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5 Of The Most Notable Logo Redesigns

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Redesigns

Last updated on October 26th, 2021

Someone has aptly said, “Change is the only constant thing in this world.” And, when it comes to the logo redesigns, companies have many reasons to do so. However, the most common reason is when an existing logo fails to reflect the brand values. Sometimes, the change occurs due to industrial or market evolutions that compel companies to rethink whether they fit into the changing environment or not.

Remember, change is unavoidable. Even most enduring brands have been seen tweaking their logos to improve their brand identity. Here, we bring you a list of five logo redesigns that involve world-famous brands and names.

Here Are 5 Of The Most Notable Logo Redesigns

01. Barcelona’s Redesign Plan For The Club’s Emblem

The professional football club— Barcelona proposes a new logo design for their club’s emblem. The change would be seen in the next season though.

They consider removing the letters “FCB” that means Futbol Club Barcelona. Well, it’s been the central attraction of their logo design for over 100 years. But now, it’s on the verge of change!
Look at the picture below to understand what changes they are going to bring.

  • The updated crest will have the same shape as previous
  • The FCB letters will be removed
  • There won’t be any internal black lines
  • The logo will be more homogenous, brighter, and harmonious

Of course, they would have hired a professional graphic designer to redesign it.

Trivia- Do you know, this would be the eleventh design in the 119-year history of the Barcelona Football Club?

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02. New Audi Logo Redesign

The next brand more likely to revamp its enduring logo in future is Audi. The German automobile manufacturer has filed a new trademark in the US and Germany for two new logos. The legendary four rings are supposed to get a makeover. Unlike the fabled rings overlapping each-other as we have usually seen, the four rings in a new trademark are seen incompletely connecting each other. They appear to spill into pairs and connected straight away

All in all, the design is a mix of modern and minimal. While some Audi fans think the new logo design is a possible differentiator between their conventional (IC-engined) and EVs vehicles, some believe that the redesigned logo shows Audi’s new brand strategy for future sustainability.

Which logo would they choose for their unique brand identity? Well, to know that, we need to wait and watch.

Trivia- Did you know the present-day Audi logo symbolizes the auto union between four automotive companies: Audi, DWK, Horch, and Wanderer? The merger took place in 1932, and each of the rings stands for the four companies banded together.

03. NBC’s Tokyo Olympics Logo Design

For the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has unveiled a new official logo. The new design is a mix of bold lettering with striking colors. The logo utilizes the word “Tokyo” in unique lettering. The flowing letters showcase a touch of Japanese traditions as well as the spirits of the Olympics.

The letter “T” has a unique “swish” effect that goes from left-to-right. Well, the distinctive calligraphic flourishes give it an attractive look. Look closely at the two “Os” in which the first one matches the remarkable right and left sliding stroke of the letter “K” utilizing the negative space perfectly.

Further, the letter “K” looks like reflecting the flourishes. The second “O” letter blends with the curvy right arm (looking like an arc) of the letter “Y.” Perched on the top is the customary NBC peacock. Down the typography “Tokyo” lies the year “2020” showcased in a clean, geometric typeface.

The circular zeros in the year 2020 resemble the “Os” in the name “Tokyo” above. At last, both the thickness of the year and the circular zeros look cohesively brilliant with the Olympic rings placed at the bottom. It’s how big brands create a logo that catches the attention!

04. 70th Emmy Awards Logo Redesign

The 70th Emmy Awards show gave yet another revamped logo design. The logo features the words “Emmy” in clean and simple sans serif typography. The typeface has a seven-inch hovering in the upper right side. There is a globe in the Emmy statue that gives the impression of zero to make “70.” You know what; this logo version is used in the actual telecast.

The one that broadcasted on NBC is seen using Gotham typeface in two gold weights with a delicate gradient effect. The logo designer creating this effect seems to be a fan of subtleness.

NBC’s another design created on a blue-violet background.

The glittery “70” number in serif font with a dramatized representation of the Emmy statue right in front of it! The Emmy lettering has been kept subtle with the gold hint to match the overall design.

Those offering graphic design services can take inspiration from these changes for better design approach.

05. Official Logo Design Of Captain Marvel

Well, the most-awaited Captain Marvel movie trailer featured a lot of awesome imageries. And, one of them is the logo of the film. But, do you know the logo has been redesigned to make it pop out even off the screen?

Even after releasing the official trailer, Marvel doesn’t mind tweaking its graphic design ideas on or off the screens or making changes to the movies. But, the changes subtly took place.

The initial logo design of the movie showcases deep, red typography with gold trimming surrounding the font. However, the creative team of MCU studio came up with a redesign strategy.

As compared to its predecessor, the new logo design of Captain Marvel is three-dimensional. Even the changes have been seen on the texture, color scheme, and shape. Featuring Marvel Studio right at the top, the lettering of “Captain Marvel” is inspired by Carol’s costume.

The typography uses red, blue and gold colors against a dark background. The subtle blue hint on gold trimming surrounding the font, clearly co-relates with Carol (the superhero of the movie).

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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