Top 15 Stylish Wine Label Design Examples For 2022

Wine Label Design Examples

A Wine Label Design has only 1.5 seconds to make an impact’ as quoted by John Lawlor (co-founder real picture research). There is an overwhelming variety of wine available in the market. Red wine, white wine, rose wine, fruit wine, honey wine, starch wine are a few to name. Among such stiff competition to make your wine bottle stand out, you need a distinctive wine label design that grabs attention of the customers.

There are many wine lovers and wine experts, but what attracts everyone the most are the wine label designs. In the wine industry, marketing of wine is mostly proposed along with the wine labels. Advertisement of wines has become much easier with digital marketing.

There are different concepts used for designing wine labels with the help of label templates online. One such example is to design the label in such a way that it shows the whole process of manufacturing the wine.

The label can highlight the origin of the wine, or the different ingredients or components of the wine, the alcohol content of the wine, aroma or the type of fragrance used in the wine, etc.

The mentioned features are highlighted as a unique selling point of the product to be introduced in the market. Apart from the characteristics or the feature of wines, even the talent of your graphic designer can contribute a lot more to the marketing of the wine.

It not only connects to the customer with its design but can also highlight the different points which make the wine unique.

You can either design your own wine label with accurate label size or can hire a professional to do so for you. It’s easy to find a professional at Desinghill, who will address all your requirements.

Contemporary designs are also in trend for a wine label. Even if one is not a wine expert or a hardcore wine lover, the packing attracts the customer towards the wine.

There are various wine label designs which can be used for the coming 2022 celebrations.

Here Are 15 Stylish Wine Label Design Examples For 2022

01. Gut Oggau Portrait Wines

The label for this wine is designed by Jung von Matt. This label design defines the personality of an individual (there are nine different personalities to be specific).

The Oggau Estate winery claims to define whether the man is mature, playful or of the serious type. They design their label with a story of the man of a definite nature and personality. They relate it with the notion “Like every individual, every wine has its own nature.”

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02. Honey Moon Wine

This wine is famous for the shape of its bottle and also for its special font, the “honeymoon font.” You can see this beautiful typography on the label.

The bottle is designed by Lauren Golembiewski. He gifted this wine bottle to his customers as a celebration of “honeymoon,” which stands for the period of harvesting honey in the month of June.

03. Mini Garage Winery

This wine is packaged in containers similar to that of turpentine cans. This creative idea gives the impression of adding fuel to the vehicle and is to be stored in the garage. This is designed by Anthony Hammond.

04. Lunar Vine Wine

Here is another creative concept to highlight the wine’s feature and its soda pop taste. The bottles are colored like that of a soda pop which gives a message to its customers about the taste. The different flavors of wines such as Shiraz, Chardonnay, Rose, etc., can be easily identified by the bottle color.

05. The Logan Weemala Wine Collection

This wine collection represents its place of origin, Weemala. Weemala in Australia is the place where the grapes are grown. The word translates to “good view.”

The label has pictures of birds which are found in this region. There are 5 different flavors of this wine with each type of bird giving it a playful and attractive look to this great Australian winery.

06. Versus Wine Pouch

This is yet another unique packaging for wine. This is different than the traditional bottle wines. Initially, it may sound odd to have a wine pouch. Versus Wine Pouch serves you the clean and clear impression of wine and the golden logo on the pouch defines its quality.

07. Boarding Pass Shiraz

As the name puts it out clear, the label is like a boarding pass and provides the product details with the country of origin and the type of wine.

This label was a big hit in 2005, and the entire label gave the experience of an air travel. Boarding Pass Shiraz label is definitely the one you should have on your shelf.

08. Duffy and Partners Holiday Wine

This brand highlights the zero percent alcohol feature of the wine. It goes with the caption “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” It is a perfect gift for your family and friends.

09. Ben Schiller’s TwentyFour Wine

This bottle from Ben Schiller claims the bottle diameter to be exactly 24 cm. The design follows a rubber-band theme. This design is based on the theme of a rubber band and a cork seal.

10. Lazarus Wine’s Braille Wine Bottle

This is one unique label which will be difficult for a common man to read. The label is printed on a black or a yellow background with bold braille. The description and details of the wine are mentioned at the bottom of the bottle. This unique style lures us to pick this bottle and shelf it.

11. Vine Parma Wine

This label is designed by Raya Ivanovskaya. This label is a piece of art containing hieroglyphics, totems and the language used for telling stories in the ancient times. In this design, some basic information of wine is added for the customer.

12. B Frank Wine

You will find this label very interesting as it allows an individual to put a message for the receiver. This label is designed by Talia Cohen.

The wine can be labeled casually to be gifted to family and friends and can also be designed formally for a corporate occasion.

13. The Wine Case Lamp by Ciclus

After you finish your wine, the Wine Case Lamp can be used as a fully workable lamp. This functionality of the bottle makes it stand out pretty clear from all the other bottles.

14. Saddler’s Creek Winery “Naked” Wine Bottles

As the name says, there will not be any label on the bottle Saddler’s Creek Naked Wine Bottle. The contents and other text are printed on the bottle itself.

15. DolceVita Wines

These Brazilian wine labels are designed by Romulo Castilho. These labels give one the feel of the Brazilian carnival.

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These are the most stylish wine label design examples of 2022. You can get your inspiration from these or can ask the designers to suggest you something like this or even better. Remember, the label is the first thing which attracts the customers. So you need to be quite innovative while designing it.

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