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Top 10 Electric Car Logos For Ideas And Inspiration

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design


Last updated on June 19th, 2023

Experience the evolving landscape of roads as electric vehicles are gradually gaining prominence. Discover how numerous car makers passionately advocate their EV car brands, showcasing electric car logos at every turn. Delve into these distinctive EV logos that depict cutting-edge designs and brand identities. Their designs are enough to ignite boundless ideas and inspiration.

The manufacturing of electric vehicles has witnessed tremendous advancements in recent years, pushing them from being niche luxury items to becoming the new norm in the automobile sector. This paradigm transformation echoes EV cars’ growing acceptance and adoption as a sustainable and innovative vehicle mode.

Electric vehicles today include sports cars, delivery trucks, bicycles, and many more items intended to make travel simpler, faster, and more environmentally friendly.

Many seriously consider electric vehicles a viable and more effective alternative to petrol and diesel-powered engines due to concern over their environmental effects. As a result, the EV business has exploded. The day is approaching fast when these environment-friendly vehicles will rule the roads.

Benefits Of Electric Cars

Electric cars are gradually becoming the norm, with the government also encouraging their use. Most governments offer tax benefits and multiple incentives, making these vehicles a cheaper alternative to conventional ones.

People have experienced how beneficial EV cars are, as evident from the ever-expanding market of these vehicles. The electric vehicle market is predicted to generate more than $450 billion in sales in 2023, rising to $858 billion in 2027, according to Statista data.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Electric Cars:

Less costly vehicles to run – Electric cars run on electricity which is 40% less expensive than petrol cars. If you charge using your solar PV system, the operating cost of your electric vehicles is further reduced.

Low maintenance costs – Electric cars have fewer moving parts and so these vehicles do not require much maintenance. Additionally, they require less frequent servicing and are more cost-effective than traditional petrol and diesel cars.

Environment-friendly vehicles – Most experts have environmental concerns due to emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric cars are effective solutions to keeping our environment cleaner.

Energy security – Many countries want to save money that goes towards spending on liquid-fuel energy like petrol and diesel. EVs address their concern by providing alternatives such as renewable energy sources.

Top 10 Electric Car Logos For Your Inspiration

Since more manufacturers are entering the electric car market, their logos are visible everywhere in marketing and promotional campaigns. Many such logos are globally recognized symbols of excellence in car making. You can also notice these symbols when looking for new logo ideas.

The Top Electric Car Logos Motivate Their Unique Ideas:

01. Canoo

Canoo is a global electric cars and lifestyle vehicle brand. Like the company’s electric car designs, its logo is unique and inspirational. The electric vehicle logo is just a few white dashes which does not reveal much at first glance. But it has a meaning hidden in those dashes.

The strategically placed white lines are the car’s tail lights. But these lines also look like solid chemical bonds, which stand for the strength and signify protection of the company’s electric vehicle.

Also, the wordmark has been widely spaced to make the company name and electric car logo look distinctive and impressive. This is a one-of-a-kind logo mainly designed around a few equally spaced smaller lines.


Tesla is a globally renowned American electric vehicle manufacturer that makes vehicles running on solar panels and batteries. Its logo design, at first glance, appears as a stylized T. But the Tesla logo has its secrets revealed upon scrutinizing the design.

On a closer look, you can see that the T’s on one side resemble a motor’s stator, while the other looks like a motor’s rotor. The letter T also stands for the company’s name. Also, the red and white colors of the logo drive attention immediately.

The logo is in red, the color of passion and love. So, the company is passionate about manufacturing environment-friendly high-technology electronic vehicles.

03.Faraday Future

Faraday Future is another electric car brand popular with car lovers. The company started its journey in 2014, and today it is known for its technological breakthroughs in electronic vehicle making.Its logo is amongst unique car logos with names that look simple. But on a closer look, the logo reveals the purpose and message behind its design. First, the entire logo design looks like an upward-facing fish. Then, the design shows the company’s initial F letters as well. Next, the two tilted F letters represent the brand name. Finally, the top of the logo looks like an arrow, symbolizing progress.

Also, the EV logo appears in digital letters, just as you see on a digital watch. This element represents the company’s electric car business. So, the fish-shaped logo looks aesthetically beautiful but conveys its brand personality and message. This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive logos in this car segment.

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04. Rivian

Rivian Automotive Company is another American-based electric car-making company dedicated. The company is known for its sports cars and pickup trucks. Its logo has an emblem and brand name. The emblem is in the shape of outer and inner arrows.


The outer arrows symbolize the company’s goal of innovation and adventure to improve the world. But the inner arrows convey that the company welcomes everyone and is motivated to progress. The clean energy car logo has incomplete horizontal bars in R and A to make it look unique.

Also, note that the logo is in black for power and strength. Black is also the color for authenticity, meaning that the viewers can depend on the technology used by the car manufacturing company.

05. Lordstown

Lordstown Motors was founded in 2018, making it a comparatively younger brand of electric car manufacturing. Its logo is a unique design that drives viewers’ attention instantly and conveys a message of power and strength.
The logo is a hexagonal emblem with a lightning symbol incorporated inside. The Ohio-based car maker company’s logo signifies the brand’s endurance with the hexagonal emblem.

Another attractive feature of the eco-friendly car logo is its wordmark in uppercase custom san-serif font. The bold and visual appeal of the typeface gives a unique look to the logo and helps the brand stand out in its electric vehicle niche.

The Lordstown logo, with its hexagon shape and electricity symbol inside, creates a masculine brand image. This image helps the company impress the customers that its electronic cars are as dependable as conventional cars of global brands.


Karma manufactures luxurious electric cars. This California-based company has a reputation for making uniquely designed cars. The company’s combination logo is one of the unique electric car logos. It’s a uniquely designed logo in a circular shape.

The Karma logo is a circular three-dimensional image that looks like a car headlight or resembles a video surveillance peephole. It uses a deep blue color and a thin yellow stripe with a shining glow at the top left. The ring is a solid crimson. There is a black line separating the edge and middle.

Also, the wordmark has a unique design, with the letters appearing in glossy silver that gives the letters a 3D look. The letter A lacks the horizontal bar to help the wordmark stand out. The overall 3D logo design leaves viewers with the impression that this company manufactures high-technology environment-friendly vehicles.

07. Nikola

Nicola Corporation manufactures commercial electronic vehicles. These vehicles are run on rechargeable batteries or fuel cells. Its logo is a powerful symbol that effectively conveys the company’s message to the costumes. It has two elements – the hexagon and the brand name.The hexagon with the brand’s initial letter N inscribed symbolizes power as it takes the shape of one of the toughest substances, graphite. It symbolizes the power, strength, and safety of the car. Also, the sans-serif font of letters in the company’s name is uniquely created for the logo. That conveys the uniqueness of the brand. The custom font is visually appealing.

The overall impression that the logo makes is that the company is a dependable resource of modern EV vehicles. People want these vehicles as reliable as conventional petrol and diesel cars from various angles.

08. Lucid

Lucid Motors is a California-based electric car manufacturer. Its logo design is such that it uniquely conveys the brand’s true essence. In addition, there are more significant gaps between the letters of the brand name, meaning that viewers can easily read them.

So, the letters are lucid and legible to read, like the cars the company makes. The renewal energy car logo is in a uniquely created wordmark in an uppercase sans-serif font. It has a larger space between the letters, giving the logo a horizontally extended, fashionable, and refined look.

This logo stands out because of its uniquely designed letters, which are smaller in height. This gives the entire logo a thin and clean look, just like the electronic vehicles are shaped.

09. NIO

NIO is another electric car brand known for its high-performance intelligent electric cars. Its logo design also is unique and thoughtful. This electric mobility logo has two symbols representing the company name WellAI, which translates to blue sky coming.

The arch-like symbol resembling a semi-circle stands for the sky and NIO’s vision for the future. Then, an arrow-like shape at the bottom of the symbol represents the forward momentum of the company’s business and plans.

The emblem not only looks unique, but it stands out also from many other logos in this sector. Such a thickly designed arc and arrow combination is rarely seen in the logo world. The wordmark is in friendly sans serif font that appears inviting to the viewers.


Polarstar was founded in 1996 and is a famous electric car brand today. This Swedish car manufacturer is known for its stylized cars. Therefore, the green car logo also features a stylized polar star, representing the brand name. But the design also stands for professionalism and sharpness.

This edgy and sharp logo design features two silver-gray arrowheads. Tips of these arrows face each other. One half of the arrowhead is in a light gray shade, while the other is in a darker shade. This makes the logo dynamic. When molded in shiny metal, the logo looks crisper than on paper.

Another key feature of the logo is that it looks thin, which looks minimalist and aesthetics. The logo is in the shape of a star, representing the company name Polstar. Note that one arm of the logo points upward, representing progress and technological advancements.

These are the top electric car logos that inspire us for their memorable and unique designs. You can consider such logos when looking for inspirational logo ideas.

When designing a logo, you can even create it on your own without any experience. Depending on your brief, logo maker software is your best bet to get several logo ideas. This is also your cost-effective way to get a logo without relying on an expensive graphic designer.

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Wrapping Up

Electric cars are environment-friendly, unique vehicles, and so are their logos. The electric car logos mentioned here are minimalist designs, conveying their brand message in bare minimum elements. These are inspirational logos for their ability to express a brand personality and message in a way that helps the company stand out.


Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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