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Last updated on November 15th, 2017

In the Arab world, there is a lack of teaching material on modern graphic design. It is only recently after laptops and desktops started invading the homes and institutions that interested people in this region have access to the modern knowledge of the designs. But there is a lot to be done to teach graphic design in the Arab countries.

Methods of teaching depend on many factors such as curiosity of the student to learn and expand knowledge, self-confidence, keeping pace with science etc. The students should be encouraged to face the challenges and then find the solutions as well. This should be part of the teaching of graphic design in the Arab nations. But that alone will not be enough as the student should also be capable of handling an idea and realizing it in the form of a graphic design.

For any academic approach to teach graphic design career should consider below tips:

The graphic design career should be implemented in professional practice and there should be development of graphic design media. The students should be educated on design and critic theories. It is also necessary that the students are taught abut decent visual eloquence of a designer.

Graphic Design Career

Graphic Design Career

A graphic designer’s education in art, society, literature, technology, design sciences and industry is also crucial and should be part of the graphic designs career. The teaching should also include communication theories and how to transfer information. Management of programming, marketing and computer science education is also part of the design education.

The focus should be to enhance design abilities of the students in the Arab world. They must develop critical thinking abilities and practices as well as the development of concepts and contents of analysis.

To conclude, the Arab world needs to do a lot on the front of educating its students on different aspects of modern graphic design.

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