The Do’s and Don’ts of Photography Logo Design

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Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Most of us are well acquainted with the influential impact of popular photography logo designs. But does that allow for inclusion of anything and everything in a design? The answer is No! Doing so would make the logo look rather cluttered and uninteresting. Therefore, it is imperative for designers to have in-depth knowledge of what exactly a photography logo look like. The entailing discusses some vital do’s and don’ts of logo designing.

Rolex Photography Logo Design

Some vital don’ts of Photography Logo Design Before we discuss things that you should exclude from your logo design space, let’s have a fleeting look at some famous logos.

  • Don’t try to always exhibit the nature of your business through your logo

Do the logos presented above speak about their respective brand’s nature of business? Probably, you’re nodding your head in a “no” fashion! Taking inspiration from these mesmeric logos, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your logos need not always depict the nature of your business or brand. Not convinced? OK now think this: does the Rolex’s logo feature a watch or the Jaguar’s logo displays a vehicle symbol? No they don’t! Remember, the same logic applies to your photography logos as well; it need not bear the picture of your camera always.

  • Don’t try to make your business logo too personal

You aren’t a florist but you a want red flowers on your logo? Just think, are these flowers relevant to the type of business you run or brand you operate? Your personal life has to stay separate from your business life. A logo is your brand’s identity and it is important to ensure that your logo depicts exactly what’s relevant to your business. Remember, a professional logo can add glittering stars to your brand’s value, while a cluttered logo can demean your brand’s recognition. On an encouraging note, let’s now move forward to a few interesting ideas that should be a part of good photography logos. Some heedful Do’s of Photography Logo Design


  • Do remember scalability and flexibility is the key to success

Irrespective of whether your logo is filled with shades of striking colors or simply bears a tone of black and white; it must be decipherable to different sizes. This allows for an easy positioning of your logo on various places such as letterheads, websites, brochures or business cards.

  • Do ensure that your logo must be catchy and professional in equal measures

It is sensible to ensure that your logo is in accordance with your business visions and goals. However, it is equally important to ensure that it well caters to the requisites of your customers. After all, your business is centered on them. So, it makes sense to ponder over a few very important questions before zeroing on any logo such as what strikes them when they see your logo, does your logo have that difficult to resist appeal and is your logo creative enough to catch the fancy of even the most discerning of onlookers.

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  • Do make sure your logo looks simplistic and realistic

Last but not the least; you must ensure that your logo is simple and realistic and doesn’t necessarily includes unwanted motifs or design symbols. Remember, simple is beautiful. Now, that you know the vital do’s and don’ts of designing a photography logo, it’s time to use this knowledge and make your dream designs breathe to life!!!

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