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Tips To Design Outstanding Tour & Travel Logo

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Travel & Hotel Logos

Australia Tour & Travel

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023

People love to travel to far away destinations and they take help of travel agencies to ensure smoother journey. Hundreds of travel companies have mushroomed everywhere to facilitate varied sections of any population an easy touring across the world, taking into account their budgetary reach. But to cope up with ever-increasing competition and lure travelers into using their services, travel agencies or companies have to come up with an excellent designed travel logo that sends an intended message to the travelers. People build faith and confidence in a tour & travel company having a nice logo design that depicts their mood.

Here Are The Useful Tips To Create Excellent Travel Logo For Your Company

01. Portray Fun, Leisure And Enjoyment

A tour & travel logo should evoke the emotions of enjoyment. This is essential as holidaymakers usually look for some fun activities and desire a relatively hassle-free journey. The logo should express their mood of joy, fun, leisure and playfulness.

But make sure that your logo specifically targets the people. They may be leisure vacationers or simply business travelers. So, ask your designers to incorporate an image or symbol that represents the feeling of enjoyment in your custom created travel logo.

The design below is a great example of how a travel logo should be expressing people’s mood of fun and enjoyment with all the essential ingredients of a perfect holiday. There is tree, greenery, sun lounger with shade stand, a swimming tube representing playfulness, water and the text that says it all directly to the viewers.

Happy Holiday Travel Logo

02. Location Matters

An impressive tour and travel logo design shows some destination. Generally, people have a destination in mind when planning holidays and can easily identify that place by an image. If a logo has the image or has the elements that portray that destination or spot, then the logo may work well for the company’s business.

Certain companies use symbols and images that represent a country where they operate or provide the service. Depicting a place in symbols, images, etc in a logo is a great greatest way to build confidence amongst potential travellers.

This logo clearly tells the travellers that they are going to Australia or using a travel companies that specializes in holidays down under. The image of a kangaroo in the logo clearly represents the continent.
Australia Tour & Travel Logo


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03. Choice of Colors

In a logo that addresses the tourists, colors play a major role in compelling them to travel by using the company’s services. Make sure that the colors are vibrant in order to express the joy and fun associated with travelling.

Majority of travel logos use yellow, red, green and blue as these are relatively brighter colors. These colors evoke feelings of happiness and gaiety. But ensure that the colors you use in your logo match with any specific colors of your company or business. This helps in building trust towards your travel company.

Bahamas travel logo

Look at a variety of colors used in the following travel logo. Yellow, blue, light blue, green, red and pink, all of them are carefully placed in the logo to give an impression about the various colors of fun that await holidaymakers in the islands of Bahamas. A service dealing with business class travelers will have only few formal colors.

The choice of colors will also depend on the type of target audience as well.  If you are designing a logo to target regular business travelers, you may choose somewhat sophisticated colors that are less brighter.

04. Fonts

Fonts in a tour and travel logo are perhaps the strongest way to convey a message. Usually, travel logos have casual and fun fonts. But these fonts are mostly incorporated to give an expression of joy and address the people who travel very occasionally and have a set budget. They need complete enjoyment during their holidays and fonts should be saying it all to them.

However, if your travel company deals in ferrying the business class people who are regular travelers, then different fonts must be used. For such travelers, use formal and professional fonts in your logo design. Orlando tourism is perfect example using formal fonts.

In the following logo, since the company caters to the occasional holidaymakers, the designers have used a playful font, known also as comic font. Such font appears to be in the handwriting of a child but aptly conveys the message of enjoyment and fun.
Maldives travel logo

[Source: webneel]

The following logo is yet another example of careful font use. Since the logo is for a company that deals in adventure travel, the font is not only larger in size but has a tough look also, which depicts the mood of indulging in some venturesome holiday activities.

Adventure Travel Logo
[Source: logodesignnext]

05. Convey Your Message

Your logo design must convey your message to the travelers. You must first know your aim in running your traveling service. Write down your message and let it be known clearly to your designers. When your message is clear, the designer will pick up the right colors, fonts etc elements accordingly to express your company’s usefulness for the travelers.

Your company’s logo must also send the message that your services are equipped with the latest and futuristic technology and services. If you operate from a country known for its rich tradition and culture, then you must look for a logo designed with a mix of classic and modern elements to ensure that your custom created travel logo is eye-catching and puts across your message clearly.

The logo design shown below perfectly depicts how a travel company should have a logo with a message. The travel company Agape on its website says “Our mission is to provide our customers with the safest, most comfortable and rewarding transportation experience possible. We strive to be the BEST.” Now match this message with its logo below. The logo has an airplane and wings with steely looks that represent the determination of the company to provide the ‘safest, most comfortable transportation experience.’ The company deals in group travels and the logo gives feeling of security to the travelers.

Travel logo

[Source: gabrielhill.deviantart]

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