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10 Successful Tips To Follow In The First Month As A PrintShop Owner

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Printshop Basics

PrintShop Owner

Last updated on February 6th, 2023

PrintShop is one of the best result oriented online platforms for selling artworks. It frees artists from the chaos of marketing their art products. And, helps them to focus on what they do best – Creating The Art. Many artists have already started selling their artworks on PrintShop and earned very well. But, in the beginning, a new PrintShop owner often struggles to drive customers. Why?

An artist is usually not into promoting, marketing, and selling products. For these reasons, most of the creative people seek professional art marketers to sell their artworks. But selling through physical art stores and galleries is not for everybody and certainly not for the artists who are yet to make a name for themselves. For them, online shops are the best medium to showcase their skills, expertise, and art pieces to the world.

In this scenario, PrintShop is the one platform that relieves new artists from the stress of marketing their creative works such as graphic designs, illustrations, and hand letterings. At this site, they can display their illustration or hand lettering artworks on custom tshirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone cases, posters, etc. Then, the site promotes, markets, and even ships the art pieces manufactured by PrintShop owners to the customers. So, the site leaves the artist alone to concentrate on creative ideas.

However, an artist, while opening the shop, should first make it sales-ready.

If it does not happen, then the marketing and promotional efforts from PrintShop may not help much in generating sales. Besides, personal efforts from the artist are even more important to drive sales.

Many artists leave everything to the customers’ willingness to buy their art pieces. That is the mistake that several new shop owners repeat. Instead, the correct approach is to start projecting yourself as a trustworthy brand, which ultimately results in catching the attention of potential buyers that helps selling more art pieces.

Follow These Tips As A New PrintShop Owner To Increase Your Artwork Sales

01. Create A Customized Start Page

The start page is the one where visitors coming from various social media platforms and other sources will land first on your site. Therefore, create it with a thought to make a great impression on the visitors. The main purpose here is to give the visitor a glimpse of what is inside of your shop. So, the page works as a teaser, which excites and prompts the potential customer to explore the shop to know more about your artworks.

PrintShop Owner

Your start page is the landing page from where a visitor can go anywhere inside of the shop. So, the pages should have all the major links of the information that your likely buyers of artworks must-have. For that reason, include buttons such as About, Product Review, Topics,

To make the shop user-friendly, professional, and impressive, consider these tips:

i. Give a headline that summarises what the shop is all about. The headline must be crisp so that the visitor gets your brand message right away.

ii. Insert a unique background image that visitors can relate to.

iii. Include customized call-to-action buttons that visitors can use for reaching to your product categories.

iv. Place the social media icons.

v. Display the trust elements – You should evoke trust in the benefits your shop offers to the customers. Tell them that they are trustworthy partners in this shop.

Overall, the intention should be to welcome your customers with all the features and benefits displayed right on the page for their convenience.

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02. Increase Product Visibility On The Platform

When customers land at your start page, usually their first move is to find out your unique artworks. After glancing at the page for various links and what you are offering, they click on your product page. This is the page for which you opened your shop. Here you display the art pieces.

Increase Product Visibility

But make sure that the display is under the set categories. You can showcase your artworks under the grouping – Men, Women, Kids & Babies, Accessories, Posters, and Home & Living. Upload your art to showcase them in these categories.

03. Find Out Ways To Enhance Revenue

There are plenty of ways to increase revenue by selling products from an online shop. You should be aware of these tactics. One of them is to speak directly to your group of friends. Ask them to spread the word about your shop, which is your startup small business, in their circle. This helps a lot in bringing more potential customers to your artworks.

Ways To Enhance Revenue

Another tactic is to gather the email addresses of your friends, neighbors, and people whom you meet by the side of an event. Find out which are the effective ways to collect email addresses of people. For instance, you can make the sign up for your newsletters or any other offering to get their email addresses.

Then, send emails regarding discounts, new artworks, etc. These enticing emails make them click on your online shop link. Email marketing is a surefire way to drive more customers to the shop, which ultimately results in a steady growth of revenue.

04. Analyze Your Competition

Competitors are everywhere and they are part of selling anything including artworks. While you have set up the shop at PrintShop, make sure that you do efforts to bring customers from many other similar shops. Today’s customers have hundreds of art shops to visit and compare before finally buying a piece. This means that you have a tough competition to face.

Therefore, know more about your competitor artists and what tactics they are adopting to be competitive in the market. Visit their online shops to find out their key strategies to sell. Compare as many of them as you possibly can. That will give you an insight into what you should be doing to be a more attractive seller for prospective customers.

Analyze Your Competition

To analyze your competitors, do not just visit their shop sites, but also their blogs, social media accounts, prices, landing pages, etc. Then, do something unique that they are lacking in or that is more attractive and special for the visitors.

You can even think over what type of artworks you should be created based on what is selling more on your competitors’ shops. Here you will consider the significance of design trends. Find out which trends in colors, typeface, etc are favorite amongst customers in other shops.

05. Set Your Product Prices

Setting the prices is something every PrintShop Owner should especially focus on. Here also, you should first take a good look at what price points other artists are comfortable at when selling their artworks. In the art world, including illustrations, hand lettering, and design works, the prices are seldom the same.

PrintShop Owners

The fact is that there is a wide range of prices set by the artists. This is because the art prices depend on a lot of facts such as the artist being a familiar name or brand, the type of artwork, the profit margin expected by the artist, and locality.

How This Can Work Out?

But, you can adopt a common approach to setting a profitable price. First, set your base price. This is the price that you think you should charge for your services as a professional graphic designer or illustrator. Then, you incur some operational cost as well in creating that art piece.

So, consider such a basic price first. Then, add to it your profit margin. This is the money that you wish to earn by selling the artwork. That will be your profit from the sales. In this way, you have your retail price at which it is profitable to sell your art.

Now, for each artist, the base price will be different since operational cost differs a lot depending on many factors. Therefore, while comparing your competitor artists’ prices, do not just blindly tag your prices accordingly. Since you must remain competitive, try to lower your prices to the level where you can earn profit but still customers find the prices enticing.

Since you are starting new in the art market selling through the shop, it is advisable to keep the prices low. Once you become a recognizable name amongst customers after a few years, and you are some authority and brand, you can tag your artworks with more profitable prices.

06. Know Your Keywords

Another important tip you should follow is about keywords. These are the significant words or phrases that your customers type on search engines like Google to search for artworks online. Those art shop sites that come up immediately on the first page of the search results are more likely to find customers.

This is because people instinctively click on the instantly visible site links. Therefore, keywords that your potential customers are likely to type on search engines are crucial to driving traffic from the web to your online shop.

PrintShop Owner

You can access many free online tools such as Google Keyword Planner To know which keywords are relevant to your specific art business. While searching for the right keywords, adopt a ‘less is more’ approach. This implies that not all the keywords you searched are going to yield the traffic. Only a handful of them is useful.

So, instead of using all the dozens of keywords you found out using the tools, pick only the best three to four keywords to optimize your online shop. You should invest your time and money more working around those select keywords and keyphrases.

Note also that long-tail keywords matter a lot in driving high-quality traffic. These keywords comprise of three to four words. Often, only those people who want to buy artworks will use these specific key phrases. They show their intent of buying art pieces.

07. Generate Awareness For Your Shop On Social Media Channels

Most of your potential buyers of artworks are on social media. So, how about exploring the power of social channels to bring more people to your online shop? Like all business owners, you can also take advantage of these channels as your cost-effective means of reaching out to art lovers.

Here, make sure that all the major social media icons are at the right place in your online shop. This will help visitors share your content about graphic design ideas, illustrations, etc. and images of artworks with their peers.

All you need to do as a PrintShop owner right away in the very first month of opening the shop is posting content related to your art, specialty, prices, discounts, etc on social media.

Printshop owner

Your shop must be visible to the social platforms users unabatedly. That you can ensure by posting images of your artworks and writing some small to big pieces of content.

For example, Instagram is the place for a small chunk of text content but you will be posting big images of your art pieces. On the contrary, Facebook is mainly a text-based medium along with images.

However, your social media presence should less be based on quantity and more on quality of content when you start a business. This implies that whatever you post should engage readers with your art business.

What Can You Do As A PrintShop Owner?

As a PrintShop owner, try to create some excitement for your art pieces amongst the audience. Show them why your art matters and how your customers can benefit from it.

Most importantly, make your content on social channels useful for people. When they find that you are solving their problem related to that art, be it price range or quality, they will naturally want to have a look at what you are offering through your shop. Even a bit of such social media marketing goes a long way in establishing the shop as trustworthy for customers.

08. Promote Your Shop Aggressively

PrintShop takes responsibility for promoting your shop. Still, efforts from your end too will help in generating more traffic and sales. Therefore, whenever you wish to offer a discount on your art pieces, let the world know it.

So, promote it aggressively on all the digital platforms. Give your audience a reason to revisit your shop to buy on discounts. Or, whenever you add new artworks to your shop, promote it using all means.

Promote Your Shop

Promoting your business aggressively is a little different from the regular posting of content on social media. When you do aggressive promotion, it means you take that one piece of content such as discount offers or new addition of artworks as a special event.

Then, go on posting content on the same issue for many days targeting your potential customers. This you will do to drive the audience’s attention to that particular development of significant value to you at present.

09. Start Blogging To Project Your Expertise

One of the things you should start right away as a PrintShop owner is to start writing blogs. Blogs are powerful marketing tools that can transform you into a brand as well. However, make it certain that you provide solutions to fellow artists and customers in your blogs.

Research the market and find out which issues concern art buyers. Then, write on those topics to guide them. Discuss also the contemporary trends in graphic design, illustration, hand lettering, etc, whichever may interest you, in your blogs. Share useful tips with your artist community.

When you post blogs regularly to solve artists’ and customers’ issues, it helps in projecting you as an expert and skilled artists. Consequently, when customers place trust in your artworks as well. This is the way to promote your value as an artist. Ultimately, it helps in projecting you as a trustworthy brand amongst customers.

Start Blogging

Think of guest posting as well. Guest posting is about taking advantage of the huge followers that a famous blogger already has. When your blog appears on such a site, you benefit from its traffic. Chances are that many of those readers will visit your online shop to buy your artworks.

Guest posting is also effective in introducing your artworks to more readers. But make those blogs engaging for the readers. Tell them some inspiring stories about how you started it all and give them useful tips. Make sure that your guest posts have a brief description of you as an artist and give a link back to your online shop.

10. Post Videos

Everyone is making videos today as part of an effective strategy to target customers and enhance the market reach. As a PrintShop owner, start making videos right away without delaying it for many months. The power of video in marketing can be gauged from the fact is that YouTube is ranked as the second biggest search engine after Google.

Post Videos

The key to making videos that generate more views and subscriptions is to make them engaging. Most of the viewers of your visual content on videos will go to your online shop to check what artworks you offer. So, videos will help in increasing traffic to our shop.

So, these are the tips we can offer to the new PrintShop owner who aspires to turn the shop into a great source of earning money. While this site from Designhill helps you in promoting your artwork, still as a shop owner, you should put additional efforts to bring customers to the shop.

Wrapping Up

As a new PrintShop owner, you should start working on these ways to promote your expertise so that more customers visit your shop to buy your artworks. For that, you need to first make your shop user-friendly by creating an impressive starting page with the right navigational features.

Put your artworks at crucial places on the shop for quick visibility and give a description. Then, set the right prices of artworks for customers. Analyze your competitor artists’ shop and their tactics to drive sales and see what different strategies you can make.

Also, use the power of social media, blogging, and video marketing to project yourself as a brand. This goes a long way to steadily increase your artwork sales.

Sell Your Art Online

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