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Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Promoting An Election Campaign

Henna Ray by Henna Ray Tweet - in Marketing Ideas - 7 min read

Election Campaign

Last updated on February 22nd, 2018

Political parties and individual politicians run promotional campaign to generate more leads during election time. They look for ways to have more followers and convert them into their prospective voters. Many politicians think that having an app for their election campaign on people’s mobile phone is enough to win followers which is wrong. The fact is you must personally connect with people for winning even a local elections and have to do a lot more to win their hearts and mind.

Election Campaign

Here Are Top 10 Marketing Ideas For Promoting An Election Campaign

1.Send Newsletters To Followers

Your political party or as an individual may be publishing a newsletter. Use the newsletter as a tool to warm up your followers for your campaign. Send copies of your newsletter to its subscribers to announce the beginning of your campaign. That gears up people in your constituency about your candidature. This is also an effective way for making your promotion go viral as more people will send your campaign details to their friends.

2. Get An Attractive Campaign Logo

In businesses, an effective marketing strategy is to use logos to market and promote a company’s products or services. This is true also for election campaigns. Treat promotion of your political agenda as a product that you need to take out to your fans. Therefore, before reaching out to the public, get a unique logo that speaks about your political manifesto and issues through colors, symbol, and other elements. Remember that a uniquely conceived political logo design can convey your message to voters in an impressive visual language. People should like your logo.

political logo

Get many logo ideas by crowdsourcing your logo work to sites like Designhill, which is a leading graphic design marketplace. At this platform, you have many design concepts made by several professional logo designers. Your cost of getting a winning logo out of many is very low at this marketplace.

3. Create A New Facebook Page And Optimize It

Facebook pages allow you to write on any issue in length and in a varied way. Create a new Facebook page dedicated solely to your election campaign. The page should announce your candidature and highlights of your promotional activities. You can stuff the page with all the relevant information. But make sure that your Facebook page has a new cover photo. This campaign idea is your way of showing that something new and exciting is going on. But also make sure that your cover image and the promotion’s header image resemble as it will help in highlighting your campaign to visitors.

facebook page

Keep these tips in mind when exploring your Facebook page and optimizing it for campaigning:

You should consider editing the sharing image for your post for the news feeds to promote your election campaign
Write some call to action lines such as ‘’Click like if you want to win’’
Make your post searchable. To do so, you should use hashtags (#)
You should tag your Facebook Page with other pages. This way, your page will be visible to more people on their Facebook account.

However, Facebook is only a part of a wide range of social media channels. Your campaign team should also be using other effective channels like Twitter and Pinterest. Tweet about your promotion 4-5 times a day, for instance.

4. Post Updated Details Of Your Campaign

When people are talking about the elections and candidates, they want to know the latest developments happening in a political party. They want to seek more information about the progress made by their favorite candidate and new statements made. In case there is some controversy, they would like to verify its details from authentic sources.

To satisfy their curiosity, write blog posts regularly until your campaign is finally over. In your posts, update information of your campaign for your followers. Give your side of the story in case there erupts some controversy. Create up-to-date content and post it on the web.

5. Distribute Flyers

Often, campaigners pay little attention to the usefulness of flyers due to more focus on expensive marketing means. But the fact is that flyers are great for distributing some handy information to the people.

All you need to do is, take a print of your campaign details and highlight its main issues in one sheet of thin paper. Include your big photo at the top as part of your impressive flyer design. Then, just stand at some crowded place and hand them out to the passers by. This way, you can reach out to many thousands of people on daily basis.

flyer design

6. Make People Wear Your t-Shirts

The significance of t-shirts in business promotion is now well recognized by expert marketers. T-shirts can work equally good for promotion of your election campaign also. Your party workers or your individual followers will wear your t-shirts. As people walk around wearing t shirts specially designed for your campaign, they become a walking advertisement of your political agenda and issues. But your t-shirt design must highlight your image boldly and it must have your political message or a catchy slogan written all across the shirt in large typeface to attract a crowd.

t-shirt design

7. Build A Dedicated Website

These are the times when everything people want to know about is on the web. This highlights the importance of a dedicated website for your election campaign. A first step that interested people will take is that they will visit your website. This is because they want access to authentic information about you as a political personality and candidate for election. So, put every little detail regarding your promotional campaign on your website.

website design

Most importantly, your website design must be such that it helps in loading the site quickly when your visitors click on its links. If due to too many images, videos, and other heavy elements, the site takes time to load, people will simply start searching something else on the web. So, make sure that your website is user-friendly, besides having all essential details of your campaign.

8. Greet Voters On The Streets

It is not enough to address a larger gathering of people from a podium. That is an important part of campaigning during elections. But that is not an alternative to meeting people personally. This helps in building a rapport and relationship with them, which they remember. So, try to come out on the streets more often and greet people by shaking their hands and clicking pictures with them with a warm smile. Go to the local events, athletic contests and connect with your potential voters. Try to directly engage voters on the issues.

9. Think Of Giving Away Some Gifts Too

People like to have gifts sometimes. Usually, we get gifts on festivals and our birthdays. But political campaigners can use this urge for gifts to their advantage. They can buy cheap promotional items such as computer accessories, power banks, pens and stationery items, umbrella, drinkwares and others. Distribute these items to anyone whom you see on streets or at events. Start this campaign very early in your efforts for reaching to your voters. People keep these useful items with them for a long time. But ensure also that each such gift has a logo of your campaign. You can find many ways to use promotional items to drive your voters your way.


10.Take Early Start And Campaign Often

If you want to draw the attention of your voters to the issues you are raising, start your election campaign as early as you can. That will help in projecting you as a credible and exciting leader who cares for the public. An early start will also help in boosting the confidence of your voters in your candidature. A late campaigner may be distorting his or her image in the eye of the voters as a lazy candidate who does not care much about people’s issue. So, project yourself as an energetic leader by campaigning more often. You should be visible to people all the time during election days.

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So, these are our key tips to handle your election campaign and how to market it effectively. These considerations will surely help you in converting many people from the crowd into your voters. There are in fact many more tips for digital marketing of your campaign that you can further implement to drive voters.

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