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6 Successful Tips To Improve And Develop Your Brand Packaging

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Packaging

Brand Packaging

Finding success with your brand packaging means finding the balance between practical and marketing considerations. You will want to stay within budget, but remember that you could split the costs with materials coming from operations, and design could be considered marketing. The investment will bring you numerous benefits if you get it right. Here, we’re discussing successful tips on how to improve your brand packaging.

Your brand is about more than recognition. It can be part of building trust and a relationship with your customers. Your packaging is an ideal way to represent your brand and should be considered an extension of your identity.

Not only that, but it brings it to life in the places that consumers occupy. Whether it is on shelves or delivered to a customer’s home, you can appeal to them, encourage repeat orders, and secure recommendations.

The packaging deserves your time, money, and attention as it plays an essential role for your brand. Your business can benefit through:

  • A boost to brand awareness – it comes from being noticed on the shelves, as well as shareable content and brand mentions if you turn unboxing into an event.
  • Improved customer experience – having a strong identity represented through your packaging helps customers relate to you, making it more likely that they’ll purchase again or mention you to a friend. Plus, your product stands out, and they’ll remember you over your competitors.
  • A growth in ROI – packaging enhances the value of a product in a customer’s eyes, which you can take into account through pricing.

How To Succeed In Brand Packaging?

At first, your approach to brand packaging might seem like a series of difficult decisions with an overwhelming number of choices to be made. However, you must establish your criteria before you start.

When determining the scope for your packaging, it is essential that you keep your brand identity in mind. Deciding what impression you want to give your customers is the route to success. Crucially, you need to specify your values, your product, and your customers’ needs and wants.

These six brand packaging tips will help you to consider the practical and marketing aspects of brand packaging. By addressing each of them, you will have the answers to the decisions you need to make, and your business will enjoy the rewards.



Here Are The 6 Successful Brand Packaging Tips To Improve And Develop Your Brand Packaging

01. Test Shipment-Friendly Packaging

Whether your product sits on the shelves in stores or gets sent directly to customers, the packaging needs to withstand the delivery process.

No matter how good the item or what results it delivers, if it arrives broken, then the result is dissatisfaction, bad reviews, and no repeat customers.

Depending on what you sell, there are a few different solutions to ensure your packaging is shipment-friendly. You could consider using an outer box and an inner box, with the inner container having more elaborate logos, graphics, and instructions. That way, the customer still gains a positive impression when seeing your brand.

You could also include packing materials inside the box to protect the product. If it is tissue paper or something similar, it could include your logo design or a relevant graphic. For other items, like foam, you do not need to waste your budget on custom versions. However, choosing something that fits with your color scheme will make an impact.

02. Source Sustainable Packaging

If environmental concerns are not part of your brand identity, that does not mean that sustainable packaging can fall down on your list of priorities.

Many customers expect the brands they buy from to consider the environment and sustainable type of packaging cannot be on your priority list.

In fact, 74% of consumers are willing to pay more when it comes to sustainable packaging. This means you should not let budget be an obstacle to your decision to choose a sustainable option.

It also means that customers will feel happier buying your product, as the guilt of using other materials is eased. That positive feeling will extend to your brand and will boost their impression of you.

Single-use plastic has become a bad phrase, and rightly so. If you can find alternatives that are safe for the environment like custom cosmetic boxes, consider it a good investment. Sustainable does not mean ugly.

You can still include attractive graphics and sleek finishes on biodegradable materials. Remember to let your customers know by including statistics on the packaging, such as 100% recycled materials.

03. Consider The Unboxing Experience

With some of the questions of materials answered, it is also vital to bring design into the equation. The packaging does not need to be bland; it can be functional and attractive to appeal to customers. That can be achieved through logos, color schemes, graphic design, and lettering, as well as inserts.

The advantages that you could gain from aesthetically pleasing packaging include:

  • Catching the attention of customers.
  • Increasing the anticipation and pleasure experienced when receiving and opening the package.
  • A higher sense of the value of the product and your brand due to the appealing nature.
  • 55% of online shoppers will revisit a site after receiving a product with customized packaging

Those advantages bring wider benefits that can increase the reach of your brand and consumer recognition. If unboxing your product is an experience, then customers will mention it to friends, capture images, and share them via social media.

To enhance the unboxing experience, it is useful to pay attention to the inside as well as the outside of the packaging. You can intensify the process by including attractive fillers like tissue paper or a type of confetti that also cushions your product.

Opening the package will feel like a special event, comparable to opening a birthday present thanks to the festive feel you’ve added.

Another nice touch to build relationships with your customers is to add free samples or custom notes. Adding names or messages connected to the buyer or the product is a simple way to achieve this, which can be done through thank you cards.

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04. Tell The Brand Story

Before you choose to add your logo to any available surface, it is worth consulting with your marketing department and design agency to be more deliberate in the messages you send to your customers.

You can achieve the same effect using graphic design templates if you are on a tight budget.

Connecting graphics, characters, or particular phrases with your brand can help to tell your story.

The advantages of saying more about your brand are:

  • Consumers will know who you are, making it easier to relate, connect, and recognize your products.
  • The experience and interaction will be more authentic, as customers can align their values to yours.
  • Connection and authentic experience make the process more memorable, especially if it reinforces their ideals or sense of self

Telling your story can happen through several parts of the packaging. Examples include a text explaining how your products are made or sourced, how it is used or its benefits, the name, or the history of the company.

While some of that can be achieved through text, it does not need to be boring. You can use colors, characters, graphics, and images in different locations so that customers build the impression for themselves.

Brands like Lush include the name and some information about the person who packed the product. Alternatively, take inspiration from the Russian dairy plant Milgard.

Their products feature a blue cat that appears to move across their products bringing to life several stories and has caught the attention of millions online.

Brand Packaging

[Source:Bored Panda]

05. Review The Need For Educational Materials

As you determine how to tell your story, you will also need to consider what level of information and instructions are necessary for your product.

You also need to think of your audience, how would they like to receive these details, where should they be placed, and what is their assumed level of knowledge.

Some products might be self-explanatory, in which case, you could add something fun and light-hearted to encourage them to enjoy it without patronizing them. If further information is required, make sure you consider the problems that the product is solving when providing instructions.

As with all other elements of your brand packaging approach, the packaging design of educational materials can involve some fun and some practical aspects.

For example, do not add step-by-step instructions in an awkward spot or a location that will get torn when the customer opens the product. Feel free to add some color, personality, and some elements of your story too.

If you want to take things to the next level, you could consider interactive smart packaging. The physical interaction that consumers have with your product, if positive, can make them feel more connected to your brand.

You can take that experience virtually with QR codes or augmented reality elements that give users tips, recipes, or more of your story.

06. Stand Out From The Competition

As well as using your brand identity to determine your criteria, you can get some more input and inspiration from others in the industry.

Knowing the approaches of other brands or using the right brand packaging tips can show you what is possible, and more importantly, it means you can add an extra touch to stand out.

The first step is to identify your direct competitors. If you still don’t know them, find out targeted keywords by which customers find you and view who else rank for the same queries. It is easy to do with the all-in-one SEO software SE Ranking.

Using this tool, you can overview the whole niche on the market and how it developed over time, detecting new and old rivals, and spying on the digital marketing approaches they are taking to reach customers.


SE Ranking allows checking the competitor’s backlink profile to find out branding tactics along with overall positioning strategy in the market. Mind that the brand packaging comes as the last stage of brand strategy and must come alongside it, but not separately.

So, as a result, you’ll get useful insights into rival’s branding strategy, their activities in a digital environment, and ways they interact with customers. It is a great background for making decisions on packaging such as custom box maker packaging.

On top of that, you can go further and identify how users interact with competitor brands and products through Sprout Social brand monitoring. You can learn valuable lessons about earning positive brand mentions by looking at similar brands.

Thankfully, creative brand packaging has become an additional brand mentioning trigger. It also makes customers more loyal, since it can bring them additional emotions associated with the company.

The information that you get through research comes from official pages, including social media accounts. It tells you about the brand story as well as how they apply that across their packaging.

Knowing this will help you understand and reaffirm your position in the market. When you place an order, you can learn more about competitor packaging.

The Bottom Line

With some thought and attention, your brand packaging can bring you more success. Using the six brand packaging tips in this article during the development phase will help you make crucial decisions and end up with a design that will satisfy you and your customers.

Dealing with practical aspects like product instructions and sustainable but shipping-suitable materials is a useful way to establish some parameters of what you will use and what it will say. Next, you can determine your position in the market and how best to stand out by conducting competitor research.

Armed with that information, you can add to the overall experience by considering some vital design aspects. Telling your story through graphics, text, and other details will make you instantly recognizable and provide an authentic experience.

You can augment that, build your relationship with your customers, and gain attention online by providing an unboxing experience through customization and quality materials.

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