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10 Tips To Create Logo Design For Digital Era

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on February 18th, 2022

Businesses want to make a visual contact with its target customers and markets. A quality logo design is one of the most potent ways to engage people with any business. In the digital era, logos are being designed in a different way to address the people who use an electronic medium to shop and search.

Logos and other visual identities define brand value of businesses. All global companies invest huge funds to create memorable logos. They aim to convey an intended brand message. But the ways to design company logos have changed a lot in the modern digital era. In the pre-digital era, logo designs followed some key design standards.

There were little technological changes happening back then. The logos appeared in limited channels such as print media and TV. Today, the social media has replaced the traditional branding concepts.

Marketers recognize and acknowledge brands that interact in real-time with target consumers. Also, brands have to engage users across hundreds of different social channels including video platforms, websites, digital publications, messaging apps and offline channels. A challenge faced by logo designers today is that each channel is different from the others in many ways.

For example, a marketer will treat a website and a video platform in a different way for reaching to an audience. The logo designers create designs that are compatible across all the channels by graphic design services. The traditional static logo design, thus, has little value in brand-building marketing plans.

This is the age of dynamic branding. Marketers must reach to all the channels to address their audience. So, logo designs are flexible and open to the requirements of dynamic branding. Dynamic branding may be today’s buzzword but it had started in the 1980s when MTV logo design appeared.

The entertainment company’s logo was the first dynamic design of its kind. It appeared as an animated symbol in different colors. The dynamic logo represented the ever-changing styles of the music company. Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games logo and Adobe logo are among many examples of dynamic logos.

Logos and visual identities define the brand value of a business. All global companies invest huge funds to create memorable logos. They aim to convey an intended brand message. But the ways to create a logo have changed a lot in the modern digital era.

In the pre-digital era, logo designs followed some key design standards. There were little technological changes happening back then. The logos appeared in limited channels such as print media and TV. Today, the social media has replaced the traditional branding concepts. Make sure that your logo becomes a visual identity compatible across all channels.

Here Are Our Key Tips To Create Logos For The Digital Era

01. Research Your Client’s Business

You should have a clear understanding of your client’s business. Only in that case you can come up with the best logo idea. You need to consider your client’s brand.

Client Business

You should consider its business values, brand message, customer profile, and market competition. Your client should provide the details of the business, customers, and markets. If the details are missing, you should do some research to have an insight of the client’s business. At this point, do not worry about the aesthetics of logo designing.

02. Keep Your Logo Clean And Simple Design

One of the qualities and characteristics of a memorable logo design is that it is clutter-free and simple business symbol. Many graphic designers use flat design and minimalistic design principle to create such designs. For such designs, less is more.

logo design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

In the digital era, it is better to create logos that look clean on an electronic medium such as mobile phone. Such logos should look impressive in websites and should gel well with a website design. as well. So, make sure that there are only few typeface, colors etc. elements.

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03. Create A Flexible Design

Your company’s logo will appear across all the digital channels. Thus, you must consider the entire branding system at large -for when designing a logo. The consumers have access to increasing range of digital touch-points and channels. They want to use the information in their own way.

Flexible Design

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

For instance, customers want to personalize logos. Keeping that in mind, companies are making their logos available in an animated form. So, you should check if your logo design is flexible. People can use it on different channels in their own creative way. Another method is they can use it to create a logo online using an online logo maker tool.

04. Design For Mobile

Marketers know the importance of apps in the modern business environment. They understand that an app is a new ad and so they want to put in place a well-defined mobile brand strategy. No doubt that mobile has made its impact on logo design. This is because the marketers equate the mobile with the customer experience today. This means that when designing your logo, you must think of user experience.

Mobile Design

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

In other words, your logo design should be compatible across diverse screen sizes. After you have created a logo, make sure to test it for its compatibility across various devices. Before you design a logo online, you should test your logo to see how it appears in the app store. Ensure that users can immediately discover it in the store. The users like to share logos on social channels. So, test your logo for its sharing value.


05. Create A Message

A logo design may be an attractive piece of work due to bright colors etc, but it will go waste if it fails to send a message. People look for some message in a logo. But it must be conveyed to them the moment they see the logo. When a logo carries a brand message, it becomes a permanent tool for brand promotion.

Take for example the Amazon logo. The logo has an arrow in the shape of the smile and it connects the letter a to the letter z. Amazon logo thus symbolizes that the e-commerce company sells everything. The smile stands for a satisfied customer.

graphic design

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Similarly, The FedEx logo is another example of how a logo design sends right signals to the consumers. It has an arrow hidden in the white space, telling that the courier company delivers the things in a quick way.

In fact, consideration for a brand message is first and foremost requirement to create any graphic design even if it is your business card design. So, pay extra attention to knowing your message precisely.

06. Colors Should Be Clear And Strong

For logo designs in the digital era, generally, colors with cool undertones are preferred. In addition to that, choose the colors that appear great on a variety of resolutions and screens. But do not incorporate a color for the sake of it. Make sure that the choice of color is relevant to your brand message.

Remember that each color evokes some feeling from the viewers. So, find out what feelings does your brand intends to evoke from the target customers and choose a color accordingly.

Logo Colors

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

For example, if your brand stands or some aggressiveness, passion and such emotions, then red will be a better choice then yellow or other colors. Social media companies mostly have blue in their logos, such as Facebook logo, because blue color stands for intelligence and socialization.

But prefer monochromatic colors also. Monochromatic color versions of logos have, for example, shite on color and white on black, and black on white. Try -to different representations for a greater flexibility. But full color logos also work in most digital applications.

07. Incorporate A Square And Scalable Image

Most of the digital medium requires a square image for profile pictures and elsewhere. For example, a social media page usually requires you to upload a square logo to create a profile image. You will need such a logo image for almost all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

social media

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

You will need your square image of a logo on social sites to build your brand image. You may also be required to create a different bolder version of your logo design for small applications.

08. You Should Be Able To Reconfigure Your Logo

Digital is a vast medium that involves a wide variety of applications. Your business may be using many of these applications to reach your target audience in a big way. This means that your logo design should be such that you can deconstruct its some elements to suit different applications. There may be a situation when you will be combining your logo and fonts in a different manner.

logo design

[Source: Designhiil’s Gallery]

09. Use Logo Font And Image Combination

There are hundreds of logo fonts available free online these days. Many of these fonts are of high quality standards. You can avail these once expensive fonts at low-cost or free. So, do not settle for a substandard font. But make sure that you pick a font that is easily downloadable and it should be usable in different applications such as Word and PowerPoint.

Logo Font

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

10. It Should Be Scalable

Your logo will appear on varied small screen sizes of mobiles, desktops, and watches. The same logo will appear on larger screens of billboards. The logo must appear distinctive and compelling when displayed in different sizes. Thus, avoid designing an over complicated logo that sends mixed signals to the viewers. Instead, keep the logo design simple with the use of one or two elements of colors and typefaces.

If your brand wants to target a specific market, your logo design can have some elements of local culture. This strategy can help drive customers to your business. The target audience will acknowledge your efforts to include their culture. But the elements of one culture in your logo may offend the people from other cultures. Your business may lose customers from the other culture.

graphic designer

You can adopt a better approach. You should design a logo that does not offend other cultures. The logo should have universally accepted symbols, images, slogans, and other elements. This way, your brand appeal will broaden across all the channels to wider sections of people. Nowadays there are quality online logo makers that provide quality outcomes one can try this one also.

Besides, there are plenty of online tools available that help you in creating a professional logo. Logo Maker is one such tool that helps you in designing quality logos in a matter of minutes. Keep these tips in mind to create an impressive logo in the digital era of today. What is your say on this issue? You can share it here with us for the benefit of our readers.

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Your logo design in digital era should be made to suit different resolutions, social media, and other electronic media. The designers consider special requirements of colors, shape, and typefaces when designing for digital requirements. Logos for print media and digital era are thus different to some extent.

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