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Top 5 Thumbnail Makers To Make Your Videos Outstanding

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Thumbnail Design - [wtr-time]

Thumbnail Makers

Last updated on January 8th, 2022

Video is the most powerful form of content and its popularity continues to grow with the upsurge of social media. The fact pushes marketers to focus more and more to create a strong video marketing strategy to stay on the top in the cut-throat competitive market. And a great video thumbnail can make your videos stand out.

Are you a YouTuber or marketer and wish your videos stand out?

Video is one of the most loved content, and with the ever-growing popularity of social media, it continues to rule the web. YouTube is an incredible platform where you can share your thoughts with the target audience.

This has led to growth in the video creation business and, subsequently, more competition. And to get more clicks and views, your video thumbnails must be enticing. A well-designed thumbnail is as important as the unique content of the video and one of the video marketing strategies. It is 100% true because the thumbnails appeal to the viewers and convince them to watch the video. Just like the title, the thumbnail introduces the video content and identity.

Whether you’re a newbie to YouTube, you still can be a new sensation in the digital world with a little creativity and confidence.

It is a truth that competition is tough as every third person is creating videos today. According to a study in 2020, about 92% of marketers, up from 78% in 2015, believe that video is an essential part of their marketing strategy.

So thumbnail is a vital resource. Sometimes it could be challenging to design a perfect thumbnail for a video if you are not aware of the design. A thumbnail maker tool can help you create your stunning thumbnail with the ideal size and quality design.

Here Are The 5 Best Online Thumbnail Makers To Use In 2021

01. Designhill Thumbnail Maker

Create your thumbnail by yourself with Designhill’s free thumbnail maker without spending a penny. It is an impressive and easy tool. Even a layperson can easily use it to create their video thumbnails. The tool comes with thousands of pre-created templates of various themes, enabling you to choose your specific need.

Procedure To Create Your Thumbnail For Your Videos

  • Click on the create button
  • Choose the professionally designed templates
  • Upload your images with thousands of stock photos
  • Customize your thumbnail edit text and font size
  • Save and download for further use

02. Canva

Create a user-friendly thumbnail with Canva. You can create an eye-catchy thumbnail that can boost the views of your videos.

How To Make A YouTube Thumbnail

  • Visit canva thumbnail maker
  • Choose the desired templates
  • Select photo, icons, and color
  • Customize the text images, color font size
  • Save and Publish

03. Picmaker

Picmaker brings some unique features that make designing a thumbnail fun. With having stunning design templates and custom images, you can create great YouTube thumbnails.

How To Proceed With Picmaker

  • Upload your photo or choose from 1000+ images available in the Picmaker
  • Edit background with an automatic background removal tool
  • Update background
  • Hit the create button and download for use

Looking For a Thumbnail Template Design?

We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with their graphic design needs such as a logo design, website design, social media posts, banner design and much more.
Get Your Thumbnail Template Design Create Your Own Thumbnail

04. PhotoAdking

Design your thumbnail with a PhotoAdking thumbnail maker. You can grow your channel by using high-quality thumbnails. PhotoAdking can help you get attractive YouTube thumbnails with high quality 1000+ templates.

Create Your Thumbnail With PhotoAdking

  • Choose the customizable template
  • Upload the media files like image/photos
  • Customize shape, size, and color with icons
  • Use appropriate typography for CTA
  • Download high-resolution thumbnail

05. FotoJet

Create your YouTube thumbnail in minutes with a free FotoJet thumbnail maker. Whether you edit video for personal or marketing purposes, a high-quality picture for a thumbnail will bring you more attention and views.

How To Use The FotoJet Thumbnail Maker

  • Choose an appropriate template
  • Customize
  • Save download and use

Bonus Thumbnail Maker Tool


Clipchamp is a free online video editor tool to make stunning videos with titles and transitions, and editing features.


  • Edit video without any hassle
  • Customizable video templates
  • Add transitions and filters

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a tool to download YouTube videos, explore Videovor. It’s amazing!


Thumbnails help increase the viewership of your YouTube videos. While creating a thumbnail for YouTube videos might be a tedious task, especially when you don’t know how to start creating. But Designhill Studio enables you to design a thumbnail in minutes.

Create Your Own Thumbnail Online

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