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Last updated on November 15th, 2018

Not all TV shows are as popular as ‘The Big Bang Theory’, certainly not in this cord-cutting age of Youtube and Netflix. But what makes this old-fashioned American sitcom about the group of nerds such a massive mainstream hit. Well, it’s essentially the funny characters of this physics-comedy series that never fail to tickle the funny bones of the billions of fans, admirers and viewers from across the globe. Here’s a promo video of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Watch the video to get up-close and personal with the group of nerds – Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj and the troupe of hilarious ladies – Penny, Amy and Bernadette.

Big Bang Video

The Big Bang Theory fans have long wanted to wear the same attitude, style, geeky and fun as the boy geniuses in the show. Enjoy and admire the marvelous drawings by some of the most creative minds around. And of course! Fill in on some inspiration and make your favorite star come alive on your t-shirt with the amazing t-shirt print designs that will definitely grab all the eyeballs, wherever you go.

Be a proud nerd with the ‘Meet the Stars’ collection of The Big Bang Theory inspired T-shirt designs.

Sheldon Cooper

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“Bazinga!” Do we really need to say anymore? One of the most loved and most popular characters in the history of American television, Sheldon Lee Cooper, the theoretical physicist, is haughty uber-nerd genius has won all hearts with his antics and subtlety of sarcasm or irony. Well, if you’re a hardcore Sheldon Cooper fan, there’s nothing better than seeking inspiration from this really well executed caricature that’s long been amongst top-trending T-shirt designs. We ‘re sure this unique T-shirt design will give you enough reasons to smile.

Leonard Hofstadter

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For starters, Leonard Leakey Hofstadter is the experimental physicist who shares the apartment with Sheldon Cooper. He’s the near perfect manifestation of that good-natured, earnest, and kind man who is forced to accept Sheldon’s abrupt and often rude behavior. This amazing caricature of geeky Leonard Hofstadter on your T-shirt is sure to packs in enough punch to make all the heads turn.


Penny t-shirt designs[Source:]

No less popular any other character, Penny is the popular series’ main female protagonist and the next door neighbor of Leonard and Sheldon. Her “dumb blonde” attitude and borderline intelligence often makes visitors roll on the floor laughing their lungs out. This unique and appealing caricature based Custom T Shirt designs are sure to top the popularity charts amongst rock-ribbed Penny fans!!!

Raj & Howard

Raj & Howard Big Bang Theory t-shirt designs[Source:]

Friends for ever, Raj and Howard are yet other popular characters from the popular sitcom. Raj is the Indian astrophysicist and Howard is a Jewish aerospace engineer and an astronaut. While Raj’s selective muteness before women outside of his family makes you laugh out loud, Howard’s self-proclaimed ladies’ man antics never fail to make you smile from ear to ear. This quirky t-shirt designs are sure to win over the hearts of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ fans and inspire drawing artists, caricaturists and designers, in equal measures.

Amy and Bernadette

Amy and Bernadette t-shirt designs[Source:]

Bernadette and Amy are second to none in popularity and treat their fans with endless moments of laughter. Bernadette, the former waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, is married to Howard and sensitive towards her height. Whereas, Amy is a neurobiologist makes you laugh your heart out with her five-year plan to become Mrs. Sheldon Cooper. This amazing T-shirt designs allows you to relive memorable moments from your favorite TV series in style.

If you’re amongst the billions of awestruck fans of the antics of the gang of nerds from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, we’re sure these amazing caricature-based ‘The Big Bang Theory’ t-shirt designs must have filled you in with inspiration and innovation to make your favorite character from the show come alive on your t-shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your sketch pad, pen and get set to make your creative ‘The Big Bang Theory’ inspired t-shirt design.

And don’t forget to share your views about the T-shirt designs in the comments below.

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