8 Things to Consider Before Designing an SEO-Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Websites

Website design holds critical importance for any business that works on the web. Most search engine users click on one of the top 5 suggestions in the search engine results pages. Therefore, to keep and retain visitors to your website or customers to your online business, your website needs to appear in one of the top positions of the search results. In this article, we’ve shared 8 things every businessman or marketer should consider before designing an SEO-friendly website.

Many marketers or entrepreneurs assume that SEO is only about identifying and targeting keywords for better search results. SEO is not only limited to targeting keywords and stuffing between the content to improve ranking. It has a wider scope.

However, many organizations and businesses don’t realize that site design improvement should be incorporated with the website architecture process. It is not something that should be left for later incorporation.

Very frequently, organizations don’t consider SEO until the website design is complete and such websites are tragically lacking on the parameters that would land them high on the Search Engine Result Page or SERP.

These websites might look attractive but until the website is discoverable by the target audience, the beauty of such a website will remain hidden in obscurity not to mention the wastage of resources.

To ensure that your website is visible to the target audience, you must make sure that the search engines can crawl and correctly classify your website.

Being compatible with the search engine’s web crawler is the first step in ensuring the visibility of your web page. Apart from SEO targeting, companies need to focus on improving their website or rebuilding a website using a website builder tool.

Here Are A Few Rules You Can Keep In Mind To Make Your Website SEO-Friendly!

Creating websites that rank high on a search engine’s result page requires careful planning and value proposition. You must have a digital marketing strategy with clear goals. Once this is done, you can go ahead with these other techniques.

01. Website Speed

A website that takes too long to load can turn off many potential users. Therefore, good hosting service is necessary to ensure the efficient performance of your website or website speed.

02. Optimize For Mobile

A large number of people today will access your website through mobile devices. Search engines now rank websites with responsive design higher on their search page.

Pages with responsive design will be better able to adapt to screens of different dimensions. Such sites can also load faster on any device, making for great user experience.

03. Link Volume

If your website has quality content, other websites will link back to you. These links act as quality control for search engines as they convey the overall quality of the page. This is even more true if a web page of greater authority links backs to your page.

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04. Keyword Research

Find out and make a list of keywords with a keyword planner that your potential customers and readers will use while searching for the service you provide. The content on your website must be optimized around these keywords.

Keyword research has another key benefit. It allows you to know the desires and pain points of your audience which you might, in turn, seek to address.

The keyword research must be incorporated naturally on a web page to create value for the readers. Search engines have got better at identifying instances of keyword stuffing nowadays.

05. Use Of Tags

For a search engine to decipher what your page is about, it needs the description of a title tag. The keywords that you have researched must be present on your title tag to give a fair indication to search engines what the content of your page is all about.

Right after the title tag comes the meta tag. The meta tag should be a short summation of all that is present on your web page. This is an essential SEO strategy if you wish your page to rank high on SERP.

Just make sure your description copy is attractive enough and is in line with the content of the title tag. You should also use several different header tags to organize your content.

06. Low Image Size

If your website is full of high definition images and videos, it might naturally take a bit longer to load and slow websites, tend to rank lower on the result page of search engines.

That is why optimizing the images on your website is a necessary step in your overall SEO strategy. To achieve good image optimization, you should choose a good image format and use a compressed image.

07. Easy Navigation

Websites that are easy to navigate can be easily understood by both people and search engines alike. A website that is easy to navigate will encounter a much lower bounce rate than those with complex designs.

There should not be too many items on your navigation menu as it can easily confuse visitors, prompting them to get off the website earlier than you want them to.

08. URL-Friendly

This is the easiest SEO strategy to implement and also the most important one. Every web page has a unique URL. There are two parts of a URL. First is the domain name and second is the path to find the said page within that domain name.

An SEO-friendly URL will contain keywords that can be easily read by the search engine and is also relevant to the content on your website.

A good URL will also go a long way in improving the user experience of your page and it gives the visitor a good indication of what your page is all about. In case people misspell your URL often, consider using a redirect plugin.

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Wrapping Up!

There are millions of websites on the web today and if your website is not easily visible via the search engine, even the most exquisite designed websites will come to naught. You must, therefore, keep in mind these SEO strategies right from the initial process of page design itself to reap the rewards you’ve hoped for. Also, as per Google’s recent updates, user experience is the most prominent thing that will be considered while ranking a page and what better than get your page designed and ranked following the most recent SEO standards by SEO company Glasgow.

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