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Tips To Promote Your Artwork On Designhill’s Printshop

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Graphic Design


Last updated on September 13th, 2021

A printshop is an online store you can use to sell your clothing designs. But selling from these stores is not as easy as it seems. It requires you to adopt certain business promotion tactics. While there are many marketing strategies, few of them are a must to promote your artwork on the printshop.

Designhill runs a PrintShop dedicated to the designers who excel in creating and selling their clothing designs. They can use the site to design their apparels such as t-shirts and then showcase the shirts on the site’s online apparel store. It is, thus, a convenient single destination to create your artwork and sell to earn.

However, merely displaying your t-shirt designs on the printshop is not enough to locate and win buyers. You need to promote your artwork aggressively to sell your artwork. That is one of the conditions to make the online store a success in terms of sales.

So, what exactly you should be doing to promote your artwork on Designhill?

Here Are Some Key Tips To Promote Your Artwork

01. Start Blogging

Blogging is a proven tactic to drive more people to a website, including your printshop. The site has your best apparel designs displayed prominently. But this is not good if fewer people are visiting it. To make more and more people visit your online store at Designhill, start a blog after you set up your artist shop.

Start Blogging

When you write a blog, you are addressing a problem that an audience is facing. Then, you provide some solution as well. That is the usefulness of a blog for readers. So, find out what is there in the minds of your potential buyers of apparels when they search. Write down about those worries. But make sure that you provide a solution to those apprehensions.

Moreover, blogging helps in optimizing your printshop. With regular blog posting, your store site will be optimized enough for its place in the top search result rankings. That will enhance the visibility of the store, resulting in more people visiting it.

02. Promote On Social Media

Social media is a powerful business promotion tool. Business owners use varied strategies to make their audience aware of products or services. You can take your printshop to millions of people using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Other social sites such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram also are tested platform for art marketing. These media are your excellent help to enhance your reach amongst the target buyers and selling on an online printshop.

Social Media

Since a designer or artist is a solitary occupation, the chances are that you may become careless in the marketing side of the business. But social media is something even an artist will like to use for chatting and accessing information quickly. So, once you have put in place your social media pages, you will be habitually posting content on those pages.

But make sure that your social pages look professional. You should hire a professional graphic designer to ascertain that the pages are user-friendly and impressive.

03. Take Advantage Of Videos

You probably know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. What it means is that videos on this platform are bound to increase your audience reach many fold. Know that along with text sharing sites; videos are another great medium to share content and sell online.

If you can make useful and updated videos about your apparel designs, people will flock to your online store. Remember that videos are also a great way to break from the monotonous blog posts.

Take Advantage Of Videos

Generally, people do not like to read lengthy blog posts. But they want to see the information from videos if you can make them exciting and engaging. Since the attention span of people is gradually decreasing, videos are the perfect medium to engage them with your business and online art store.

Can you make some of your videos go viral? If you can ensure even one or two such videos, you will drive an incredible number of interested customers to Designhill’s printshop. Creating viral videos is perhaps the most effective video marketing way to drive an incredible amount of traffic to your store.

04. Write Guest Posts For Others

Another promotional trick is to use reputed websites to your advantage. The web has many influencer sites. These sites from renowned personalities already have millions of followers. You can exploit those followers. All you need to do is to locate the influencer blogging sites.

It would be good if these are apparel sites. For example, research some reputed t-shirt design and tshirt printing sites. Then, request their owner that you can write a guest post for them. Guest posting for many such influential sites will help you get more traffic.

Write Guest Posts

Besides the traffic, guest blogging or guest posting is a great way to introduce your art to millions of new readers. However, make sure that you are writing in an engaging style. Write some inspiring story about your business or life for better art marketing.

Do not forget to include a brief description of yourself and your artist shop. Write about your expertise as an artist and your credibility. The post also should have a link back to your printshop. This will drive the sites massive traffic back to your site. Many of them may show interest in buying your designed apparels.

05. Join Online Forums

Online forums are the platforms where thousands of people come together to resolve an issue. These forums are thus a community of professionals. They raise an issue related to their field and invite others to have their say. So, you can join many such online forums that discuss apparel designs or other graphic design products or services.

Join Online Forums

You should regularly participate in these forums. Look for the questions related to apparel designs, trends, fashions, t-shirts, etc. Then, answer those questions. But ensure that your answer has a link back to your printshop on Designhill.

This tactic will help you project as an expert in your field. Remember that people look for answers online. When you provide the right answers, many of them will click on your link to visit what you are offering from the store.

06. Offer Free E-Books

E-books are a great source of information on a topic. People look for these dedicated books to find elaborated and updated information on the issues of their interest. These books are mainly come in handy to get updated details on the move. All you need to do is to download the e-book of your choice and start reading it on your tablet, smartphone, or other devices.

If you can provide free e-books about apparel designs, fashion, etc. aspects, people will download it in huge numbers. All of them are your potential buyers of apparels from your store.

Free ebooks can ensure a massive number of people reading your content. A majority of them may visit your printshop to buy. This is undoubtedly an effective way to sell online.

07. Use Article Directories

Article directories are amongst the powerful platforms to drive readers and users. These directories allow business owners like you to submit as many articles as they can on a niche. You will be submitting a wide range of articles around the topics related to t-shirts and other apparels that you design. You can share your experience to design your own t-shirt.

Article Directories

The directories are a great way to project yourself as an authority on apparel design and printing. This, in turn, helps in building your brand identity of the online store. Ezine Articles, eHow, and Squidoo are few of the most used article directories for business promotion.

08. Comment On Art Blogs

How about commenting on art blogs? Believe it that your printshop will attract many visitors this way. Art blogs have hundreds of comments in their comment sections. Often, people visit this part of a blog to find out what the readers have to say. If you also give your opinion on the blog, people will appreciate it, especially if your comment has something substantial to say.

Comment On Art Blogs

Make sure that you give a link of your online printshop along with the comment. But consider posting comments on plenty of such art blogs. You can even comment on blogs that talk about tools such as a t-shirt maker.

These are the essential tips that you should follow to bring more traffic to your Designhill printshop. Pay your utmost attention to each of the points to explore its full potential.

Designhill is also a great platform to create a wide range of designs such as logos, business cards, websites, mobile apps, brochures, and many others. You can start your design contest at this site quickly in a few steps and start getting unique designs. In a short period of a week or so, you have your winning design for business within your set price.

Wrapping Up

Your printshop on Designhill is your tool to sell your t-shirt designs and other clothing and earn a profit. But promote the printshop using various means. To reach out to masses, start blogging, use social media, write free guest posts, join online forums, give away your e-books, etc.

Sell Your Artwork

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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