Things To Know About Logo Design Contest

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Last updated on June 27th, 2018

Many organizations prefer having a logo designed through a logo design contest instead of offering the job to a single design agency. In fact, the trend of crowdsourcing the design work to professional designers has been going on for past many years. Organizations across the world have reaped benefits from having hundreds of designers work on their contests at crowdsourcing sites. One such site Designhill helps businesses in many ways when they launch logo design contest at the site.

As a contest owner, you will receive hundreds of design samples in response to your logo design contest. You are likely to receive many more logo designs that you had expected from designers across the world. This is a huge advantage over the limited number of design samples you get from one or two designers you hire or when you create the logo in-house. Most importantly, more designs mean more logo design ideas available to you for a fruitful comparison.

Another thing to know is that you will get a great variety of design ideas and finished logo designs at a fixed price. Logo design contests allow you to choose from different packages that offer all sorts of different features. You can even have the option to select more than one design from the contest. All you have to do is to preset the prizes for the winning designs and interact with designers through various review tools available on the website. A good design brief to guide the designers about your any specific choice of colors, space, fonts etc. is very important. Contest holders must give regular feedback on the submitted work in order to direct the designers towards the design they are looking for.

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