[Infographic] The Ultimate Guide To Writing Long-Form Content

Long-Form Content

“Content is King” – as they say. But, not all the content types yield the desired amount of traffic and conversions. For instance, in blogs, the length (word limit) of your blogs is a determining factor. After doing SEO and competitive analysis, it has found out that long-form content with required keyword stuffing engages readers more as compared to the short content. There is more value for the readers in a lengthy blog as it covers most of the aspects of an issue. This infographic guides you about how to create long-form content to engage readers.

Most of the content strategists are aware of the fact that SEO strategies such as keyword optimization help in driving a lot of search traffic. But it more often fails to come up with the right amount of return and direct traffic.

Why? Because of the length of the content. In short, word limit. Long-form content, however, does a lot more than ranking a web page higher on the SERPs. It resonates well with readers and gives them value for their time invested in reading the content.

Designhill has lately launched a series of infographics to help business owners get the list of an issue that they often confront.

With such infographics, they can quickly access the actionable tips to implement them for the desired results. In this series, this infographic guides you to take some crucial steps to write long-form content.

The Infographic Mentions A Few Key Steps To Create Your Long-Form Content For Desired Conversion Goals:

Studies have revealed that the top-ranking long-form content has approximately 2450 words. In terms of reading time, an ideal lengthy blog will take 7-8 minutes to read.

Before content creators start writing long-form content, they need to know conversion goals in advance.

You must be sure about your purpose of writing a long blog. This will help in creating your content from start to finish around the purpose. Note that chances of diverting from the main goal are more when writing a 2500 word blog. So, know the purpose of writing first and stick to it to the end.

While defining your conversion goals, make sure that you know everything about your ideal customer or target audience in your niche. Do some research about the customer’s different backgrounds.

Besides writing with a purpose for an audience, find out the correct way to measure your conversion results. This will help you track the performance of your content. You will know which content has a better conversion rate and where you need to make improvements.

Another important aspect of writing long-form content is the right topic. Choose a topic that your audience finds useful. So, write to resolve their current problems related to products or services broadly.

However, the topic you choose to write on should also correlate with your set goals.

Remember that only high-quality of your long-form content can help in achieving your objectives. Therefore, hire experienced writers who are well versed in doing great content for a target audience.

Know also that rather than reading, users generally scan content while staring at a computer screen. They want to pick some useful content quickly at a glance.

So, format your long-form content into very short paragraphs of three to four lines. Present your key information in bullet points to catch the reader’s eye. Also, most importantly, write easy and short sentences. Do not entangle the reader in complex and long sentences.

To highlight your most significant information, make those words, phrases, and even sentences appear bold to drive the reader’s attention quickly.

Have A Look At The Infographic For A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Long-Form Content To Engage Your Audience

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Wrapping Up

Long-form content is now widely considered as a surefire way to engage a target audience and provide them more value. But make sure that the content highlights the key points in bullet form and presents the information in short paragraphs. The content must have a purpose and should be written for target customers or users.

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