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Top 77 T-Shirt Template Sources That Will Make Your Life Easier

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Tshirt Design

T-shirt Templates Sources

Last updated on February 13th, 2023

T-shirt templates are useful when you wish to design own apparels. To create a variety of t-shirt designs, there are template sources having plenty of templates that give many colors, fonts, images, and other choices. The other notable feature of the templates is a mockup to test the look of the design.

Digital mockups or templates are integral to the t-shirt printing industry. The entrepreneurs can use the templates to have a preview of their t-shirt designs. When they want to find out how the design looks, all they need to do is to insert it in a template or mockup of their choice and go on testing the designs until getting the right results.

The templates are useful when you set up your clothing line or a print-on-demand service. The businesses benefit especially when they do not have access to models, or some photography setup is missing.

But there is no need to take t-shirt pictures when using templates. These mockups let you see how your funny t-shirt designs will look. After testing the looks and finding it satisfactory, you can think of starting the printing process.

Before you send your t-shirt ideas for printing, it will be good if you first have a preview on a mockup software also known as a template. These templates allow you to test your design for the right colors and styles against different backgrounds.

Here Are Top 80 T-Shirt Template Sources That Will Make Your Life Easier

01. Cotton Bureau

This site is a source of many colorful t-shirt templates. These are high-quality templates. This means that you get these mockups at high prices to view your t-shirt design in different images.

Cotton Bureau

02. Zazzle

It is a great template source where you can access dozens of t-shirt templates of your choice based on colors etc. features.


03. Design Shock

This place has many t-shirt templates with vector .ai source files. You can edit mockups and customize them as per your design requirements with a few clicks.

Design Shock T-shirt Template

04. Behance

Behance is another great source of dozens of unique mockup t-shirt templates with modern features and textures to test realistic hanging t-shirt styles. The textures can be tested in different colors and design of your choice.


05. Designhill

Designhill’s tshirt maker has a collection of several t-shirt templates. 16 Men’s Apparel Mockups and 16 Women’s White Apparel Mockups let you test your design with two choices. You can either test the design on the model or a t-shirt alone. Also, the template enables you to do the mockups for women t-shirts.

Designhill t-shirt template

06. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is particularly a choice for those who want to test their embroidered men’s polo t-shirts, men’s and women’s scot polo t-shirt designs. You can view the shirts in many polo colors such as black, red, navy blue, maroon, etc.


07. CreativeBooster

There are plenty of t-shirt templates at this place to meet your design and testing requirements. It offers easy options to change colors and insert designs.


08. Real Thread

This site has many templates that allow you to have high-resolution files of Americal Apparel custom fine jersey t-shirts. You can create mockups in every shirt color.

Real Thread

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09. UCreative

This compilation of templates is a good choice to test t-shirts in various styles and colors. The template is simple to use. You can also test a folded version of your t-shirt. Surely, this is your platform for custom t-shirt printing.


10. Graphic Design Junction

This site has 40 PSD t-shirt mockup templates that you can use to edit using Photoshop efficiently. You should put your artwork in the template, and it will automatically show up it as a mockup with shadows, effects, and highlights.

Graphic Design Junction t-shirt mockup templates

11. PSD Mockups

PSD Mockups is a source of mockups to test a variety of t-shirt styles such as round neck t-shirts, sleeveless cotton t-shirts, breast pocket t-shirts, v-neck and polo style t-shirts, and others.

PSD Mockups

12. Vecteezy

This is another place to have dozens of t-shirt templates to create and test your designs of the apparel in a wide range of colors, sizes, and models. You can customize the design in so many ways.

Vecteezy T-shirt templates

13. PlaceIt Mockup Generator

PlaceIt is a choice to create great mockups that suddenly look professional designs. This easy-to-use interface gives you a lot of garment images and allows you to test your tees in folded and all shapes and sizes.

PlaceIt Mockup Generator

14. Mashtrelo

With this site, you have access to 45+ free t-shirt mockups such as hanging t-shirts, realistic t-shirt mockups, and tag t-shirt mockups that you can customize as per your requirements.


15. Spoon Graphics

You have access to a bunch of mockups for your t-shirt designs. These templates are the right choice for those who want to create their own black T-shirt designs and then test them for the best looks.

Spoon Graphics

16. Design Deck

This site has templates to create and test your design on front and back sides of T-shirts in black, blank, and colored versions.

Design Deck

17. Freevector

With this template site, you can customize colors and placements while designing and testing your print t-shirts designs. This is a vector clothing template that you can use for all fashion and apparels.

Freevector T-shirt template

18. Design Bundles

This sports t-shirt template site is a good choice if you create and sell t-shirts for sports people. It has a lot of images of models wearing sports t-shirt. Just put your design on the t-shirt of your choice and examine the design to your satisfaction.

Design Bundles T-shirt Template

19. Tech Client

This is one of the useful mockup templates sites to create your t-shirt design and test them by inserting your own design elements.

Tech Client

20. GraphicsFuel

GraphicsFuel should be your choice when sourcing various t-shirt mockups. This site offers you dozens of templates for testing your t-shirts on realistic mockups before sending the design to printing. You can choose from 8 colors. All you need to do is to drop and put your design or any artwork to see how the t-shirt looks.


21. Vector Stock

This compilation of templates is dedicated to designing and testing black t-shirts in front and back sides. But you can take a good look at your colored and blank t-shirts using this easy platform.

Vector Stock

22. Custom Ink

Custom Ink does not require you to download any file. Instead, you can directly use the templates as your t-shirt mockups and save it for further work on it.

Custom Ink t-shirt template

23. The Mock Shop

This is another great source of mockups to give you a clear view of your t-shirt’s front and back side with sharp details and quality textures. You can edit the template easily, and you need just to add your design to change the apparel color in a matter of seconds.

The Mock Shop

24. Printful

Pick this mockup source as a solution to create your print files as well as mockup photos in an instant for your store.


25. Print Aura

This platform is highly recommended for a wide range of custom t-shirts printing and design mockups of high quality. You can use the template also for personalized hoodie templates, bag templates, and long-sleeves shirt templates.

Print Aura t-shirt template

26. Graphic River

Graphic River delivers you many template choices in styles with models faces. A feature of this mockup is that you get models wearing t-shirts while exercising at the gym. But you will require Photoshop to incorporate the designs in your t-shirts.

Graphic River

27. Creative Template

Creative Template has over 70 t-shirt template that helps you create the apparels for your target audience. The site has an amazing variety of backgrounds and model to test your design on them. You can even know how your set of t-shirts look in bundles.

Creative t-shirt Template

28. Threadless Mockups

You should opt for Threadless mockups when looking for some high-quality t-shirt mockups. This platform is also equally good for designing hoodies, tank tops, and jumpers.

Threadless Mockups

29. Cafepress

Cafepress is a useful mockups site to design men’s t-shirts in 21 styles. It is also an equally great platform to create men’s hoodies, kids’ clothing, custom tote bags, 16 styles of women’s t-shirts.


30. Upstate Merch

You can use dozens of templates for multiple varieties of t-shirts including hoodies and long sleeve shirt templates. The platform allows you easy visualizing of your t-shirt designs for promotional purpose.

Upstate Merch

31. Deal Jumbo

Get many free t-shirt design templates with this site to experiment with your designs. You have these templates free for personal and commercial use.

free t-shirt design templates

32. Mockup World

This is yet another great collection of mockups for a wide range of apparels including T-shirts for both women and men.

Mockup World

33. Freepik

This vector platform has many mockups is useful when you do not want those regular pixel-based t-shirt design mockups. This implies that the user can expand it to the desired size without distorting of the image.


34. Bonfire

Bonfire gives you many options in choosing a t-shirt design depending on your own design requirements. At this site, you also get design guide and tips to learn t-shirt designing.


35. Mockup Hunt

Mockup Hunt is a useful source of dozens of t-shirt mockups to see your t-shirt design in various styles such as v-neck, long sleeves, sports shirts etc.

Mockup Hunt

36. Timvandivall

Timvandivall gives you many blank t-shirt templates when you want to skip the step of drawing your t-shirt. You can print blank t-shirt templates for your artists and designers.


37. De Colore

De Colore has more than 45 t-shirt mockups that allow you to see the shirt design in various styles such as the round neck, polo, tank jersey etc.

De Colore

38. StudioWeber

Studioweber has many mockups with smart layers, which lets you replace any graphic in your choice of object. With the help of the color layer, you can easily change your t-shirt colors. Such mockups are also useful when you create a logo and want to have its preview.


39. Colorlib

Colorlib gives you free access to a wide range of t-shirt templates including hanging, flat, and folded t-shirt mockups.


40. Threadbird

ThreadBird gives you access to t-shirt templates that are easier to use. Think of these when you need to test your t-shirt design in jumbo screen size and standard screen size.

Threadbird T-shirt Template

41. Event Elements

This template site is an ideal choice when it comes to accessing all the tools for graphic designing such as logo design and t-shirt design. For t-shirt designing and testing, you get many files that come with models as well as 2 D vectors.

Event Elements

42. Free Mockup Zone

At this site, you have access to dozens of exciting free t-shirt mockups to find out how your design for male and female t-shirts looks. Most of these templates are based on PSD format.

Free Mockup Zone

43. Smartmockups

This is yet another great site to access many product mockups for your t-shirt designs. You can examine the design against the various back ground with models.


44. Mediamodifier

Mediamodifier is an online site for several t-shirt mockup templates that come with all the regular features such as customizing the color of your t-shirts. Just insert any image and get the realistic design results against various backgrounds.

Mediamodifier t-shirt template

45. All Over Print.IT

With this template site, you can present your photorealistic t-shirt design, color t-shirts in your own way as all the templates are easy to edit, and they all are fully layered. Test the design against different background colors and textures.

All Over Print

46. Sketch App Sources

Visit this template site to access sketches for a variety of T-shirts. You can create designs such as V-neck, crew wrinkled, crew straight, and scoop.

Sketch App Sources

47. Speckyboy

Visit this site to source 15 high-resolution t-shirt mockups to get photorealistic results in quick time. These mockups are in Photoshop PSD format that let you change the color of your t-shirts.


48. Templatefor

Templaterfor has more than 90 free and premium t-shirt mockup PSD templates to test your design in various fashions, colors, and styles.


49. Customized Girl

This is a free pack of t-shirt vector templates with classic themes. You can see your T-shirts in printed forms as a menu display.

Customized Girl

50. Graphic Google

Graphic Google is the right option when you are in the business of selling tank tops for women as you get these templates free for commercial use. It has Smart Layers that let your graphic designer add your design to the tank top.

Graphic Google

51. PPTK (Prepress Toolkit)

These t-shirt template mockups come with a full package of features. It comes with free and costly versions if you want to test designs of many other garments.

Prepress Toolkit t-shirt template

52. Pixeden

Pixeden is the site where you can have an illustrated model to compare the looks of your T-shirts next to many other pictures.


53. 365 Web Resources

365 Web Resources is one place to find a wide range of t-shirt templates for women, men, and kids t-shirts. The site has many templates to test polo, long sleeve and many others.

365 Web Resources

54. Alien Valley

This is yet another useful source of mockups with a lot of features when you want to test T-shirt on a flat surface.

Alien Valley

55. Mockup World

These cool mockups should be preferred when you want to examine your t-shirt on a standing male model against an urban background.

Mockup World

56. Design By Humans

If you are looking for t-shirt templates that allow you to modify the design, then opt for Design By Humans. The templates give you the precise dimensions that fit into your graphics requirements. You also get some tips when you need some images to make T-shirts look impressive. Use this mockup to showcase your t-shirt in both front and back side.

Design By Humans t-shirt templates

57. InkSoft

If you’re looking for realistic but simple templates, then this platform is a good choice for blank crew-neck t-shirts. You get some lessons regarding the use of the template with a video on the site.


58. Go Media

Go Media has some exciting, colorful templates. So, use this site for your print T-shirts. You can use these mockups in such a way that it looks as if it is printed on a real t-shirt and hoodie.

Go Media

59. Tech & All

This is a good site for PSD file mockups to test the design on smart objects. You will save your time with this template.

Tech & All

60. Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger is a PSD file that allows you to see your t-shirts in a hanging position from a wooden hanger. You can examine the apparel in the back and front versions. With such mockups, your graphic design services provider can check the designs from different angles.

Graphic Burger

61. We Graphics

We Graphics should be used for its different flat t-shirt mockups to see the design the back and front side. You can modify your choice of colors. The template lets you insert your design on your choice of t-shirt using Photoshop.

We Graphics

62. Medialoot

You can customize your t-shirt designs and colors with many templates along with other features. Test your design in free unisex and color tee mockup.

T-shirt Templates

63. Original Mockups

Original Mockups is the site to create and test your T-shirt design with fine details.

Original Mockups

64. ZippyPixels

This platform comes with two mockups. You can use the mockups to look your T-shirts in different perspectives.


65. GraphicTwister

Graphics Twister has many mockups to examine your front side and back side of the t-shirt. You can see the apparel against wooden backgrounds with the smart layers.


66. Design Bolts

This template is a good choice when you want to use mockups for long sleeves T-shirts. Get a view of the front and back side of the apparel with a model.

Design Bolts

67. DeviantArt

Deviant Art is yet another choice when looking for great t-shirt mockup templates. With it, you can quickly add your choice of colors to the design. It is available free for commercial and personal use.


68. Michael Hoss

Michael Hoss is a great mockup to design t-shirts. You can test sleeve colors, garment colors, tags, etc. With this template, you can put your choice of design on your t-shirt. With this platform, you can create a unique t-shirt to build a nice brand identity of your business.

Michael Hoss

69. PixelBuddha

This is an ideal template site to create your t-shirt design on a photo. You can see the design in different colors.


70. Buzz Art

Buzz Art is another great source of mockups to test various T-shirt looks in different colors and styles.

Buzz Art

71. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is another easy t-shirt design template that gives you many options of colors, text, etc. to create men’s and women’s t-shirts. This site offers the templates at a price that some may find a bit higher.


72. Printsome

These templates are particularly useful to design and test women’s t-shirts with different mockups. See your t-shirt worn by different models.


73. Designer Tale

Designer Tale lets the store owners have their free polo t-shirt mockups. The free feature Smart Objects allows for easily modifying colors, and it helps in adding your choice of design to your t-shirt

Designer Tale

74. Color Overload

This is an easy template site to use when it comes creating and testing your t-shirt design with 40 preset colors. These colors are based on American Apparel t-shirt colors.

Color Overload

75. Envato

Envato has a lot of options to choose from templates when you need to create t-shirt designs and test them for your brand promotion. You can check the apparel design with items such as custom hats, tshirts, bottles, and cups. Many models and hanging t-shirt mockups, as well as sublimation t-shirt mockups, are available with this platform.


76. Creative Market

Creative Market is known for its wide range of high-resolution hoodie mockups. You can preview hoodie T-shirt images in front and back view. With image editing software you can adjust the hoodie color. With the help of such mockups, you can test various graphic design ideas to find out which ones are best suited for your business promotion.

Creative Market

77. Clothing Templates

Clothing Templates has several PSD mockups, and you can use them for viewing different styles of American Apparel — shirts for women and men. This platform can also be used as tank top template.

Clothing Templates

So, these are the key sources of t-shirt templates that you can test to find out if your designs are best suited to promote your business and sales. Compare many such templates as each of them comes with its features. Many of them are free while others will cost you a little or they are expensive. So, explore them according to your budgetary limits.

When you are looking for different unique ideas for designing your T-shirts, Designhill is your reliable place. This marketplace boasts of thousands of t-shirt designers from across the globe. As you launch your design contest, you get dozens of unique designs at one affordable price.

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You can use the compilation of t-shirt templates to know which designs, styles, and colors will look great. This judgment helps in choosing the right colors and styles of T-shirt for clients and business promotion. These templates are equipped with modern features to preview designs.

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