Tips To Effectively Brief a Logo Designer


Every business intends to create an impression on the people through its logo. If the design is great, a business can hope for attracting more customers over the years while a poorly designed logo will damage prospects of the company in the market. But creating a customized logo depends a lot on how you brief the designer especially when providing the work online to a distant designer.

You need to provide a good design brief when you are offering the work to an individual or through a crowdsourcing site to dozens of the designers. In case of offering the job to an individual who is can be physically be present, you should take him or her to your business site such as manufacturing unit. A designer needs some inspiration and a visit to your company unit can give some idea to start on the project. Give as much information personally to the designer as you possibly can. Answer all of the queries from the designer.

If you are writing a design brief for an online logo designer, make sure that you provide specific details. Start with details of your company background and then tell about your business. Give details about your products or services and how useful they are for the customers.

But information about your customers is the most important to the logo designer. Your brief must offer details about the lifestyle of the targeted customers. For instance, if the customers come from high-end society or affluent few, then the designer will try to create a logo that looks sophisticated in color, fonts and overall impression. If the customers are from other section of the population, then their preferences for colors and trendy designs may find place in a logo design.

A design brief is also a way to custom design your logo. The designer will give preference to your specifications. So, if you want some colors, fonts or other elements incorporated in the design, you should mention them clearly in the brief. This is the way to explore a designer’s skills to your advantage when you need a customized logo for your business.

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By Campbell Jof

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