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10 Tips To Create Custom Flyers Online In Minutes

Avatar by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Flyer Design - [wtr-time]

Last updated on May 23rd, 2020

Most of the time, businesses use flyers to create awareness about an event or social cause. Even in modern digital age, these leaflets play a bigger role. Marketers are using these means of advertisement as a low-cost strategy to drive customers’ attention. However, custom flyers must be uniquely created to suit a brand personality and message.

Are you planning to start a flyer-based marketing campaign for your new startup? Well, that is a great idea as it will bring the unlimited attention of your target audience to your newly opened business. And, the cost of the campaign will also be manageable. Right from the designing stage to the printing and distribution, the cost is within your budget.

Also, using a flyer in your brand strategy make people aware of your products and services easily. All you need to do is to distribute flyers to passersby. People mostly read the entire content of the flyer, which ensures better customer engagement.

But, custom flyers are successful if their design is unique and impressive. People are naturally attracted to clean and purposeful designs and flyers are no exceptions to it. Your flyers must be a unique design idea so that it entices viewers to know more about what your business offers.

Considering the importance of custom flyers, increasing numbers of businesses are using these leaflets for business promotion. Flyers continue to be an integral part of the marketing strategy of most businesses.

They use these leaflets using leaflet maker tool to catch the target customers’ attention. According to a survey, about 79% of small and medium enterprises use flyers as a way to increase the reach amongst target customers.

Design Your Flyers All By Yourself

You may be thinking of designing a custom flyer for an event or brand marketing. To save money, you can even start designing flyers on your own without any expertise in this field. For that, all you need to do is use the flyer maker, a DIY tool from Designhill.

Flyer Maker

You can simply create the design by dragging the colors, text, images, etc. from a vast library of the tool. Then, drop those elements of your choice to a set design frame to create your flyers. But before starting using the tool, you should first have an idea of what goes into custom flyers design.

So, Here Are The Top Tips You Must Consider To Follow When Designing Custom Flyers

01. Develop A Strategy

Before working on the design, make sure that you have given a thought to many aspects of it. You should know beforehand about what will be your audience, who it will be targeting, what should be the content, how you will be showcasing to users, etc. Also, try to answer questions such as where will the flyer be distributed and what will be the budget.

Design Custom Flyers

Depending on the answers, you can then decide on the size and shape of the flyer and how to get the content purposefully designed in the flyer. Don’t think that you can fit all the things randomly. It will create chaos. Instead, for instance, strategize step by step, know what content will go into the flyer as per your marketing goals and target audience.

02. Create The Contrast

When thinking about how to make flyers, know those contrasting visuals are a surefire way to catch the viewer’s eye to the most important content of flyers. People get easily drawn to the visuals that present contrasting colors as it makes an interesting view.

Create Flyers

When using the flyer maker online tool, you can create contrast by putting together opposite colors such as black and white. Or, vary the sizes of typeface so that a big font is easily visible against a smaller font. You can highlight the main points in flyer content if you design them by providing enough contrasting effect.

03. Highlight Keywords

There may be certain keywords related to your business. These words are in your customers’ mind as they look for the products or services your business offer. They should see those words right away on the flyers. These words entice them to buy your offerings in the market. So, highlight such words in bigger and bolder letters.

Highlight Keywords

But, what words you can use? People mostly have the words like new, easy, free, save, now, limited, and guarantee in their minds when shopping. Incorporate a few of such words in your custom flyers.

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04. Consider The Distance

Usually, we think of flyers as a thin sheet of paper for distribution to people by the side of the road or anywhere else. But, flyers find a place on the walls as well where they serve the purpose of a small poster. So, create the design in such a way that people can see it from a good distance while moving around.

Custom Flyer

Make sure that every element of design in your custom flyers scale appropriately. It would be good if you can print out a test version and hang it. Then, see it from a distance to check if grabs your attention or not.

05. Ensure A Call To Action

A call to action is the reason why you created the flyer advertisement. The CTA is a request made to the potential customers to buy your products, visit a website or services or attend an event, etc. Therefore, it is usually mentioned at the end of an advertisement including flyers. But you can mention it even in the middle of the content as well.

Call To Action

The design should highlight the CTA portion of the flyer so that viewers can immediately notice it. To do that, you can design it in an entirely different color and big font.

06. Design For The Borderless Look

Custom flyers such as Volunteer flyer template that are designed from edge to edge look nice. They present a full-colored view of the advertisement to the reader of the content. Such a flyer is also known as a full-bleed flyer as the design is stretched up to the edge of the printed paper. So, there is no border. Such a borderless design stands out. These flyers certainly look different than the office copies of flyers that have borders.

Flyer Design

07. Put The Most Important Details On Top

We read flyers from the top and it should be kept in mind. Therefore, your most important information about your business, such as discounts, the launching of products, the date of an event, etc. should be placed at the top of the design. The least important details should be moved down the page.

Unique Flyers

Similarly, the key images should be at the top to make a quick impact. Place the most impactful images in the top third of the flyer design. Since most flyers are vertical designs, the images are usually horizontal. Therefore, to balance the images at the top, you should use a shape or overlay to the bottom.

08. Use High-Quality Images

Images are amongst the most powerful design elements to make an impact on viewers. But, only a high-quality image can convey the intended message. Such a relevant picture that relates to the information well helps engage in engaging the reader with the brand or event described in the flyer.

Use High-Quality Images

Just a glance should be enough to convey what the flyer wishes to convey or showcase. When you create flyers online using the DIY tool, do not pick an image that leaves room for guesswork.

09. Make It Your Flyer

Look for various flyer ideas as your design should instantly give the impression that it belongs to your business or an event. Viewers judge a visual by its colors, images, etc. elements to find out what brand it is advertising.

Flyer Design

This should prompt you to incorporate your brand colors, visuals, fonts in your flyers. Don’t forget to add your brand name or logo as well. It should reflect your brand’s overall style so that it looks familiar to the customers of your products. It is all about integrating your brand.

10. Create A Simple Design

People do not have much time today to read the entire content of custom flyers. A design that contains a huge body of text content will be ignored by most readers. They will just have a quick look at the top headline and throw the flyer to the dustbin if the rest of the design is not appealing.

Create A Simple Design

To grab their attention, therefore, keep the flyer design simple with the use of fewer elements of colors, text, etc. You have just a few seconds to convey your message. So, consider a simple design and eliminate all the clutter.

These are the basic tips to follow when designing your custom flyers. There is no need to hire a graphic designer. Instead, the DIY tool is good enough for you to create simple but unique flyers on your own provided you consider the above-mentioned points.

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Wrapping Up

Custom flyers are an effective means of advertising a brand or an event. It helps enhance the reach of a business in a target market. But only a carefully design flyer can be successful in grabbing the attention of people and engaging them with a brand. So, the design must be simple but unique with the important content on the top and highlighted. Clever use of brand colors, fonts, etc, and quality images should also be considered.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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