5 Tips For Creating A Buzz Around Your Physical Fitness Business

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Your business idea is outstanding and your customer service is the best. But that may not be enough to create a buzz around your physical fitness business. If you’re living under the rock, a ‘buzz’ is word of mouth marketing that compels people to talk big about your business. It helps in creating a positive and user-friendly image.

While there is no dearth of ideas available on the Internet on how to promote your business, very little has been said and written about ways, tips and tricks to create a buzz around your fitness brand. It’s smart to start with the basics first. While promoting your business online its mandatory to first analyze the local market, your target audience and check which aspects create a better impact on your target customers whether its your website design, your fitness logo, promotional offers or any other thing. Following hundreds of ideas at once can be a tedious task, so, to save you the hard work, we have prepared a list of these 5 steps that you must follow to create a positive buzz around your fitness business.

Follow these 5 basic steps when you want people talking about your Fitness Startup in a positive tone.

1. Research Your Audience – Find out your potential customers online and offline. Go to google.com/trends or city-data.com to search them. Meetup.com is another useful resource to know about fitness events in your city. Visit these events regularly. Ensure the below during such events.

  • Take photos of participants and celebrations during the event.
  • Inform event participants that your blog will feature their photos.
  • Hand them over your business card having your blog address, email and other contact details.

2. Know Their Problems – Make a list of major fitness problems. Learn about the common fitness issues people face these days. For example, many look for an effective custom fitness plan or personal training solutions. People will talk about your startup if you’re able to provide the right and highly effective solutions.

3. Get your brand presence right – Set up Your Website, Blog, Social Media Page and You Tube Channel – Once you know their problems and have solutions to effectively tackle those problems; create a professional website or blog, set up a channel on YouTube and create professional social media pages in order to make your visitors bow in awe of your startup’s greatness and might.

Here is the perfect example of a well designed website of a gym that is providing all the relevant information that a customer needs to make a purchase/subscription decision.

Here are some points to follow:

  • Pick up one problem at a time and write an informative but short and creative blog on how to solve the issue. Do well to ensure a catchy title for such blogs.
  • Insert relevant but appealing images in such blogs.
  • Entrepreneur.com recommends that you make tutorial about some fitness exercises and post them on YouTube with a captivating title. Post 2-3 videos on each topic.
  • Your YouTube channel should also have some teasers that lead your customers to your social media pages.

4. Ensure Impressive Graphic Designs – Source creative durable and professional graphic designs including inspirational social media posts for instagram and facebook, posters and well-designed infographics related to physical fitness for your studio decor will yield enough power to go viral. Also remember to create creative fitness flyers to effectively advertise your physical fitness startup products, services and offers. You will be surprised how effective a well designed flyer is!. 

5. Give Personal Touch to Marketing through Promotional Products – Always stay in your customers minds by giving out free branded t-shirts or snapbacks with your fitness logo imprinted on them. The average cost per impression of a branded t-shirt is less than $.004. So, the most useful marketing dollars you will ever spend out of all marketing channels will be on such branded t-shirts.

Finally, personalised emails are a great tool to keep in touch with your followers and to also to up sell and cross sell your offerings. For example, if you find one of your subscribers struggling to keep fit, sending them fitness exercise videos will be a great strategy. In addition, referral programmes are a great success in the fitness industry and getting your friends, colleagues, family members and acquaintances to join your referral programme and to promote your business will definitely create the buzz you are striving for.

These few tips will definitely help you in creating a big buzz around physical fitness business.

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