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Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Outdoor Businesses

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Outdoor Businesses

Last updated on November 23rd, 2021

There are plenty of outdoor business opportunities waiting to be explored. In the United States, businesses related to maintenance and repair works are thriving since all houses need such services.

In fact, the scope of outdoor businesses includes a wide range of services including home cleaning, outdoor cleaning services, car cleaning, pool cleaning, cleaning of driveways, gutters, windows, maintenance of lawns, and many others.

Similarly, gardening and landscaping are amongst the popular outdoor business ideas.

You can also enhance your earnings by running an outdoor business. But you must follow some basic marketing wisdom for steady growth of your business.

Outdoor Businesses

Here Are Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Outdoor Businesses

01. Make Personal Connections

You should contact people in your neighbouring area personally. Tell them about your new outdoor business so that they can spread a word of mouth about your services. You can contact those people during your meeting with them on various family or social events.

There are many avenues where you can frequently meet people. Making such personal connection with people in your town goes a long way to drive their attention toward your useful services.

Make sure that while connecting with people and clients, you give them your business card. Your business card design should be appealing and memorable and should have your phone number, website address, fax number etc.


02. Know Where You Can Get Customers

Knowledge of where your clientele frequently goes to spend time is important to the success of your outdoor business. If you can pinpoint where your customers usually go, then take measures to target your potential customers in those places.

For example, if your customers frequently visit a public bar to enjoy drinks, then you can put an ad at some key places such as washroom of the bar. With such research, you can figure out how to make your marketing more effective.

03. Have Your Business Website

One of the most efficient ways to market outdoor businesses is to reach out to the people through your own website. A website is an integral part of doing business as people like to search for products or services online.

Put every detail of your outdoor businesses on your web pages so that your customers can have trust on your services. Your website must have special pages for contact information, terms and conditions, privacy policy and about your company to build the credibility of your business.

If you cannot afford to hire a team of expensive web designers, then give the job of creating your creative website design to crowdsourcing platforms.

Designhill is one of the leading graphic design platforms that you can trust to get many web design ideas from professional designers at a low price.

outdoor website

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04. Find Your Clients On Social Media

A majority of people come to know about products or services first time on social media. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels and get updated information from various sources.

So, create dedicated social media pages for your outdoor business on each channel. Post content about your outdoor services regularly on your social pages.

Many potential customers will share your exciting and engaging content with their peers which would generate awareness about your business. Social media is also a perfect means of business promotion.

social media

05. Get A Memorable Logo

A company without a unique logo fails to build an identity and customer base in its niche market. When buying a product, people see its company’s logo to ascertain whether it’s a genuine product or not.

Such is the power of a logo. In fact, global companies have gone a step further. They use the power of logos to build a brand identity and strengthen customers’ faith and loyalty.

Your business too can benefit a lot from your logo. But your outdoor logo design must be a unique concept based on your consumers’ aspirations from your business.

outdoor logo

06. Do Some Infographic Marketing

Infographics are a brilliant way to explain fine points and chief attractions of your outdoor business. Your interesting infographics can immediately tell the viewers how your outdoor services benefit them.

Use a mix of small text and animated images to produce relevant infographics for your target consumers to convey your message in a nutshell.

Make your infographics design exciting, engaging and interactive for the viewers. If they find it useful and stirring, many of them will share it with their peers. This helps in spreading a word of mouth for your services.

07. Thank Them With Gifts

Every business owner recognizes the significance of offering some gifts to the consumers for business promotion. Many marketers send out gift items to the loyal consumers on certain occasions and festivals as a way to say ‘Thank You’.

This goes a long way in winning more consumers. Such gifts are also known as promotional products in marketing circle.

So, buy low cost promotional items such as pen, umbrella, computer accessories like mouse pad, power bank etc, and give these away to your consumers randomly.

You can distribute such items by the side of an event related your outdoor business or simply send them to your consumers’ addresses. There are in fact many reasons that will prompt you to use promotional items to enhance your market reach.

Do not forget to print your business logo and possibly a message on these items before distribution.

08. Send Emails

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to drive people’s attention toward your business. All you need to do is write an impressive email message for your target consumers. Write about your new services and attractive prices.

Tell how your outdoor services are different from your competitors. Highlight your low prices and major features in your emails. This way, you can reach out to thousands of your potential customers in your town with a click of the mouse.

However, you should also learn the art of gathering email addresses from people. A way to do so is to start a newsletter about your services and ask your website visitors to subscribe.

You can also offer discounts in prices if they apply for services within a given period. Such tactics will help you gather thousands of email addresses of people. If you are interested, here are some key email marketing tips for your business success.

09. Start A Referral Program

Entice people by rewarding them with some monetary gains every time they send leads or sales your way. This is known as affiliate marketing. This is an excellent way of driving sales to outdoor businesses.

You will be paying only for the leads that materialize in sales, which means that it is a cost-effective way to enhance your sales. Offer a referral fee to your potential consumers in your town for qualified leads.

referral program

10. Use Influencers To Your Advantage

Your town has some influencers who enjoy some sort of celebrity status at local level. People have faith in such personalities and follow their advice mostly.

You can explore them to your advantage. Just contact such personalities and make them say something exciting about your outdoor services.


You can get their favorable comments on your website’s testimonial page or in your videos, and on other public forums. Since people have faith in these personalities, their recommendations of your services may persuade them to hire you for outdoor works.

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To conclude, outdoor businesses can benefit immensely by adopting some proven marketing ideas that we have described here. Your logo, business cards, websites, email marketing, and other such ways will surely help in growing your business.

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