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24 Stunning Sports Logo Ideas For Your Inspiration

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design - [wtr-time]

Sports Logo

Last updated on November 25th, 2019

Due to intense competition in the sports field, branding has become an essential part of the process that enables teams to form their brand identity. For sports branding, having a professionally designed sports logo design is a necessity and increases name recognition & also creates brand entity. So, you do have to consider the best sports logo ideas before you finalize your sports logo.

In the current century, the field of sports has occupied a very significant part of our lives. The extremely appealing and competitive nature of sports engages millions around the world. The competitive element in sports can be easily gauged by the number of teams spread across the different forms of sports. The segregation of teams nowadays is not only limited to International, national, states or domestic clubs, but also several institutions are professionally engaged in different forms of sports all across the world.

Now there is one common aspect which distinguishes each team from the others, each competition from the others, even each game from the others – apart from the name of the team and the name of the sports event — it is the logo ideas as well as the logo which differentiates the two entities from each other. Now if you are from the sports fraternity and planning to give an identity to your team or competition.

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24 Stunning Sports Logo Ideas Which Are Sure To Inspire You

01. Adventure Sports Logo Needs To Be Fun And Thrilling

Adventure sports is one of the most enthralling and appealing genre of sports which attracts people from all age groups. So, if you are planning to make your own bungee jumping or river rafting unit, then a logo which depicts high Adrenalin or the bad ass nature of the sport would be perfect for your unit. For this genre of logo design, two elements are an absolute requirement to be expressed – excitement and energy.

Sports Logo

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02. Corporate Sports Logo Must Include Company Name

Even the corporate world is now enthusiastic enough to participate in different tournaments. For corporate sports logos, two things must be encompassed in the logo ideas. The name or existing logo of the organisation and the sports event they are participating in. An amalgamation of both the elements would create a wonderful and engaging logo.

Corporate Sports Logo

03. Corporate Sponsors As Logo

As mentioned earlier about the corporate sports team logos, logos for tournaments or competitions that host the teams can add glamour to the event.


04. Educational Institute + Sports As Logo Combination

Combining a specific genre of sports and the logo of an educational institute would bring up an enchanting logo for any high school team.

05. Showing A Mythological Creature In The Sports Logo Design

Depicting a mythological creature like a unicorn in or a Yeti in your logo would give a different dimension to your sports team.

Sports Logo Design

06. Use Of Sports Gear In The Sports Logo

The depiction of the sports gear is one of the cool logo ideas. Like utilising a basketball for your basketball team, or a baseball bat for your local league team can be a good thing to do.

Sports Logo

07. Use Of Prominent Landmarks In The Logo

Make use of prominent landmarks in your logo ideas. For example, you are organising a marathon or a long distance cycling event in a particular destination. Utilizing the picture of the most prominent landmarks of that area in your logo would be a good idea apart from incorporating an image of the sporting event too.

Prominent Landmarks

08. Showing Flag Of The Country Or State In The Sports logo

Utilizing the flag of the state or country and making a collage of the participating countries or states in the league or competition would be a fruitful logo idea too.

Sports logo

09. Use Of Greek Olympian God In The Logo

The inclusion of Hermes or the Greek Olympian God in the logo. To add a classy touch to your logo, you can add Hermes to give your logo idea a different dimension.

Greek Olympian God

10. Use Of Animals Pictures In The Logo

Including pictures of animals in your sports logo. We all know, different animals have different key characteristics, for instance, a bull shows the element of strength, the leopard shows the aspect of agility. Although the most common, it is also the coolest way to convey the key characteristic of your team by including the specific animal in the logo. The only differential way is how you display the animal in the logo.

Animals Pictures

11. Use Of Fire In The Logo Design

Fire conveys many aspects that sync well with any sports team. It conveys the aggression, the power, and the supremacy of the team in the game. So including the same in your logo design would be a very good idea.

Logo Design

12. Showing Flowers Or Plants In The Sports Logo

From olives to cactus plants, we can convey certain characteristics by utilising plants or flowers in logos. Also, there are various regions or countries which have their own national flowers or plants, so from that angle, you can utilise the same in your logo.

Sports Logo

13. Showing Famous Sports Personalities In The Logo

The image of famous personalities from that particular genre of sports. For example, using an image of Michael Jordan for any junior basketball team or Babe Ruth for any upcoming baseball team.

14. Minimal Design Element

Utilizing a minimalist version of the game in the logo would be another good way to make your logo stand out from the rest. Like displaying a set of swimming flippers or glasses or boxing gloves etc. would be an intelligent way to make tournament logos.

15.  Sport Skill As Logo

Incorporate a skill of a particular sport in the logo. Integrating a skill of a sport like a back volley in football or a cover drive in cricket or a Produnova in gymnastics would be a smart approach to build your logo.

16. Using Image Of Biceps In The Logo

The logo contains an image of biceps in it. Projecting an image of well-shaped biceps in sporting teams or genres where strength usually plays a pivotal part can be a good thing – for sports genres like American football, Mixed Martial Arts tournaments, etc.

17. Use Of Different Color Effects In The Logo Design

A brilliant way to build your logo on the colour effects or grandeur which the aspect of lightning conveys.

Logo Design

18. Using Image Of Satan In The Logo

Although Satan depicts the evil side of you, from a different perspective, Satan also depicts the element of raw strength and power. So utilising the image of Satan or even the colour tone or horns of Satan in your logo would present a different dimension to your logo.

Satan In The Logo

19. Use Of e-Gaming Components In The Sports Logo

For e-gaming teams, utilising the key components like a gaming keyboard or a mouse in the logo would be a smart way to make your logo. To continue with the e-gaming domain, utilising the key element of the game which you are into, for example, if you are playing a single player shootout game then using a soldier silhouette or if you are playing a game like FIFA, then using a football in your team logo would be nice.

e-Gaming sports logo

20. Showing Insects In The Sports Logo

Insects –As mentioned earlier, utilising animals in your team logo because different animals have different characteristics, likewise is the logic for insects. Insects like the Dung beetle, scorpion, bee, etc. if used in your logo would add a different dimension to it.

Sports Logo

21. Showing Team Name In The Logo

Graphically enhancing the name of your team in the logo – This is the simplest way to go about because the name of the team has been already fixed. You can graphically enhance the fonts according to the nature of the game or the characteristics of the team.

sports Logo

22. Showing Trophy In The Logo

Utilizing the trophy to be awarded in the competition or tournament in your logo. If you are making a logo for a tournament or competition, a simple way to make it glamorous would be to include the trophy or the final cup or shield which would be presented.

23. Sport Arena as Logo

Using the play arena where the sporting event would be held. For example, if you are making a logo for a beach volleyball tournament or a water polo tournament or a billiard tournament, then utilizing the beach arena or the billiard board in the logo would be a nice approach.

24. Use Of Sports Equipments In The Logo

Using the equipment required in the particular sports to frame the name of the team. For instance, if you are building a logo for a cricket team then utilising the stumps or cricket ball to make the alphabets of the name of the team.

Sports Equipments

Here are some quick tips before you design your logo.

  • Ensure that the design is versatile. The design should look good both on the jersey as well as on a poster.
  • The logo should appeal to audiences of all age groups. Both the young and the old are interested in sports. Design something that will be praised by sports enthusiasts across all age groups.
  • It should not be a copy of another logo idea. Do not create a logo that is similar to one from another team, club or institution. Instead, design something of your own that is both unique and new.
  • There is a story behind every logo idea and your logo should have one too. Do not create some random logo without a meaning or story because you will be at a loss of words when you will need to explain what your logo stands for.
  • To create a fantastic logo, think smart and keep it simple. Your logo needs to stand out from the rest but overdoing it might spoil the impact that it should have on the audience.
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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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