately becomes memorable for the target audience.

Lora Grant Photography


The designer used the initials of Aveti Media to form an attractive text-based logo. It is an elegant and memorable circular design that has the company’s initials and full name. The logo looks good in black and white as well as in color.


42. Captured Joy Photography

The Captured Joy Photography logo is in cursive writing with flower stems, titled simple but unique design. It looks impressive against all backdrops.

Captured Joy Photography

43. Sidheshwar Chauhan Photography

The photographer does high style fashion glamor subjects and family-oriented photography. There is a camera lens as the main design element with the S of the photography’s name in the middle and full name underneath. It looks great against a black background as the lens becomes prominent.

Sidheshwar Chauhan Photography

44. Dronerth Aerial Imaging

Dronerth Aerial Imaging is in drone photography and videography, and so it is all about the outdoors. Its logo is one of the amazing photography logos as it shows a drone camera lens designed like a drone. With only three colors, green, blue, and white, this logo is at the same time unique and straightforward.

Dronerth Aerial Imaging

45. Dixie Drone

The Dixie Drone photography logo is another uniquely designed symbol of a company’s business. It features a drone in flight capturing the landscape.

Dixie Drone

The dog is a pet animal, which the designer incorporated to drive attention and engage people with the company’s business. Also, it conveys that drone photography is no more a strange thing and most people can afford it for a variety of occasions.

46. Amy and Hyatt Studio

The Amy and Hyatt Studio logo looks unique and stylish because the graphic designer created a camera design in liner art using dark yellow and white colors. Letters A and H of the brand name also find a place inside the design.

Amy and Hyatt Studio

47. B-Side Films

B-Side Films does short promotional videos. We can rate its logo as one of the most recognizable photographer logos. The logo looks especially great on landscape photos and layering over the videos for promotional purposes.

B-Side Films

48. Erika Nestla

The Erika Nestla logo has a photography element of a camera with the company’s initials inside of the design. The designer used only blue and black to create an impression.

Erika Nestla


ParkPhoto needed a logo for its website and targets people who take pictures in national parks. That is why its logo shows nature with mountains, rivers, and the Sun. The orange color drives the attention of viewers and targets customers.

50. Lillian Cavanaugh Photography

The Lillian Cavanaugh Photography logo is all in the classic lettering style and looks impressive due to the wise use of white color.

Lillian Cavanaugh Photography

51. Sarah Baird Portraits

Sarah Baird Portraits specializes in women’s portraiture and targets female entrepreneurs and high school senior girls. Its logo is one of the most formal photography logos designs and is all in text.

Sarah Baird Portraits

The brand name is in serif font to convey professionalism. The company’s specialization in portraits is clearly mentioned in the logo.

52. Dana Lynn photography

The Danna Lynn Photography logo is another unique but straightforward typography-based typography based design. It shows the company name’s initial letters to drive attention and as an brand identity.

Dana Lynn Photography

53. White Dove Photography

The White Dove logo is a clean and elegant design in golden handwritten lettering art-based typography, and it is the prominent element to draw viewers’ attention.

White Dove Photography

54. Testino

Testino is in the wedding photography and lifestyle portrait making business. Its primary target markets include brides who are looking for contemporary wedding photography.


The designer used a ring with a diamond as the main element of the logo. But the ring design also doubles as a camera lens to convey the message.

55. Vuri Matija

Vuri Matija is a wedding photographer with a unique logo. It is amongst the photography logos that stand out due to its amazing design. The diamond shape logo also depicts a well-dressed groom for the wedding.

Vuri Matija

56. Drone Aerial Photography

The company will be providing photography and videography utilizing drones. It will be business to business attracting a wide array of industries. Looking for a simple, yet effective contemporary logo to present the service. When I think about the service, I think about falcon or eagle.

Drone Aerial Photography

57. MYR Photography

MYR Photography owner mainly does landscape and pet photography. It has two bracket icons in blue and red, which indicate the photography business. Then, the brand name clearly tells about what the company does.

MYR Photography

58. Lealee Photography

This is one of those photography logos that draw inspiration from a bygone era. The logo shows the company’s full name in the classical lettering style and an old-style camera placed at the end. With such a logo, a brand can evoke trust in its target audience.

Lealee Photography

59. Bentley Creative Agency

The Bentley Creative Agency logo is a bold but minimalistic design and highlights the brand name in red. It surely grabs the attention due to its straightforward use of the name.

Bentley Creative Agency

60. J.Bergquist Photography

The business owner wanted to have the crow as part of the logo design. So, the designer came up with this idea. This logo has a flying crow on the left while the brand name is in cursive letters.

J.Bergquist Photography

61. Wispy Willow Photography

Wispy Willow targets mothers, families, and middle to upper-class customers. Its logo design is one of the most sophisticated photography logos. It uses sleek typography to make the design stand out and convey a message of high-end photography service quality.

Wispy Willow Photography

62. Digital Merit Photography

Digital Merit Photography specializes in fashion, portrait, wedding, birthday parties, and corporate events photography.

Digital Merit Photography

Its logo is in a classic cursive lettering style and conveys its message of providing a trustworthy service to the target audience.

63. Weaver Real Estate Photography

The Weaver Real Estate Photography logo is surely amongst the simplest photography logos that drive our attention immediately.

Weaver Real Estate Photography logo

It has just a rooftop element inside of a box that is a symbol for a camera. So, it is a minimalist design that speaks well for the business.

64. Mike Bristol

Mike Briston specializes in portrait photography and targets engagements, family, and maternity. The logo is a simple design with a touch of fun. It gives a hint of the camera at the end of the brand name and is designed to form the letters TOL.

Mike Bristol

65. Corli Photo Booth

This is a photo booth rental company. Its company’s logo has a bearded person and pink color used in the letters of the company name and creates a kind of festive mood for the people who go to the booth to get photographed.

Corli Photo Booth

66. Willis & Main

Willies & Main specializes in stunning visual media for real estate, vacation rentals, and public buildings. The logo designer used the brand’s initial letters W and M to form a camera shape and wrote the full name by the side.

Willis & Main

So, it is a straightforward logo and conveys its message of being a professional service provider.

67. Michael Griffith

Michael Griffith wanted a simple logo using the name as a signature, and it would appear on a watermark on photographs. So, the designer came up with this idea with a simple signature for use and not an overpowering design.

Michael Griffith

68. Savvy Studio & Stores

Savvy Studio & Stores logo is amongst a few photography logos that are multicolored symbols. The camera icon has multiple colors, while the company name has pink and green. This company sells accessories and equipment related to photography. So, it targets individual customers as well as academic institutions.

Savvy Studio & Stores

69. Iris Imaging

Iris Imaging is in drone photography and videography and serves all kinds of clients. Its logo is a unique and beautiful drone design.

Iris Imaging

70. Dan Swinson Imagery

Dan Swinson Imagery logo is undoubtedly one of the most elegant photography logos. It uses a dancing pose to form the logo in the D and S of the brand name.

Dan Swinson Imagery

The company specializes in photographing performing arts, athletics, and a healthy lifestyle. So, the message here is that the brand offers services known for elegance.

71. Big Planet Photography

Big Planet Photography captures pictures of wildlife, plants, and anything natural. Its logo is undoubtedly one of the unique photography logos that drives our attention toward the company’s main business. There is a big bird against the rising sun and sea, inspired by the company name.

Big Planet Photography

So, get your inspiration dose from these fantastic photography logos before you set out to create one such logo for your new photography business.

If you are running on a small budget, you can use the photography logo maker tool from Designhill, which is a DIY tool to guide you in designing your logo without any experience. You can easily come up with a unique logo in a few steps.

Alternatively, if you can invest in having a professionally designed photography logo, then launch your logo design contest at Designhill. Dozens of logo designers from the world over will send you their unique design ideas and you can pick one winning logo that suits your brand personality.

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Photography logos are visuals that represent a photography company’s business. The logo design must stand out with unique concepts and avoid cliched elements such as a camera. The logo designer must carefully pick up the color scheme and other factors.

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