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Tips & Guide To Win Designhill Studio Challenges Worth $5000

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

Designhill Studio Challenges

Ever wondered that the secret to making money lies at your fingertips. All you have to do is choose the right platform, be a part of the largest community and participate in ongoing challenges. Yes, you heard it right! Everything comes at the right moment. When it comes, the key is to not let it pass. And your moment is here, with Designhill Studio Challenges. Designhill is one of the largest creative markets that keep on introducing new contests and challenges as an opportunity for global designers and artists to make some money and be a part of creative fame. Recently, Designhill has published many Studio Challenges so that designers and artists can put their skills to practice and earn enticing prizes regularly. And guess what? The latest prize money to be won under these challenges is a huge i.e. $5000. Want to know more? Watch the video and read the transcript of a recent session held with Designhill’s art director Kevin Bagchi where he shared how to win these challenges and avoid common mistakes in creating winning designs. Have a look!

No wonder, designers and artists look for earning opportunities. They can surely use their high-end design skills and craft to win clients and get new assignments regularly. Apart from that, they can make a huge amount of money. How? Popular contests like Designhill Studio Challenges provide them with ample opportunities to spend their creative energies with a purpose. They can win enticing prizes very often.

You have plenty of reasons to join Designhill Design Studio Challenges. The prize money of $5000 is huge and everyone would like to grab it. But more than that, for a creative designer, what matters is the recognition and reach amongst the potential clients.

Why should you participate in Designhill Studio Challenges?

With these challenges, a designer can leave a mark in the design field. This is because the platform of Designhill is huge and helps you connect with a vast global community of designers. Also, the winners are talked about in Designhill blogs, social media platforms, which help build instant recognition.

However, many designers are not much aware of the ways to crack Designhill Studio Challenges. They are talented people but make some common mistakes that they can avoid. If they stick to some basics, their chances of winning a prize go higher.

Considering that, Designhill thought of helping its design community in following the right approach to enter and win the challenges. The leading marketplace, therefore, conducted a session on 16th February 2021 with its Art & Design Director, Kevin Bagchi. He presented a detailed view of what the challenges are all about and what are mistakes you should avoid when creating your designs for the contest.

During the session, the design community learned about the right way to participate in the challenges and what mistakes to avoid. They also were shown the way to create great designs and have creative ideas.

You can watch the video as well as read the below transcript in the form of Q/A in order to understand what Designhill Studio Challenges are all about, how it can help you make money and what are the best possible ways to avoid mistakes while creating your winning designs.

Here Are The Tips And Guide To Win Designhill Challenges Worth $5000

What is Designhill Studio?

Designhill Studio is a tool to empower businesses and marketers to create amazing designs. The studio itself is a DIY design tool. You can create any kind of design ranging from flyers, resume, a business card, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and many other designs as per your business needs. Right. With this tool, you can showcase your creative spirit.

Designer Studio Challenges

Now, let’s talk about the designer studio challenges. We have launched a set of challenges called Designer Studio Challenges. Under these, you will see a lot of mega challenges and some teams. These challenges are introduced for creative professionals like you. Designers like you can participate in various teams and various challenges.

To find the challenges, you need to go to There, you will see a list of mega challenges. Under every mega challenge, we have certain themes in which you can participate.

For example, you see this resume and design challenge on your screen when you visit the mega challenge page. If you click on the resume challenge, you will see the challenge plus some themes related to it.

So, for example, under resume and design Mega Challenge, you will have themes such as infographic resume a design challenge and minimalistic resume a design challenge.

When clicking on the themes, you will see the description of the challenge. You will find your inspiration images in spatial design. This will guide you further concerning what kind of design help you need to create. So that it can get added or it can be approved from the back end, which is one of the processes right. And you will see all the books that we will be provided under each theme are each challenge.

To understand it visually, we have uploaded the process video there. You can click on those process videos to know how to participate. The video will take you through the step-by-step process.

The Prize Money is Huge!

Now the question is what does the winner get? This is the exciting part of these challenges. Well, the first winner gets a cash award of $150. The second winner gets a cash award of $50, and the third winner as runner-up gets Printshop gift cards worth $25 each.

So far, we have done 20 plus challenges. You can visit the challenge page to find that we have processed all these perks and rewards.

Participating Guidelines

Now, coming to participation guidelines. Here, I will take you through this.

Use Designhill Studio Only

You need to make sure that you are creating a design on the Designhill Studio only. You cannot create a design on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and submit it under the challenge.

Confirm Your Participation

Make sure that you click on the Participate Now button on the challenge page to go to Designhill Studio and create a design from the scratch using the studio tool only.

Post It On Your Instagram Page

Once you have created and submitted the design, you have to post the same design on your Instagram page. You should caption the entry as ‘ I am participating in designer studio XYZ challenge.”

Use Hashtags

You have to use hashtags, which are #designhillstudiochallenge and # designhillstudio. By using these hashtags, we will get to know that you have posted your design on social media. Once you successfully submit your design, you will get the social sharing link. You don’t have to go anywhere to share your design on social media. You need to click on that link that will automatically caption this for you right.

Tag Designer Studio

Make sure you tag designer studio as in when you are uploading your designs on your social media and using these hashtags. This will help us reshare your posts or stories on our official Designhill Studio Instagram page.

Voting Round Stage

Once you have submitted your designs and uploaded the same on social media, the next stage is the voting round. This voting round happens when your design gets approved by the team. We have a design team and Kevin is leading that team wherein he reviews all the submitted designs.

If any of your designs get approved or get shortlisted for voting around, you can start sharing your designs with your friends with your families and ask them to vote for you. Voting higher the vote you have higher are the chances that you can be one of the winners of designer studio challenges.

So, make sure after you post your challenge or post your design on social media. Once your design gets approved, make sure you share the same with your friends and family and ask them to vote for you. You can share your design through your WhatsApp groups or any other platforms of your choice.

Follow Us On Designhill Studio

To get an update yourself, make sure you follow us on Design Studio, which is the official social media handle for designers. Follow that page, which is the link to the Instagram page. We will be in the chat. You will be notified about the new challenges that we launch after every 10 days. Also, make sure you subscribe to our events news newsletter as well. The newsletter will inform you about the sessions which we exclusively do to answer all of your questions.

Also, we have created an exclusive WhatsApp group just for the studio participants to help them with everything related to designing your studio. So, make sure you join our challenge by joining our Whatsapp group as well.

Who all can participate in designer studio challenges, and does one need to have a design background, or is it open for everyone?

Kevin: It is open to everyone who wants to participate in the studio challenge. It’s very simple and easy. And there’s lots of inspiration out there, where you can create your design. The tools are very easy to use. It’s not a Photoshop or Illustrator that you need a lot of failing to. Once you start designing over the studio, you will get the hang of it very easily.

We are already giving you inspirational designs under each category, on the challenge page. So, you can go through it to have some idea of the kind of designs we are looking for and what kind of design you can create for us.

What mistakes do you see people making that lead to design rejection?

Designing On Other Software – BIG NO!

Kevin: The number one mistake is the uploading of designs after designing for Photoshop and Illustrator directly. We check all the designs and it will get rejected if it is not created over the Designhill Studio.

Not Using Fonts Properly

The second problem is people are not able to use fonts properly. Many of them use multiple fonts that clutter the design. That is the reason for most designs getting rejected.

Putting Designs Under Wrong Category

The third mistake designers often make is they categories their designs in the wrong category for submission. For example, if we are asking to create invitation cards, people are creating posters. So you must read the challenge guidelines to avoid making those mistakes.

Creating Generic Designs

The next one will be the content, they create generic designs. For example, as you know, if we see a lot of entries, which are the same kind of designs, so we have to pick one of the best. So that’s why one of the other reasons that your designs are getting rejected at the moment.

What studio features and elements designers can use to win the challenges?

Huge Free Photo Gallery

Kevin: Designhill Studio has many features that you guys can use directly from the studio. You don’t have to download or upload from anywhere else. For example, we have a huge photo gallery section. This is all royalty-free. You can use it directly and search images. You can see 1000s of images that you can use directly from the studio. All you need to do is click and use.

Resize Images

You can resize images. You can easily resize it, according to your design requirements. So, you don’t have to do any Photoshop, you can just actually start using it from the Studio.


There are many elements available to the designers at the studio. We have given you a few of the basic shapes. For example, if you need a square, you know, the elements are available in SVG. You can change the color according to your need. You can do so and then you can get a line also if you just increase the size.


The other feature is we have a huge amount of icons.ff You can change their color and they are all easy to use.

Then, we have some template designs that are pre-built for you that you can use directly. Or, if you want to create your templates and you can just add a heading.

Get Your Favorite Font

Next, you can change the font and search for your favorite font. And it is simple and easy to use fonts and change their color. Then if you want to put an image behind an image with the producer element, or introduce a bolded logo to position center backward. That is how you can create very simple designs easily. So, you do not need Photoshop, as you can use the studio tools directly and create your designs.

And of course, you can upload using an upload section. When you upload SVG, just remember to use the path format only and our studio can take only a minimum of one to five colors. Do not use beyond five colors. The second thing to keep in mind is when you upload an image, it should be less than MB.

How many fonts are available?

Kevin: We have 5000 plus fonts at the moment, and we are constantly updating them every day. If you can join the WhatsApp group, you can ask for a specific phone that you want. We will try to get what will suit you as soon as possible. That is why you guys must join the WhatsApp group.

How can we claim our prize if we became the winner?

Kevin: Once you join the Designhill Studio, your account will be created over And then if you win, the prizes will be created over your account. Then, you can easily take it out with the help of PayPal or any other account you have. The prize generally comes within a week in the winner’s account.

How many entries should a designer submit in a challenge to maximize his chances of winning?

Kevin: Going by the past challenges, most of our prize winners who got the prizes submitted more than 10 designs in each category. This is because they were learning also during the process. They were getting rejection and votes. So, they kept putting the design. It is like any challenge, the more you participate, the more opportunity you create to win more prizes. So, I would say 10 should be the minimum you should target.

Why is social sharing and voting important when it comes to designing a winner?

Kevin: We have a high weightage on voting. Once you design something, it should be circulated around the world. That is why you are a designer. You want to show you what to everyone. So you must share your designs over Instagram or Facebook, or any platform you want.

In that way, we see that people are liking these designs, and your winning chances get better. So, we highly encourage you to share your design as much as possible. That gives you a weightage.

Can you highlight some of the factors which make a winning design?


Kevin: The first quality that we check in a design is its simplicity. If it is too complicated, the fonts are entangling each other, there are too many elements that are talking to each other, then nobody will use it. So that is one thing that I always see.

Font Pairing

The second quality we look for in a design is font pairing. We see that the fonts are going together well.

SVG Icons

The third parameter we see is the use of SVG icons. This is because the template is supposed to be customizable. So, if you use an icon, which is only a jpg, other people can change the color and make it their own.

So, we see how much effort a person has given to the studio, and how much SVG they have used. I think the SVG is very simple to use. We have an icon gallery, where you can find the icons of your choice. Or, you can just go to Google and convert your JPG to SVG. So that’s an effort we kind of consider while deciding the winner.

Colors and Shapes

The fourth one is the colors and shapes. We look at how many colors you have used if the colors are going with the fonts and with the whole design. Also, we find out if you used the shapes that are from the elements or SVG.


The last and the most important thing we consider in a design is creativity. How creative is the design? It should not be generic, it should be creative, and able to stand out from the rest. That is how you can become a winner.

How can participants improve their design quality, which can further help them improve their approval rates?

Kevin: A simple rule of thumb is to check the approved designs. You will see a pattern and kind of quality your peers are creating. So, you will have a very good idea why your designs are not getting past.

Secondly, you should use Pinterest. Go to Pinterest and search design to get tonnes of inspiration. There is no limitation of how many resources you can get for free at this agency. So, I will say if your design is rejected, always check which one is getting approved. See what is out there in the world in a Pinterest Explorer.

How to avoid generic designs?

Kevin: A generic design is when your design looks the same as the other 1000 of them look. That is a simple way to understand generic design. You should explore a lot to avoid generic design. So, you may be using only two fonts of color background and the food, for example, our Instagram food. I have seen those designs over the studio that are like 50% off on this burger and this burger photo. And then the small text, which is very generic, everybody will do.

How can you make it more usable? If for example, right now there’s amazing chatting going on. We have a food challenge, which is for Instagram proposed. So, those posts will be used by people who are in the food industry. They may use it as an ad. Think from that point of view that how you can sell that burger and they will run that one day or the Facebook ad.

How many fonts are available with the studio?

Kevin: There are 5000 plus fonts. You can join the WhatsApp group and ask us for a particular font that you like. We will try our best to get that font live over the studio in no time.

How long are the challenges?

We are introducing four challenges every 10 days. So you will never see the challenge page empty or without any challenge. Make sure that you visit these challenge pages and participate in all the challenges that we have for you.

How to upload on Instagram directly from designhill without downloading?

You don’t have to download any design, you would have seen it in the process video as well. Once you complete your design submission, you get the blue color page that says share your design and participate in more challenges. It has the share button already. You can click on that share button, which you receive at the end of the design session.

After you complete the entire process, and you click on that share button, it will automatically open up on Instagram. The caption is already there, which I showed you in the presentation as well. And you will be able to share it directly from there. However, just in case you face any issue with that, make sure you join the WhatsApp group. You can then interact with us then and there so that we can help you right away.

How can we claim our prize if we become the winner?

We are sure a lot of you would be wondering about how to get your prize money. As in when we announced the winners within one week of the winner announcement, we transfer your reward to your designer wallet. Since those who have already participated in designer challenges, they would know that when you want to participate in any design challenge, you need to sign up at a designer studio.

As and when you sign up, you have already created your account. And if you win, you just need to login into your account, you go, you need to go to the earnings section, and you will see your reward money over there. It could be 150 dollars if you are a first winner. It could be $50 if you’re a second winner, and that happens, the money gets added to your designer wallet within one week of our announcement.

So you will see that you will see your you know in your design his wallet and then you can redeem your reward through PayPal or Payoneer account whatever works in your country.

How are we able to remove the image background in the design studio?

Kevin: At the moment you can’t do it physically, because it’s still in a beta stage. We are constantly developing new tools and new elements that will help the studio but at the moment you can’t. For that, you can use Photoshop and turn that into a PNG and bring that photo to the studio if you want a PNG background.

Do comments and likes from the design inspiration community have weightage in the selection process as well?

No, the likes and comments do not have any weightage in the selection process, voting, and social sharing, have weightage to, you know, in the selection process to ensure as in when your designs, your design gets approved for the voting round.

Make sure you are sharing your design with the link of your design with your friends and families and asking them to vote for you. So comments and likes do not have any breakage in the selection process.

One more thing. Are uploaded, PNG images accepted in-studio challenges?

Kevin: It has to be royalty-free. So, for example, you cannot use any Bollywood or Hollywood actor analysis, or image which is not royalty-free. We will say you can download the image from our gallery, turn it into a page, and upload it again, that will be fine.

But we don’t want to get stuck in you know, you know, copyright issue. We have a gallery from where you can download images and make them a PNG. No problem with that.

So, follow these basics when entering the Designhill Studio Challenges worth $5000 and other such challenges from the leading creative marketplace. But keep on practicing your craft using these challenges and contests even if you do not win prizes at the first attempt. It will make you only a better graphic designer.

Wrapping Up

Designhill Studio Challenges worth $5000 is an enticing and popular challenge that evokes designers to give their best. They come out with their unique creative ideas to compete in the contest. But make sure that your design is simple, unique and has the right use of color, text, and other elements. You should be using only the Designhill Studio as a tool to create your design pieces.

View Upcoming Challenges

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