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Tattoo Styles For T-Shirts: Who Says Tattoos Only Meant For Skin?

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Tshirt Design

Tattoo Styles For T-shirts

Last updated on June 28th, 2021

Tattoos are amongst the most attractive art forms today. People express their feelings, cultures, and even current issues through this popular art. But, once restricted to engraving on the skin, tattoo designs are steadily being displayed on apparel like t-shirts today. Therefore, in this post, we have decided to share popular tattoo styles for t-shirts that are becoming the norm of the day. Have a look!

Tattoos are pure art as there is mostly no intention to promote any brand and business. It is still people’s art inspired by pop culture and the surrounding locations. However, a newly emerging trend has brought tattoos from body skin to apparel such as t-shirts. Now, plenty of tattoo styles to be printed especially on t-shirts are everywhere.

Conventionally, tattoos were being engraved on the skin only. Such has been the craze that people even covered most of their arms, legs, neck, chest, and back with delightful tattoos of a variety of themes. This trend persists to a large extent with skins having tattoos in black and multiple colors.

Now, however, t-shirts also have impressive prints of tattoos. So, instead of needing their skin, people wear funny t shirts that have tattoos printed on the fabric. In this way, they can showcase their love for this art. They can also convey an intended message by picking a tattoo theme.

How to pick tattoo styles for t-shirts?

Tattoos are a different art. These are neither illustrations nor sketches. One of the distinctive features of tattoos is that they come with a pop culture background. So, the intention to create this art is entirely different from the other arts.

Here Are Some Key Considerations When Creating Or Choosing Tattoo Styles For T-Shirts

01. Look For Some Inspiration

Inspiration is at the basis of creative activities and tattoos are no exception. You can get inspiration from several sources. There are many cultural symbols around your place. They are all your ideas if you can explore them wisely. You should also go through some tattoo magazines, art books, and botanical images that inspire you with new ideas.

02. Consider Trends

While creativity is all about standing out from the others in a field of work, still trends should not be completely avoided. Trends are important to keep you in touch with the current likings and disliking’s of people. So, find out what interests people today and try to create tattoos around those issues.

03. Stand Out

When you look for trends, cultures, and people’s choices, do not forget that your tattoo should still look unique. Already, there are thousands of tattoo designs for t-shirts just around you. Many people are wearing t-shirts with attractive tattoo prints. So, ensure that yours is one of the unique tattoo styles for t-shirts.

To come out with unique tattoo ideas, sketch some images, and create them in colors as well. Combine your favorite tattoo styles and see how it comes out as a piece of art.

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04. Respect Cultures

Tattoo designers usually take inspiration from different cultures. But when depicting a culture, make it certain that the design does not offend cultural values. Do not create anything that people just do not want to wear on their t-shirt as it is offending their culture and beliefs.

05. Black and White

Black and white tattoos are popular among people. Most cultural tattoos are in black as they look clean. You should use black for the single-color theme and you can experiment with a trendy white ink as well.

06. Opt For Colors As Well

Nowadays, tattoos are frequently appearing in colors as well. Your t-shirt can easily accommodate color tattoos. But do not go overboard and crazy when using colors.

It is now clear that tattoos are not just restricted to engraving them on skin. If you are a tattoo artist and want to sell your art pieces, one of the best ways is to print them on t-shirts.

Here Are Some Impressive Examples Of Unique Tattoos Printed On T-Shirts

01. Yoga Goblins ‘f’ Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt Designed by Gabi_gikart

This tattoo print depicts a yoga pose and promotes good health. The designer has used the shape of the letter ‘f’ to create the pose. There are natural patterns of flowers created in the character who is doing a flexible yoga asana. The impressive tattoo is printed on 100% fine jersey cotton fabric, which weighs 4.3 oz/y² (146 g/m²).

Yoga Goblins 'f' Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt

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02. Good and Evil (heart symbol) Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt Jersey Designed by Kortdesign

A good and bad heart tattoo design helps this t-shirt stand out. The message of evil enjoying the moment and good suffering but temporarily is clear from the design. Own this t-shirt for this message with an assurance of the high quality of 100% combed and ringspun pre-shrunk cotton.

Good and Evil Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt

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03. Calavera Skull Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt Designed by Mitxel González

Like many others do skulls excite you? Well, this skull tattoo will surely impress you with its detailed description of a lot of things. This t-shirt is comfortable and soft, made of 100% fine jersey cotton. It is double-stitched and has shoulder-to-shoulder taped.

Calavera Skull Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt

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04. Girl with Tattoo Kids Premium T-Shirt Designed by Duka

This tattoo design shows a typical girl with sunglasses and wavy hair. Wear this tattoo print on a t-shirt, which is made of 100% combed ring-spun cotton (heather grey has 10% polyester) and has a slim and fitted width.

Girl with Tattoo Kids Premium T-Shirt

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05. Wash your hands before you talk to me. Men’s Premium T-Shirt Designed by Qondile Dlamini

Here is a typical self-care queen described in this tattooed t-shirt design. This thick cotton t-shirt is made of a pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton (heather colors contain polyester) and has double stitched sleeves and a bottom hem.

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06. Tattooed Mom Women’s Triblend T-Shirt Designed by De Simone

This tattoo design for custom tshirt highlights the delight of wearing a tattoo and even mothers want to proudly announce it. The t-shirt is made of 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon fabric and is slim-fit with a crew neck shape.

Tattooed Mom Women's Triblend T-Shirt

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07. Cat Women’s Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirt Designed by Lux

Tattoos in black and white are universally liked by all. This is one of the tattoo styles that people are familiar with when it comes to fine details. Here a cat head shows up with all its details. You can buy this t-shirt for its super-soft fitting and Tri-blend construction (50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon).

Cat Women's Triblend Short Sleeve T-shirt

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08. Flow Women’s Triblend T-Shirt Designed by The Kels Project

This tattoo shows a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Such tattoos are amongst the most adopted tattoo styles for t-shirts. You should own this slim-fit fashion wear also for its comfortable fabric, which is 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon.

Flow Women's Triblend T-Shirt

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09. Marigold Kids Premium T-Shirt Designed by Letteringbarista

This t-shirt has a flower tattoo that leaves an impression on viewers. You should buy this piece for its slim-fit and comfortable fabric of 100% combed ring-spun cotton (heather grey has 10% polyester).

Marigold Kids Premium T-Shirt

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10. My Tattoos Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt Designed by Perfect Designers

This comfortable t-shirt comes in 100% fine jersey cotton. It conveys a message to the people who hate others’ tattoos. So, the design asks such people to worry about their tattoos only.

My Tattoos Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt

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How to sell your tattoo styles for t-shirts?

As a tattoo artist, you can earn well by printing your art on t-shirts. Since everyone loves to wear t-shirts as casual and fashion wear, your chances of getting a good profit are higher. But you should carefully pick the right platform to sell your tattoo t-shirts.

Talking about such platforms, you can opt for print-on-demand sites such as PrintShop from Designhill. This is amongst the leading POD platform which allows you to sell your tattoo art on apparels such as a t-shirt with flexible terms and conditions. You can set your own price and get it sold using the services of the platform. The site will deliver t-shirts with your printed tattoos at your customers’ doorstep and you earn good profit.

So, these are the major points to consider when considering tattoo styles for t-shirts. Make sure that you create unique tattoos that stand out in their styles and themes. Then, use those art pieces to earn money by printing them on t-shirts.

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Wrapping Up

Tattoos are now widely used by people as a means of expressing their feelings and culture. But this art is no more restricted to inking it on the skin. It is being printed on t-shirts as well. Various tattoo styles for t-shirts can be seen around these days. However, pick the right styles and ways to sell through the right platforms.

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