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Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital so that you can do more of it and move forward with it. To honor such an entrepreneurial spirit, Designhill presents the series ‘Founder X’ in which we are talking about the success stories of founders, their life, and business struggles. We believe that there is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make other’s lives beautiful. In this post, we’ve shared the charismatic journey of Anthony Landolfi, the founder of True Market Strategies.

Anthony started his journey in the late 90s where he used to work for software companies. After moving to New Jersey (United States), he became a well-respected name in the technology industry.

While stepping into the 2000s, he decided to move on and do something big of his own – start his new business venture. He looked for the niche that could help people to multiply their money overnight.

He decided to open his stock market firm and started providing stock marketing training while just sitting at home.

When we asked him, how he’s been coping with the current COVID-19 situation and in what ways he’s helping people to make income, he says:

“Well, we are aware of the coronavirus pandemic and this is what we have been talking about from the last few months. Today, people are struggling to make money during such the COVID-19 crisis.

While just sitting at home and going nowhere people are getting mentally sick. The pandemic has been a sudden disaster where no one was even prepared to fight it, both mentally and financially. But, this is where my company is playing a crucial role in.

My business is training people and helping them on how to make money through the stock market while sitting at home. It’s simple!”

He further added, “Today, people are concerned about being laid off. They are looking for various ways to generate income. How do they make money? My business solves that problem.

I have been working closely with businesses and employees that are working from home, trying to make money and overcome the concern about being laid off from their jobs. We’re helping them to replace the income using the stock market.

Because of one of the things everyone needs to understand that Amazon is not going out of business, neither Facebook nor Apple. Therefore, people like us who aren’t working with big brands need to try real and effective strategies to replace their income to sustain our livelihood.”

Want to hear more?

Designhill feels pleasure to share Anthony’s video – Founder X Series where he shared how he has been training people about the stock market while sitting at home.

And, how during the current pandemic scenario, his company is playing a crucial role in guiding people on how to trade the stock market through work from home.

Watch His Story And Learn How To Take On Responsibilities As A Founder / CEO During This Coronavirus Outbreak

Being an entrepreneur, Anthony Landolfi understands the importance of keeping calm and staying tuned at all times. He says that founders should know what they are good at and what other people who are working are good at it.

It helps to overcome the biggest challenges in every situation. Once you realize that, you’ll be able to help people to solve their problems because ultimately the existence of any business is about solving problems.

And, if you don’t know how to do that in your own business, you’re not going to do that for anybody else outside of your business.

A true founder is a problem solver. Anthony Landolfi is an ideal example of an entrepreneur whose mission is to help entrepreneurs and working professionals to come out of their shells and make money in any circumstances. Designhill wishes great success to Anthony Landolfi and his company True Market Strategies a huge success in his endeavors.

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